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Importing keyboard shortcuts from PS CS3 into CS4?

Is it possible to import keyboard shortcuts from PS CS3 into CS4? And how? mMmh, you could possibly simply copy over the respective files from your preset directory (Documents and Settings/Matjaz/Application Data/Adobe/Photoshop CS3/Presets/Keyboard

How to import keyboard shortcuts from CS6 to CC?

Every time there's a new version I go through this trying to figure out where the keyboard shortcuts file lives and every time it's hell. This time I've been searching and searching and I can't find a way to do. Why is this so hard? Should this thing

How do I export/import keyboard shortcuts to a text file

How do I export/import keyboard shortcuts to a text file? It would be nice to export them, edit and/or add to them in a text editor on my iMac, then import them back into iPhone and iPad.You can backup the bookmarks to a file, then copy that file to

How to import keyboard shortcuts into Flash 8 Pro?

Recently i upgraded my computer to Windows XP, so backed everything up, reformatted and reinstall. The usual. One thing i use very often in Flash is my own custom keyboard shortcuts, which i found handy that you can export them.... however a huge pro

Importing Keyboard Shortcuts

Is there a way to import keyboard settings from cs6 into cc?In order to access your Premiere Pro CS6 keyboard shortcuts in Premiere Pro CC do the following steps: For Windows: Copy your .kys file from C:\Users\[username]\AppData\Roaming\Adobe\Premier

Import keyboard shortcuts to photoshop cc 2014

I can't get my keyboard shortcuts to import to Photoshop CC 2014.  I've tried several different ways, lastly exporting them from CC and then importing them in CC 2014 and each time is says it is successful but none of my keyboard shortcuts or brushes

Maximising windows and important Keyboard Shortcuts in Mountain Lion

Hi - just two questions related to the behaviour of Mac OS X Mountain Lion. When you minimise a window in Mac OS X, it shrinks down and sits next to the trash. When you want to access it again, you simply click on it and it is maximised again. Can an

Importing CS4 Keyboard Shortcuts to CS5

I've  discovered that you can open your custom keyboard shortcuts xml file in a  text editor, and copy/paste shortcuts into your CS5 keyboard shortcuts  file. Anyone else tried this? Is there an easier way to import all of  your keyboard shortcuts fr

Keyboard Shortcut for adding clip to queue when importing from P2 card

Does anyone know what the keyboard shortcut is for adding a clip to the queue when importing from a P2 card? Thanks! G5   Mac OS X (10.4.8)  That would be the Log Clip button which is defaulted to F2.Read other 2 answers

Import or Move Keyboard Shortcuts Etc. to CS4?

Is there a way to import or move my keyboard shortcuts from CS3 to CS4? What about layout settings etc.? ThanksI have migrated my keyboard settings from PPro2 to CS4 and CS5. From PPro 2 (XP) to CS4/5 (Win 7 64) copy file: C:\Documents and Settings\*

Importing / Transferring Keyboard Shortcuts into Photoshop CS5

Hello, i am testing out Photoshop 5 and it looks good so far, yet some obstacles are left to solve. For example i wonder how to get the keyboard shortcuts from my old Photoshop (the .kys file) into the PS5? There is no import. I would even manually t

Keyboard shortcuts import

Just downloaded Premiere CC 2014 and wonder how I can import my keyboard shortcut preferences.  Was surprised that wasn't automatically done, since I'm using the same account. --jon--This forum a few days ago has a workaround:Re: Adobe Premiere Pro H

Assigning keyboard shortcuts to imported files?

Is there a way to assign keyboard shortcuts to audio files imported into the Waveform editor? (the files that appear in the "Files" frame) Because I notice this is possible with, say, workspaces, and was hoping I could assign certain shortcuts t

How can I import my keyboard shortcuts from my iPhone to my new MACBOOK pro?

Now I'm guessing that 99% of you don't use this feature on iPhone or Macbook so I'm curous to know who knows the answer I recruit a lot and have canned texts and emails (which means I usually say the same thing) in my iPhone I set it up (by going to

Converting Mac keyboard shortcuts to Windows/PC based shortcuts.

Hello, Let me say, I have been using Mac based platforms since close to 1991 on and off. I used System 7 (and OS 8/9, but close enough to System 7) for many years up until I started to use Windows starting on the later 9x and XP platforms. As I start

How to make a tts text-to-speech keyboard shortcut

Hi, How do I make a tts text-to-speech keyboard shortcut to control the OSX "Speech" available as a contextual menu when you right-click selected text in Safari, TextEdit and other native apps *Speech > Start Speaking* *Speech > Stop Speak

Keyboard shortcuts are not showing, but still exist!?

I've tried to look for this issue, but I can't seem to find anyone else experiencing this... it's a strange one. Here is the situation: First, I'm speaking of iOS 5.0.1, and the keyboard shortcuts located under General->Keyboard->Shortcuts. Upon upg

Keyboard shortcuts for text selection not working in Flash CC

In the new Code Editor in Flash CC running on Mac OS X, most standard Keyboard Shortcuts for traversing through the text work as expected (as the Operating System works globally) but there is one that doesn't and it's I think the most important one.

Export Premiere CS6 keyboard shortcuts on OSX lion?

(Mac OS Lion) How can I export my Premiere CS6 keyboard shortcuts on another computer (without print and retyping)? (Mac OS Lion) Comment exporter les raccourcis clavier de Premiere Pro CS6 et les importer sur un autre ordinateur  (sans imprimer et r

FCP Studio 7 keyboard shortcut problems

I have had to re-load my FCP7 Studio after a hard drive failure, it's now running under OSX 10.8.5 since the rebuild of the iMac's system etc--However I now find some strange things going on with some keyboard shortcuts and time line actions and I am