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Install Java JRE 1.6.0 07


Install Java JRE 1.4.2 plugin on Phoenix on Windows

How can I install Java JRE 1.42 on Phoenix on Window 2000? In the Java Plugin-in control panel, it only has Mozilla 1.1 and if I click it, it said I don't have mozilla 1.1 install. Thank for your help.You have to add the following (dummy) key to your

Error installing Java JRE 1.7.51

Hello all, I have some troubles installing Java JRE on Windows 8.1 x64 (latest updates installed). Incedent scenario: OS: Windows 8.1 x64 german in windows domain (clean/fresh installation from USB stick without any other programs installed) followin

Paying $5 USD For Someone to Properly Install Java JRE & JDK in CentOS 5

The title says it all.. I've been having so much trouble with this that im willing to pay someone 5 dollars to install JRE & JDK Properly for me. This is not a scam you'll have to install java 1st, ill give you access to the server. PM Me for more in

Problems installing Java JRE 7 on Mac OS Lion

I have problems installing jre-7u6 on Mac OS Lion 10.7.4. Downloaded the latest version for this OS from the following link http://jdk7.java.net/download.html. Installation is normally and correctly. But when I try to see in the terminal with the com

Failed to load a java applet to safari5.1(windows 7)--prompt "missing plug-in"(i have installed JAVA JRE),  but succeed in IE and Chrome.

I suspect this is a minor code error issue. The html code like below, do i need to add other parameter for Safari 5.1 ?  And is there any other method to load applet in Safari? thanks. system is Windows 7, browser version is Safari 5.1 for windows. 1

Cannot open Photoshop: get error: To open "Adobe Photoshop CS5.app," you need a Java SE 6 runtime. Would you like to install one now?  However installing Java SE 6 runtime does not fix nor does installing Oracle Java SE 7. Adobe says Apple is problem.

Searching the internet for solutions to this and some discussion with Adobe. Adobe say Photoshop does not use java so it should not be asking for a java runtime. The question is how can I stop Photoshop asking to install java since Photoshop does not

Silent install of JRE (java 5 update 11) doesnot disable java update tab

I need to disable the Update tab in java pluign. Manually it can be achieved by setting the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\JavaSoft\Java Update\Policy EnableJavaUpdate = 0. But i want to achieve this through java script I've read the doc... http://java.

How is Java JRE or SDK actually installed in Ubuntu?

Ive used Java since the 1990s. Its been mostly on windows that has an exe installer; But always get to this difficult part when it comes to installation. Right now under Ubuntu i am installing java runtime again, have done it before but simply cannot

Silent x64 Java JRE 1.6u2 install

Hi. We are trying to create a .bat file for silently installing x64 JRE 1.6u2 from a shared network drive to Vista x64 machines. This works fine for the x86 variant, but the same switches do nothing for the x64 version. The command I am trying to run

Whats is difference between Java JRE  and  Java SDK

Hi, what is the difference between Java JRE and Java SDK... i think both of them have the same set of files to be installed... I am not able to understand where they differThe JRE (Java runtime Environment) contains just the stuff necessary to run Ja

'Could not create' and 'Fatal exception' while installing Java

Win7 64bit latest Firefox Java 7.10 64 and 32 bit Hello! Since weeks i have the following problem. Every time i want to install Java (62 or 64 bit), after the installation progress bar reached 100% and the windows closes i get 2 error messages, both

How do I install a JRE?, how do I install a JRE?

I'm trying to use my MBA, Mountain Lion, and Safari to access Defense Travel System (DTS). It is a CAC-enabled website. Here is the message I receive when trying to login: Loading Applet ... You have reached this page because you want to use DTS. Bef

How could i install Java on my Mac OS X 10.6.8 ?

Hello. First of all I am French so please excuse me for my English. I tried to install Java on my MAC but unfortunately the download of the software always meets the same problem... It asks me to be under mac OS X 10.7 but my computer does not propos

Java JRE not working on any PC

Hello! I have a customer, where none of the PC's og the servers can use Java JRE applications on the internet. I have checked and double checked all settings in the Java Control Panel and Checked it is enabled for IE. I have tried Firefox and Opera t

IMac: Install Java 7 need help!

Hello, I've an iMac with the newest software version, I want to install java 7 on it for a game server, but when I download it from java.com and I install it and start the server, it still says: Computer on java 6, update to 7 to run server. I alread

Getting the "Java path" defined in a Java JRE installation

Hallo! I have already tried to get some help with this issue but am still unable to get the JRE operational. What have I undertaken: 1. Uninstalled all previous platform modules 2. Removed all traces of previous plugins and registry entries 3. Re-ins

Java JRE not working on Satellite Z830-10U

I got my Z830-10U yesterday and started setting it up. When I tried to load a few things that require Java Run Time they all failed. So I went to the Java site and ran their detector which told me that the plugin was not installed. I then went and ch

Installing Java

Hello, I went here: www.java.com To see what was there, as I was curious, I clicked Do I Have Java? It said I do, but I had 1.6.0 while the recommended version was 6u5 or something. I downloaded the Java from the www.java.com Read the setup guide and

Can't get Firefox to "downgrade" Java JRE version

I recently allowed the Java updater to update my Java JRE from 1.6.x to 1.7.x. However I have a critical web site that will not run the applet unless it sees a 1.6x "only" JRE. (yes, it is a dumb site) . Anyway, I removed the 1.7 version, and re

Installing Java 8 SE on Debian - Linux

What is the recommended way to install Java 8 SE on Debian (32-bit or 64-bit): 1) As explained on this page JDK Installation for Linux Platforms Installation of the 32-bit JDK on Linux Platforms This procedure installs the Java Development Kit (JDK)