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Java Plugin for Windows 10


Java-plugin for windows vista question

Hello, What is the best java -plug ins for the windows Vista OS in the client? Is JRE 1.6 is good or we need to get anything higher? we have currently jre1.6 but at startup itis giving some problem. does anybody uses window vista as clint ? if so wha

Installing java plugins on windows

i'm on a network that does not give me permission to c: system files, so I wanted to install the java libraries/plugins for my browser on H:\ , but after like 10 seconds of the install, it closes with an error just because it can't locate a file on t

How to install only java plugin without installing jre

Hello friends, I wanted to know if there is any way one can install java plugin in windows without need to install the entire JRE Thanks in advance, Mayank JohriMayank, Perhaps http://www.java.com/en/index.jsp would help.Read other 2 answers

Need java plugin for thin client like HP compaq t 5000

Hello everybody, I need to know if there any java plugin for Internet Explorer on windows CE.net on a thin clinet like HP compaq t5000, my problem is that i have an oracle form that access to oracle databse, on the client i have thin client HP compaq

I have windows 7 64bit. When i installed firefox and then java, i do not have java tm platform or any java plugin. I can't watch free movie's online!!

As i told i have Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit version. I install java and have problems with Java Deployment Toolkit and Java(TM) Platform SE. It won't show in add-on. I cant watch movies. When I play movie it says java is missing but when I use IE I can

Sun java plugin for Safari for windows

Dear Friends I have installed Safari in Windows XP. I tried to load my applet through safari. It doesn't ask for signing and doesn't run the applet. Actually safari uses its own java plugin . Is there any option to use sun java plugin for that one an

How to disable Java Plugin on a few thousand Windows PCs?

We have installed Sun Java 2 SE Runtime Environment 1.4.0 on all our Windows NT4/2000 Workstations. The installation was performed by InstallShield Silent as described on the following page: http://java.sun.com/j2se/1.4/docs/guide/plugin/developer_gu

Resizing the window in Telnet Java Plugin

Hello all, Not sure if this was posted here before but can we resize the Java plugin window size used in clientless SSL VPN? Looking at getting the window bigger/larger. If so, how would you accomplish that? ASA code is 8.4.4 and SSH/Telnet plugin is

Funny: Oracle Jinitiator =  Java-Plugin ONLY for MS Windows

Oracle seems to have an agreement with Microsoft. The product Oracle Jinitiator, which installs a java-plugin, can only be used on MS Windows OS. And MS Internet Explorer seems to be the preferred browser. But there is a nice SOD. If i want to deploy

How can i increase a size of java plugin window in developer10g form?

Dear Friends, I made a master detail form in developer10g form. In the form i m unable to see all the fields in java plugin window bcoz its small. how can i increase the size of java plugin window? Thanks in advance. Regards, KamranHi Kamran Just mod

How to install java plugin manually on windows

Some people can only run Firefox and Java without running installers, can only copy the directories from another machine to uncommon locations (permission issues). I am trying to get the Java plugin working without relying on the installer's magic. I

Java Plugin 1.3.1 on RedHat Linux 7.1

I downloaded and installed the Java SDK 1.3.1 for linux. When I try to view an applet written in Netscape I get the following error message on the bottom left corner of the browser window: ClassdefError javax.japplet not found. However, I can see the

Steps to create your own self signed certificate with java plugin working

You need two tools that comes with your jdk which are keytool and jarsigner. Steps explain below in detail. Don't use netscape signtool, it will NEVER work! * keytool -genkey -keyalg rsa -alias tstkey -keypass 2br2h2m -dname "cn=Test Object Signing C

Java Plugin won't work in Netscape 7.1

I'm using Windows XP Home with Netscape 7.1, and the Java plugin won't work. Java Plug-in 1.4.2_05 for Netscape Navigator (DLL Helper) is listed 7 times in Help>About:Plugins; The Java Plugin works in Internet Explorer (I use the Test Java Virtual Ma

Auto detect missing java plugin with Netscape

How do I get Netscape to automatically detect that it is missing the Java Plugin, and go to Sun's download page? I have IE 5.5 and Netscape 7 installed. My html looks like this: <OBJECT classid = "clsid:8AD9C840-044E-11D1-B3E9-00805F499D93" c

Trying to download the Java Plugin is an impossible situation !   Help ! !

Dear People, You cannot believe what I have been through trying to do a first applet ! A long time ago downloaded a version of the plugin (a cup of coffee icon in the control panel). Then recently I downloaded a new version (1.4.1_01) (a second cup o

Java Plugin Viewer with Crystal Reports 2008

Hello, I am trying to use the Java Plugin Viewer with Crystal Reports, but I have some problems. The ActiveX Viewer works well, but as I want to use the reports in other browsers, I need the Java viewer. I have a Visual Basic 6 application, and, inst

Java plugin for Firefox and Chromium just not working

Hi Arch Users I have been suffering with the IcedTea-Web for a while now. My banking service (in their stroke of genius) use java on there online service. So a problamatic plugin means that I am not able to use the website while on Linux. The issue i

Java plugin is not working properly

I have FF 16.0.1 and Java plugin 7 u 9, this is not the java with security problems... http://web.psjaisd.us/auston.cron/ABCronPortal/GeoGebraMenu/Investigating%20Parent%20FunctionsUsing%20GeoGebraGeoGebra%20is%20graphing.htm loads very slowly or not

ANSWER: HOW TO DETECT Java Plugin from JavaScript

I created a new topic because the questions about how to detect Java Plugin in browsers are scattered thoughout this forum. Basically you need to employ two approaches for IE and NS. In IE you need to try to instantiate a small applet (not your produ