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Java 1.6 for Windows 7


SAP NetWeaver 2004s Java Trial Version on Windows Vista

Hello everyone, I have been trying to install SAP NetWeaver 2004s Java Trial Version for three days now on Windows Vista Ultimate. Since Microsoft has a new security infrastructure implemented in Windows Vista, it is not that easy to install SAP NetW

SAP NW 7.0 Java trial version on windows platform

Hi, I am searching for a SAP NW 7.0 Java trial version on windows platform in the "Downloads" sessions. But I couldn't find it there. Can anybody help me finding this trial version? Thanks, KrisHi Kris Except the trial version, if you have a Sxx

Problem in installing SAP NetWeaver 7.0 Java sneak preview on windows xp sp

Hi when I am trying to install SAP NetWeaver 7.0 Java sneak preview on windows xp sp2 I am getting the following problem 'HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\Automatic LiveUpdate scheduler does not exist' after giving the jce file pa

Java Applet Certificate Signing Window comes up BLANK!

Hi Everyone I have a problem where Java Applet Certificate Signing Window comes up BLANK! It comes up as blank gray panel with the java logo on the upper left. the title bar says "Java Plugin Security Warning" And I can't figure out what to do t

About Java Communication API for Windows

hi I'm studying Serial Communication in university. I'd like to know the reason why we can't downlaod Java Communication API for Windows. I confirmed Comm for Linux and Soralis, but I can't find Comm for Win. Please tell me the reason if someone know

I'm looking for Java version j2sdk-1_4_2_16-windows-amd64

Hello everyone. I need Java version j2sdk-1_4_2_16-windows-amd64 On SUN site are only versions j2sdk-1_4_2_13-windows-amd64 and j2sdk-1_4_2_17-windows-amd64. Could enyone has this version? Thank you.hi, it was very hard to find  and you have to regis

How to stop a thread in java 1.5 on windows

Hi All, I am using Java 1.5 on windows plateform. I want to stop all the threads which belongs to a particular process when the timeout occurs. In java 1.5 stop() method is depricated and interrupt method just sets the flag and does not stop the thre

Java Look & Feel in Windows

I would like to implement the Java L&F on windows plattforms with those nice notched, blue title bars. I'm using the crossplattform look and feel from the UIManager (jsdk 1.4.1_01). Everything looks smashing (my scrollbars gets notched...mmm...nice)

Java accessibility Bridge for windows

I have installed Java Accessibility Bridge for windows but the screen reader in windows (Narrator) is not responding to my java application. On searching the internet, most of them mentioned about JAWS. So is it the only screen reader supporting Java

Adding Java program as a Windows service

Hi all, How can I run a Java program as a Windows service?There are free tools available...just google it. Try http://jslwin.sourceforge.net/Read other 2 answers

Running Java Applications as a Windows Service

Hi, can any one help me to develop windows services in java. Running Java Applications as a Windows Service Any example or link please send me. Thanks and regards. Amit.See the Java Service Wrapper at http://wrapper.tanukisoftware.org/doc/english/int

Am failing to install Java IDM in a Windows XP machine with SQL Server 2005

Hi, I am new to Java IDM . I had downloaded IDM 7.0 and trying to install. But i am failing to install Java IDM in a Windows XP machine with SQL Server 2005. I used ., JDK 1.5 Tomcat 6.0 Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Microsoft SQL Server 2005 JDBC driver

How do you uninstall JAVA 7 from a Windows 7 machine?

Hi, I am going to raise a easy question to the eye. I have been running into machines that have been upgraded to JAVA 7 on a Windows 7 machine. I have been yet to remove it. When I uninstall JAVA, it leaves behind a broken icon in the control panel.

Integrate Java standalone application when WIndows start

Hello everybody.I would like to ask you if it is possible to load a Java standalone application when any Windows platform (NT/2000/98/XP) starts. How can I integrate an application when WIndows start?Do I have to include the bat file(which callls the

Java Path Resolution on Windows

Today I was messing around with different Java versions and discovered that Java is a little more tightly integrated with Windows than I originally thought. Maybe it's just a JRE thing, and not a JDK thing. I don't know. I have both Java 5 and Java 6

SAP NetWeaver 04s SP9 for JAVA Installation problem on Windows Vista

Hi Guys, Firstly, anyone installed WAS on Windows Vista home version?   I have gone thru couple of postings in the SDN and disabled firewall but no use. here is link :   Port 21212 error : Couldn't install 2004s   When I am trying to install, getting

NO java control panel in windows system control window

Hello together, there seems to be a bug/feature (?) not allowing me to use the plugin functionality of my J2EEsdk-1_4 Situation: Before i installed the J2EE i had an already installed java plug-in 1_4_2 working fine on my Laptop giving my ms explorer

How to get rid of the java icon on the window

There is a java icon(top right habd corner) on every window panel. How to get rid of it?What r u using, AWT r JAVA Swing? would please explain ur problem clearlyLOL. No offense, but you might consider phrasing your responses clearly as well... r == "

Running a java class from a windows shortcut?

I am currently running a program I have written from a batch file for which I have created a shortcut. I have recently however modified my shortcut to include a variable that i pass to the main method in the program through the batch file - all this

Java web start in Windows vista

Hi, 1) When i tried to launch my Java Web start application in Windows Vista (32bit) With Jre 1.6_06 the java web start did not loaded. the process terminates at certain points. By Remote debugging got to know,: It was exiting the application at diff