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how to void a check


How to assign a voided issued check to another payment document

Hi All, My client issued a check to a vendor from wrong check lot. Now my client wants to reverse the payment document as well as the invoice. They want to use the same check information for another payment document for the same vendor. We tried void

Reverse a payment document (J/E) without voiding a check

Hi With T-Code FCH5, the client created a manual check and was attached to the incorrect J/E (document created with T-Code FB01).  Now, the client needs to unattached the J/E and attaches to correct Journal. The question is: Can we reverse the paymen

Can not void a check win paid from a down payment invoice

I am working on a problem where we can not void a check to adjust the posting date of the payment. It would seem that the issue lies with the AP down payment invoice since the error message is "Cannot cancel a document with down payment that was draw

Reuse voided manual check

Dear, I have a problem about the manual check. At first I used FCH5 to assign a manual check number to a payment document. But later on I used FCH8 to cancel the payment together with voiding the check number. Under such circumstances, I would like t

Void printed check issue

Hello all, I've printed a check but want to void it now, because it's lost. I 'd like some help about the steps to follow to void it. Also, I'd appreciate to know the impact of that operation on the related documents like A/P invoice , outgoing payme


Dear All, can any one give me the procedure for void the printed check. If  I get the answer ASAP I would be appreciate. Thanks in advance Regards srinivasHi Srinivas, For That you have to do reset the cleared document data in FBRA and there you void

How to void Unused Checks in a Check Lot which is not the next free check?

Hi Guys, Our Accounts Payable Supervisor received a new Check Lot from the Bank. He did not get some of the checks in the lot, as they got damaged by the manufacturer. Actually I can create 3 different Check Lots by avoiding the damaged checks. But,

Why isn't Voided overflow check number visible in the Payments Workbench in AP

We are in R12.1.3 with AP.B.  We create a payment check and the total line number is 40 lines.  It has reached the maximum line number of 34.  So, the check printed with two check numbers.  One check number is NEGOTIABLE with the actual dollar amount

XML Publisher Check Print - Voiding Duplicate Checks

XML Publisher Check Print - Voiding Duplicate Checks I am printing checks using XML Publisher. The checks print fine but when the number of invoices for a check exceeds the length of the first page I want the subsequent copies of the check to print V

How to unvoid a voided cashed check

Person printed check (#254) using F110, the toner on printer was light on the check so check #254 was voided. second check was printed (#260). both checks were sent to vendor and both checks were cashed. I ran the check register (FCHN) for outstandin

Void the check but cannot print another check by using the same check no.

Dear All, Our customer need to print the check on number #10. However, we already print a check by using #10. Then I void that check and go to house bank and change the 'Next Check No.' to 10. But the system still print the check on number #11 Please

Void Archived Check

Hi Gurus, I have an situation where in the check issued around 2 years back has to be voided, but the doucment has been archived. Is there any way we can void the archived check? Do we have to upload the archived document to void the chek? Thanks in

Void A Check

Hi, I am trying to Void a Issued check using t-codeFCH9. I am entering the house bank and the Account id but its still giving me the error to specify the bank key and account no. I dont know the account no. How can i proceed further?Dear Tulikar, FCH

Void issued check thru auto payment

hi gurus, can we void a cheque printed thru automatic program F110 without reversing the payment entry and reprint another cheque. my prob is people to cancel cheque reverse the payment also which creates numerous entries of reversal. regards, sandy.

Display void on check for supplier check prining Report

Hi All, My requirement is to display void on the check for every occurence of the check(except the first occurence). For example i have 10 invoice's.in my case i will display five invoices on the first page and the next five on page number 2. I will

FCH7 Authorization Restriction for voiding the checks

Hi Sap Guru, There is a requirement in FCH7 where we need to provide to User A - just to put the void reason and save and to User B- just to reprint the checks. Please let me know if any user exist for the same. Thanks, MIt is not possibel to provide

Voiding a Check/Cheque

Dear Gurus, Have a scenario in my Company. Payroll user has paid the employee thru cheque and completed 'transfer to GL' process. But realised wrong later and got the credits back from the bank. Now they to void the cheque . Here are the datapoints t

Void multiple PY checks not through off cycle work bench

Hello, We had a scenario where we had to void nearly 60 regular PY checks in our previous period. The postings to FI did not happen yet. We went to off cycle work bench and voided 60 checks one after the other. Is there any quicker way to void multip

Voiding and Reversing Cashed Checks

Check was received by the wrong vendor.  The check was not made out to this vendor but was deposited and cleared by our bank.  Later the vendor's bank informed them that the check would be debited to their account and returned to them.  They are retu

Vendor lost check.  Want to void them and re-issue new check.

Here's ther problem: I have 2 checks (#37931 and #38176) that were issued in fiscal year 2010 that have been lost by the recipient.  As a result, I need to void these checks and reissue payment.  The checks were issued out of company #####.  At the e