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Enhance context menu in WAD 7.0

I need to enhance the context menu in a WAD 7.0 template. There a different approaches to do this in 3.5, but none of these work with 7.0. The javascript function SAPBWAddToMenu is no more available rsp. visible and there is no command/parameter in t

"Save link as" in Right-click Context menu is not working properly.

Firefox 17: In a Google search, when I right click on a .pdf link, the popup window automatically gives a "url" filename and "Firefox Document" as filetype. Previously, the filename would be whatever it was on the website (ie. "fi

Context Menu error: 'length' is null or not an object

When we run some of our reports (BI 7.0) and right click on the table to display the context menu we get a javascript error in the bottom left of Internet Explorer. The context menu doesn't appear. Once you expand the error is  'length' is null or no

Is it possible to create a hyperlink in a context menu entry?

We use Altium Designer, which export schematics to PDF. For the parameters it uses the context menu of the pdf specs. One entry in the menu is a path to a document. Is it possible to get an hyperlink to this Path/URL, to open it directly out of the A

Context menu enhancement in WAD 7.0

Hi All, I would like to enhance the standard context menu in my webtemplate Scenerio If I right click broadcast and export in context menu  I get the following - Broadcast to email - Broadcast to Portal - Broadcast to PDF - Export to Excel - Export t

How to Get List Item in Custom Context Menu?

Hi, I got this code from the net. <CustomAction Id="SPTest.CustomMenuItem.ButtonClicked" RegistrationType="ContentType" RegistrationId="0x0101" Location="EditControlBlock" ImageUrl="/_layouts/IMAGES/DOCLINK.