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How can I load and process an HTML5 file with Javascript in the same way as an XML file?

I maintain a diary in local weekly files that I am converting to HTML5 from XHTML. I wish to extract all the "articles" about particular topics from these files and display them in different orders. It is possible to load an XHTML file using the

How to start a local HTML5-file automatically as a weblink?

Hi, i started to learn DPS two weeks ago and had a lot of fun. But yesterday i had a problem how to start a weblink autmaticially. The checkbox in the Overlay Creator panel for activating auto-start doesn't react by clinking on it. And the default is

Can New Java 7 File API Path Objs Be Used For Windows Virtual Folders

Hello, I'm trying to duplicate a JFileChooser's drop-down list containing root directories of the file system. For Windows machines, its combobox lists the roots in a nice tree-like layout. For example: + Desktop   + Computer     + Local Disk (C:)   

Is it possible to edit/change audio files in a published html5 file?

Is it possible to edit/change audio files in a published html5 file?Theoretically, YES, but they would need to be in exactly the same format and have the same filename.  Why would you be wanting to do this?  If the new files are not the same playing

Adobe Captivate Help | Publish projects as HTML5 files

This question was posted in response to the following article: http://helpx.adobe.com/captivate/using/publish-projects-html5-files.htmlI opened a captivate project and published as HTML5. It worked in a browser on the desktop. then I tried it on an i

Publish html5 file from Flash Pro CC

I subscribed Flash Pro CC and open a fla file produced by using Flash Pro CS5, It works to be tested with Control > Test Movie > Flash Professional and also successfully published to a swf and a html files. But it didn't work to publish with CreateJ

Can't Place Captivate 6 swf or html5 File into Muse v3.2.

Muse v3.2 won't place my Captivate 6 swf or html5 files. "Error encountered during import" error 0. Has anyone else solved this or a similar problem? What can I do? Suggestions welcome.I inserted the following HTML code that I gleaned from http:

Office 365 files api with php not responding.

I am trying to access OneDrive for Business using the office 365 rest api. Our code is in php and we can access email, contacts etc fine but the files api doesn't return any kind of response to our requests. We already have a combine access token fro

Cp8.0 html5 file plays fine in chrome, but moving the timeline button causes audio to vanish. what to do?

I have created a session with a combination of ppt slides with audio, and also a screen capture with audio and put it all together and published in html5. seems to work fine, i can open it on my computer by clicking on the html5 file (chrome and IE.)

File API update

According to the release notes (http://labsdownload.adobe.com/pub/labs/flashruntimes/shared/air3-6_flashplayer11-6_release notes.pdf) for the AIR 3.6 beta, there should be an update to the File API with a new property called "preventBackup" whic

Html5 file from adobe edge to epub

i need to add html5 file from adobe edge to epub file from adobe indesign how can i do that ??Thank you for helping me But the situation that I can not use iBooks Authoring tool?? !! but I was able to insert files into epub ; when viewing the epub fi

HTML5 FileWriter API not supported in Internet Explorer

I don't understand why there is a lack of support for the FileWriter API in Internet Explore. It is a real big show stopper for adopting Internet Explorer. I am working on developing an in browser animation editor and for this I need to be able to cr

How do I generate HTML5 files from After Effects CC?

Hi Forgive my n00b question, but I've built a small video in After Effects that I need to import into Adobe Edge Animate. Edge says it will take .ogg files, so how do I convert an After Effects project to output usable footage available to HTML5 sour

Show warning when accessing to files API.

Hello, In my application I am using FileConnection APIs. Every time when accessing to files (get file size, dir list and others actions) showing warning: Allow applications to read data in: Memory card or Gallery Yes/No . Are possible remove this war

Hide the timeline in the final HTML5-file? (Captivate 6)

Hello I've got a problem: When I save my project (It's a softwaresimulation) then there always appears a small timeline at the bottom (It's not just in the Captivate, also when I open it in Firefox) How can I hide it? I already searched everywhere, a

Diff sequence file API

Hi Ppl, Are the API's for using the "Diff Sequence File With" tool exposed ? I mean the tool thats available in the Sequence Editor ->Edit->Diff Sequence File With I want to use this tool programmatically. I searched the TestStandAPIRefere

Java Files API

I have a J2EE application that allows a user to upload scanned documents from a web page. I then write them to a blob in an Oracle database. I would like to write them out to files and store the URL in the database. Is there and API for files for 9.0

Embed interactive map HTML5 files in Muse CC website

I am illiterate when it comes to code and therefore I am using Muse and not Dreamweaver to build a website. I have created a interactive map that I wish to embed in this Muse website, with Avenza Mapublisher, an Adobe Illustrator Plugin, and exported

Publish in Responsive HTML5 - files skipped and 3rd level topics not generated

I'm having trouble getting the new FrameMaker 11 Publish features to work as expected. I have a ditamap with three levels of headings. When I use the Publish feature to output in Responsive HTML5, a TOC is produced, in which there are no links below

File api - directory exists but returns false.

Flash Media Server 4. in main.asc - onconnect. var my_dir = new File("/xxx/yyy/atest"); trace(my_dir.exists); // false if ( my_dir.isDirectory ) // false Do I need to configure something to use API. I know the directory exists and as shown below