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"java ODBC Microsoft Access Driver Syntax error (missing operator) in query

Hi I am new to java and I am getting this error message when using java to access and insert data into an MS Access database. "java ODBC Microsoft Access Driver Syntax error (missing operator) in query expression" The commands are String insertC

Styles Aren't Applied in Microsoft Edge F12 Tools

Applies To: Microsoft Edge F12 Developer Tools Release: Windows 10 Insider Preview SDK and tools, April 2015 release Issue: Inline styles aren't being applied when edited in the DOM Explorer.Workaround None.Read other 2 answers

How to connect Java and Microsoft SQL Server 2000

hi, could anyone please teach me how to connect Java and SQL Sever 2000?? if possible could you guys provide me with an example??? i could hardly find any relevant resources about it... Thanks ~!thanks for the information... by the way hv any working

Can't Select Rows in the Microsoft Edge F12 Network Inspector

Applies To: Microsoft Edge F12 Developer Tools Release: Windows 10 Insider Preview SDK and tools, April 2015 release Issue: Can't select rows in the network inspector with mouse to see body, timings etc.Workaround Use arrow keys. The initially select

Update sky go for windows 10 and for microsoft edge

Hi please use a different software for the video in sky go web since silverlight was discontinued and wont be avalible in microsoft edge i carnt even use silverlight now. please change to html 5 like netflix did. and resolve issue when microsoft keep

Can't Open Links in Microsoft Edge F12 Tools

Applies To: Microsoft Edge F12 Developer Tools Release: Windows 10 Insider Preview SDK and tools, April 2015 release Issue: Opening any link to an external website from inside F12 (e.g. F1, links in the console, send a smile) causes nothing to happen

HP Simple Pass not working with Microsoft Edge in Windows 10

I up graded to windows 10 and now I find that HP Simple Pass does not work with Microsoft Edge, despite the fact that it continues to work with the windows 10 sign in.Would appreciate any thoughts on how to fix HP Simple Pass to work with Microsoft E

Why doesn't Norton work with new windows 10 Microsoft Edge

Norton is telling me I have to use Internet Explorer to work with Window 10.  It is not compatible to Microsoft Edge which is the browser on Windows 10Our apologies for the inconvenience, our toolbar can work only after Microsoft allows browser exten

Norton Toolbar Windows 10 Microsoft Edge doesn't work. Is there a fix coming?

Norton Toolbar in Windows 10  doesn't work with Microsoft Edge works fine with Chrome. Is there a fix coming?Hello curlyqlink, Our apologies for the inconvenience, we can work towards a fix only after Microsoft allows browser extensions for edge. Ple

Problem in handling mail attachment by java in Microsoft outlook 2003

I have written code in Java for extracting attachment files from mail message but the same code is working with Microsoft Outlook 2000 but not working with Microsoft Outlook 2003. need solution for this problem ASAP.It is failing in recognizing bound

Insert in Java via Microsoft Access

Hello People I need insert into DataBase datas with app in Java and DataBase Microsoft Access. How insert in Microsoft Access with app Java? Witch the Syntax of the SQL for Microsoft Access with app Java? Thanks Richard Java/Oracle Programmerhttp://j

Java on Microsoft Windows Mobile 5.0

Hi, I am learning CDC. I have trying to see the code that I have written works on Microsoft Windows Mobile 5.0. I have done the following: When selecting New Project I have set the following options: Java Platform: pJSCP V4.10.B097.100206 Device: Def

Sun java vs. microsoft java

I need to know what the difference is between the two of these. And some good places to find info regarding this topic? I need to know differences, similarities, and what each is better suited for. I don't need this for a specific op sys but i need t

Can JAVA read Microsoft word document?

Hi I am trying to make a program that read a word document, and split the document in to each pages and save each pages with file as it's footer of each pages. --- example----- test.doc Page 1 | | | | | | footer - hi | Page 2 | | | | | | footer - tes

Can Java edit Microsoft Visio file??

Hello, now I have many maps which made in M Visio , and I am going to edit these maps by Java is there any components which can work with M Visio() file formats on Java? thanks,From http://www.javaworld.com/javaworld/jw-07-2004/jw-0712-officeml.html

Can Java executes Microsoft Access Macro?

Is there any way to run a Macro of Access database from Java? How to do it if so? I searched the internet, I have not found an answer yet. It seems there is no way. true or false? We have a lot of statistic charts generated by Macros of either Access

Java visit microsoft access database question

I want to visit microsoft access database,like follows: String dirverClass="sun.jdbc.odbc.JdbcOdbcDriver"; String url="jdbc:odbc:Driver={Microsoft Access Driver (*.mdb)}; DBQ=C:\\apache-tomcat-5.5.27\\webapps\\Test\\db.mdb"; String con

Java to microsoft word communication

I am a s/w engineer involved in the creation of an intranet application .One module deals with this criteria:- the details entered from the jsp page has to be converted into a to a word document.The word document has to have headers and footers.Is it

Java and Microsoft Visual Source Safe

Hi, We have content in text files stored checked in to Visual Source Safe. I want to provide a web interface that allows users to update this content. To do so I will need to programmatically check in/check out files from VSS. Has anybody implemented

Java Script (for edge animate) to tile up a pattern 2*2

I have it in css { position: fixed opacity: .8 left: 0 top: 0 width: 100% height: 100% z-index: 1 }, but need in jsHi, I would reapply appreciate if you can give a code example because i am not a proper apex developer so your help will be appreciated