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iphone 6 wifi problems 2016


IPhone 4s Wifi Problem - now on my second device and still not working..help

I got my first iPhone 4s less than 3 weeks ago the wifi worked fine for the first week and connected fine without a problem. I then began to have problems where it would appear with the server cannot be found etc. Yet i had full signal on the wifi an

How do I fix my iPhone 5 wifi problems with Airport Extreme?

I have a 5th Gen Airport Extreme (AE) and an all Mac household.  We have iPhones, iPads and MacBooks.  Ever since I got the Extreme, my iPhone 5 will stop responding on the internet.  It still shows as connected, but nothing on the internet responds.

IPhone 5 WiFi Problems (iOS 6.1.4)

I need some help. Previously, on a Belkin router, my WiFi connection was iffy but usable for online gaming most of the time. My family recently switched to Verizon Fios, and now I'm having some problems. The WiFi cuts out on me every 2-3 minutes when

How I fixed my iPhone 2wire WiFi problems.

Was having problems with my iPhone I got 2 weeks ago not being able to use the At&t 2wire 2701 router I got when I bought my phone. It would see and even say it connected to the router but when I would try to get on the internet or iTunes it would go