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AT Commands , Hyper Terminal and java

Hi, I have following problem, i have PCMCIA Type -11 Wireless modem.its installed on my system COM4 port. Now first problem is that when i try to connect with hyper terminal to COM4 there is no response from it .It become Idle.but when i connect with

Install solaris via hyper terminal

Hi, I just got my new ultra 5 box and I was wondering what type of cable and hyper terminal settings I need in order to get this thing rolling. The type of cable I used before was a null modem cable db9F --> db9F. Then I read I needed db9 --> db25.

How to install Solaris 9 connected via Hyper Terminal

Hi All , We have planned to Install Solaris 9 in E250. We have connected the console throgh Hyper Terminal. We are not able to see the options clearly in the console. The options are not in clear way. It is very difficult to install. Please advice ho

V490 is not loging using hyper terminal after modifying hosts file

Dear ALL, I am new user of Solaris 10. My Director has given me task to configure Sun fire V490 server. Today I was configuring the Network of the server using vi editor , I had change the ip from /etc/inet/hosts file after modifying the file I had r

Viewing values in hyper terminal

Hello all,     I am quite new to WSN programming. I have Crossbow and required hardware( micaz motes, mib510 programming board and a serial port cable). Can I view a Hello Message send by mote in the hyper terminal. Please guide me from the very begi

TELNET or Hyper Terminal Application

I’d like to use the ibook G4 to log technical data from a device using the USB - I've done this in the past using a PC and the RS232 port while using the "Hyper Terminal" application. Question : Is there a MAC equivalent application for this pur

Login problem in sun fire V490 through Hyper terminal

I am a new user of sun Solaris 10 . In my sun fire v490 server every thing is configured fine there is no fault in booting .But when I configured the file /etc/inet/hosts in solaris 10 and missed to configure the file /etc/inet/netmask and /etc/inet/

How to make a terminal program (similar to windows hyper-terminal but more powerful)?

I am a new Labview user, Im trying to write a monitor program for use with uControllers. The main problem I cant seem to get over is to have a section of the screen where I can type in commands (that are sent only once!) then recieve a reponse from t

'hyper-terminal' design in labview

hi, could any body help me in this topic, please ? Haw can i start ? Please as soon as possible. Thanks,Go to the examples screen and do a search for "serial". If you don't know how to do that, go through the Getting Started document that ships

Clean install on Netra T1 105 using terminal service

Im using a windows hyper terminal session onto a Netra T1 105 and am able to boot and login as normal, however my problem lies with being able to do a fresh install from this terminal, on a normal sun box I shutdown and get the ok prompt and from the

Netra t1 105 install solaris9 from terminal session

I have quite a problem, I am using a windows box hyper terminal into a netra t1 105 box and am able to boot up and log into the system, however as i am on a windows box i dont have the stop-a button to press when i power it down so as to boot from cd

Can't enter in ILOMS using terminal software

Hi Guys Server : Sun Sparc T4 I want to log into ILOMS but can't get past where I put in the username (root). I have tried putty, hyper terminal and tera term, all with the same result. All so using a null moden serial to LAN cable These are the step

Accessing pci-485 with a terminal program

I have installed a PCI 485/2 card, and COM 5 and COM 6 appear correctly in Control Panel -> System -> Ports. However, I can't seem to use COM 5 or 6 with any terminal software. I have tried Hyper Terminal Private Edition and TeraTerm Pro. How can I

I am loosing configuration when I power off my Cisco 857 router

I bought new Cisco 857 router from the shop. Router must have been used before as I couln't go in with default username/password cisco/cisco. Well I followed instruciton and reset password to username and password. Now I finally connected to the Cisc

Changing the name of serial communication example in lab windows. Urgent help required

I am using the example of getting data from rs 232 in lab windows. I want to use this in my final year project that's why I want to change its name that appears as  "serial communication example" how can I change its name and how can I make its

éventement PinChanged port série

Hello, My project is to establish a communication interface between my pc and motion control (MCS 32EX SERAD) via a serial port. I realized the interface with C #, for testing the communication I used a Hyper terminal and it works for now I can send

I/o set to ttya in v880 and not taking commands from 25 pin serial cable

it shows all info from hyper terminal via 25 pin cable but i m not able to give commands from itHello, is this a known good cable (is/was working with other systems) ? Have you verified the settings in the terminal emulation (Hyperterm) ? This is eit

Switch WS -3750G-12S have problem with console logging

Dears , please help me in this problem I have switch 3750G-12S  but when we access in the switch by putty give me un knowing sample as below only when move and insert the cable in the console switch port : ▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒࿿▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒}▒▒▒}▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒?▒▒▒▒▒▒

Data getting owerwritten

I have a very unusual question. I am accessing my ATmel device from Lab View through USB. Its bulk in format. I am using The VISA open,Read, Close blocks properly as specified in the example provided by NI. I receive 100 packets each of 960 bytes.I a

Bb tour 9630 used with hyperterminal or procomm plus as an out dial modem

Trying to use Balckberry Tour 9630 tethered with usb cable to laptop as a regular dial out modem.  I am using hyper terminal and Procomm Plus.  This connection is not to an ISP but to modems connected to other equipment.  Any input to make it work wo