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iphone 6 wifi problems 2016


IPhone 4s wifi problem, I tried all the posibilities to fix the wifi, but still same. Please help to fix the 4s wifi. thanks

iPhone 4s Wifi problem, After using the device of 7 month. wifi is not working. BEFORE WAS WORKING FINE and now wifi is not able to identify. I tried all the possibilities to fix the wifi, such as resetting network, restart the phone, restore from iT

Apple better fix this ios 6 iphone 4s wifi problem. alot of people are getting bloody ******. how do i fix this **** problem .

apple better fix this ios 6 iphone 4s wifi problem. alot of people are getting bloody ******. how do i fix this **** problem .Celinaxoxo wrote: apple better fix this ios 6 iphone 4s wifi problem. alot of people are getting bloody ******. how do i fix

How to Fix the iPhone 4S Wifi Problems After  8.2

How to Fix the iPhone 4S Wifi Problems After  8 2 its grayed outI suggest you describe the problem in more detail, tell us what steps you have tried so far to correct the problem, what happened, and what error messages you received. Telling us you've

IPhone 5c wifi problems

I have an iPhone 5c and lately my wifi will not work properly it says it's connected but it does not load anything and it disconnects I've reset my router my network settings everything any advice?If you are having WiFi problems it is necessary to is

Iphone 3g - WiFi problem, upgrade possibility?

Hi guys I recently updated my 3g to iOS4 and 4.0.1. After sometime of usage my wi-fi become really weak and by the time I lost completely signal of that. I tried everything from software side, by downgrading resetting and all of this tricks without a

Apple should respond to iphone overheat wifi problem!

Now my iphone is having a problem to find any wifi, searching all around the forum i found out that that is cause by the iphone overheat problem, after try i noticed it is true that when in a cool environment( they even put iphone in the fridge) my i

Iphone 6 wifi problems

II have a week old iPhone 6 and have had nothing but wifi problems since I got it. FIrst off off I got my 6 from Best Buy one week ago, and they could not transfer my icloud items and settings to my new phone. So I was sent home to do this myself. Af

IOS 7.0.3 caused my iPhone 4s wifi problem.

My wifi mac is still on, so it looks like cooling off won't work. I can't believe I considered putting my iphone into the freezer to solve a wifi problem! Any updates on this issue?No, you didn't ask a question. You posted a rant. The word "why"

IPhone 4s Wifi Problem - now on my second device and still not working..help

I got my first iPhone 4s less than 3 weeks ago the wifi worked fine for the first week and connected fine without a problem. I then began to have problems where it would appear with the server cannot be found etc. Yet i had full signal on the wifi an

IPhone 3G wifi problem... please help

Hey guys, just got an iphone 3G. Now, I had a 2nd gen ipod touch until recently and the wifi never had a problem in my house. Just got an iphone however, and it seems every 2 out of 3 times I start using the wifi on it, after a minute or two it will

IPhone 6 WiFi problem when using TP-Link TL-WA830RE access point

I have a problem with the WiFi connection for my new iPhone 6 with IOS 8.1.1. When I connect to the access point, TP-Link TL-WA830RE, the connection fails every few minutes. However when I connect to the providers router, there is no problem at all.

Iphone 4s wifi problems disconnecting and then connecting also doesn't load.

This is a Iphone 4s. So 2 days ago, my wifi kept greying out and every time it connects again to the internet it doesn't work and it also is very slow and then suddenly it disconnects, i have tried this and it is the same for every wifi connection. I

IPhone 3GS WiFi problem

Hey folks. I've had issues with my WiFi for a few months now. I turn my receiver on in settings, but no networks show up. I know for a fact there is a wireless signal (my university's res-hall signal) but it wont show up. When I was home over break I

How to fix iphone 5 wifi problem

When i updated my iPhone 5 to IOS 6.1.4 i have been having major issues with the wifi when i try to connect any wifi network locked or unlocked it says unable to join network i have restored and even called apple they sent me a trouble shooting form

Iphone 4s wifi problems and frequent crashes post 7.1 update

Hello! I have an iphone 4s for about a year now. After updating to iOS 7.1, I experienced frequent crashes and intermittent wifi connection inability (wifi button greyed out). I have reset my phone 2-3 times to factory settings but the problem is sti

Iphone 4 wifi problem

Hello, i have got a big problem with wifi on my iphone 4 16GB. I can connect to every wifi which my phone can find, but thats all. After this i can be on internet for like 1-2 min and then it does not work. Even though I am still connected to wifi -

IPhone 3G WiFi problems after 2.2 update

I know that this has been raised already, but I just wanted to throw some more wood on the fire. I have several machines wirelessly connected to my router, and all work fine. iPhone WiFi worked every time before update to 2.2, no longer does. I have

How do I fix my iPhone 5 wifi problems with Airport Extreme?

I have a 5th Gen Airport Extreme (AE) and an all Mac household.  We have iPhones, iPads and MacBooks.  Ever since I got the Extreme, my iPhone 5 will stop responding on the internet.  It still shows as connected, but nothing on the internet responds.

IPhone 5 WiFi Problems (iOS 6.1.4)

I need some help. Previously, on a Belkin router, my WiFi connection was iffy but usable for online gaming most of the time. My family recently switched to Verizon Fios, and now I'm having some problems. The WiFi cuts out on me every 2-3 minutes when

How I fixed my iPhone 2wire WiFi problems.

Was having problems with my iPhone I got 2 weeks ago not being able to use the At&t 2wire 2701 router I got when I bought my phone. It would see and even say it connected to the router but when I would try to get on the internet or iTunes it would go