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How to run Android SDK Windows on Wine

Hello all, I couldn't run "SDK Manager.exe" to update for Unity3d Game Engine, though I has installed jdk-6 (Windows) on Wine. Can someone help or give some idea ? For that problem, after I had decided run SDK Manager.exe on  a Windows 7 machine

Easy Install Android SDK via Dreamweaver CS5.5 Configure Application Framework

I have been trying to download Android SDK using Configure Application Framework from Site >> Mobile Applications but get the following error message everytime I try: After clicking on "Easy Install..." button: According to several tutoria

Problem installing android-sdk from AUR using yaourt

Hi all, I use yaourt to install packages from the AUR but I'm having an issue with android-sdk. Whenever I run 'yaourt -S android-sdk' it seems to detect that the 'java-runtime' is not installed. However, I do have sun's jre and jdk installed (I was

Problem install android sdk with 99% in dreamCS5.5

I tried it many times. but it always fail with the same problem when downloading to 99% it alert the message below "The aandroid sdk  was not downloaded because there was  no internet connection .please connect internet and try again. [http://image.o

[solved] Trouble installing android SDK and eclipse plugin

Hi ! Owner of an HTC hero, I would like to develop some apps for it. However, I have problems to install the android eclipse plugin on my archs (a 32 and a 64 bits) while it is working fine on my roommate's ubuntu... I'm following these instructions

Emulator error (type 3) CS5.5 android sdk

Hello All.  Have done my best in trying to find the answer to this one but just can't get it to work.  System is win 7 home premium SP1 64-bit.  I do have the latest DW updates installed. Using DW CS5.5, installed Android SDK and can launch emulator

[SOLVED] Appcelerator Titanium Studio: Android SDK Not Found

Hello, This is my first post here, as it is my first week of using arch linux I have a problem using Appcelerator Titanium Studio. I have installed android sdk but whenever I select it's location through the titanium studio configuration window, it s

Using local android-sdk and android-sdk-platform-tools with phonegap

Hello, I've installed android-sdk, android-sdk-platform-tools and android-sdk-build-tools packages from AUR and phonegap with npm command line utility of nodejs. When I try to build android app using the command: $ phonegap run android phonegap fails

[solved]adding android SDK tools to your path means?

Hello, i think this is silly question but i hope i will get solution for this ... i am trying to install android sdk....then evertything went well but after installing the package from AUR...at the end I found two lines "you need to source /etc/profi

Updating android sdk

I installed android sdk from AUR. Is it safe to update android sdk manually? Or should I wait AUR update?I have no idea about android sdk releases, but I think the AUR package should get updated if there's a new version available so you can update it

If I already have the android SDK and AVD installed from prior installation for eclipse do I have to

If I already have the android SDK and AVD installed from prior installation for eclipse do I have to do it again for dreamweaver if I want to develop for android ? Also, if I'm developing for android, ipad, and iphone and I want them all to be the sa

Installing Flex SDK into Flash Builder 4.7 problems

Hi, Im completely new to Flash Builder, today I have installed Flash Builder 4.7 & Flash CS6 from Creative Cloud for my son to start to learn game programming (with my help), I have used simple coding in web design however this terminology is new to

Android SDK Installer

I am interested in doing some game development using Basic4Android. To do so, I need to install Java and the Android SDK. I have installed Java 7. The following software is installed on my laptop: Java 7 Update 7 (64-bit) Version 7.0.70 Java SE Devel

PhoneGap Build Settings for Android SDK

On Mac 10.6.8, Dreamweaver CS6 I want to test the PhoneGap Build Service with the default  "Hey, it's PhoneGap" index.html page. Specifically, I want to run the resulting apk inside an Android emulator. In preparation for this, I have: 1) Downlo

How to Installing AIR3 SDK in Adobe Flash CS5.5?

Hi All, Can  anyone help me, with installing AIR3 SDK in Adobe Flash CS5.5?, I try to extract rename AIR3.0 to AIR2.6 and copy to the same location as AIR2.6 in "C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Flash CS5.5" and try to extract and add AIR3.0  to the

Cannot install iTunes on windows 7 64bit

Okay, I like so many cannot install iTunes on Windows 7 64bit. Now Orginally I got a message saying something to the effect of: There was a problem with the install you do not have permission for something... Through some investigating my iTunes was

Sample : How to Installing AIR3 SDK in FlashDevelop 3 ?

Hi everyone, if you not use Adobe Flash CS or Adobe FlashBuilder but you need to test AIR 3.0 SDK. I need to share sample that i try to other IDE as open source FlashDevelop. let's see below how to do that : ** For WIN version ONLY Requirement : 1.  

I can't install itunes for windows get error message 5

i can't install itunes for windows get error message 5I've been having the same issues for the past year and a half. I've spent 6-8months trying to figure it out. Went to various Itunes stores with pictures on my Iphone per each step so I could relay

Installed j2se on windows xp, updated path, but can't find compiler

I installed j2se on windows xp, updated path, but no matter what direc- tory I try, when I try to compile(javac) I get the "'javac' is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file" message. This even happens

Error installing Azure SDK 2.2: An error occurred while parsing Entityname. Line 1031, position 71.

I am setting up a new machine for windows azure development. I have VS 2013 Ultimate with Team Explorer on Windows 7 Enterprise.  When I launch the Web Installer for Azure SDK 2.2 I receive a dialog almost immediately with the message:  An error occu