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Lenovo t510 can i upgrade the res from 1366x768 to 1920x1080

I have a lenovo T510 which has a maximum res of 1366x768 it has nvidia NVS 3100M graphics.Ive checked with nvidia and it says the gfx card supports 1920x1080. If its possible could i buy a 1920x1080 lcd and fit it to this laptop without any problems.

Lenovo T510 (4313CTO) fingerprint reader not working at first login

I have a Lenovo T510 (4313CTO) system that until recently worked just perfectly. After I know not what - I have checked the Windows Update log, etc. - now, when booting, when the system reaches the Windows logon screen, the usual 'Please wait' messag

Virtualization on Lenovo T510 (4313CTO)

Hello Friends, I am using this laptop since several month and was interestered to try Virtualization now. When I try to install any guest OS Like Windoes 2008 R2 or Windows 8 Consumer Preview x86 the virualization software (VMWare Client or Sun Virtu

Ihab's Lenovo K900 Review

Hello everyone How are you all doing? I just finished the write up of the Lenovo K900 Reivew. I hope you like it, and if you would like to see larger/full resolution images of the ones posted here you can check out the review over at ihabstech.com. E

Lenovo T510 mouse click issue

Hi,  I have Lenovo Thinkpad T510. Lately, I have been having isses with touchpad and trackpad right clicks, right click do not work. This was right after a little bit of water had gone inside the touch pad right click button ( Just about two drops).

Lenovo L440 review

I'm new to these forums and new to the Thinkpad world, this would be my first Lenovo. I found little reviews on the L440 or 540 models for that matter prior to purchasing so it was a bit of a blind purchase. So for those who are thinking of buying th

Lenovo T510 Freezes Randomly

I have a newer T510 laptop that my company gave me. We have approximately twenty T510's in the company and I would say 6-8 people have complained that at random their computer freezes. Mine is one of them. I've found only a handful of threads but it

Lenovo K900 review with problems...! Please help...!

Hi guys.. I am Chethan History:- I used to have a Samsung galaxy note1(gt n7000) for about 18 Months A good phone but a sluggish one.. Especially with the android 4.1.2.. So it was time for an upgrade... I dint find a elegant phone than the LENOVO K9

Lenovo T510 Ubuntu 10.10 Mouse Lag

Hi I have wubi installed with Ubuntu 10.10 on my T510 along with Windows 7. When i'm on ubuntu, every few 15-30 seconds the mouse would lag behind a bit. It is starting to drive me insane. I had 9.10 on there before which had no problems at all. Is t

Lenovo T510

Have a T510 Model 4349WQ9. Need to run using XP. Having problems with drivers for Video Controller VGA Compatible. Display Adapters are Intel HD Graphics and Nividia NVS 3100M Looking for drivers to support this under XPT510 driver matrix: http://www

Where can i buy a Lenovo T510 1080p or 1600x900 lcd in the uk

Ive tried all the sellers on ebay they usualy sell the model but say it could be an equivalent.Then when i send them an email they say i will get an equivalent or there rating on ebay is really bad. Im looking for the 1080p FRU 04W1544 is a AU Optron

T510. Optimus technology support in Win XP

Hello, Have Lenovo T510 4349-PG9 with optimus technology. Need to use WinXP SP3 instead of Win7. I have installed WinXP SP3 with all updates, but can't install NVS 3100M driver. After i switch video card to NVS3100M in BIOS instead of optimus option,

Using T510 for the 1st time and finger print reader

I am preparing for the delivery of my Lenovo T510 and when you use it the first time, what are the procedures, set by step, and at what point and how do you set up the finger point reader please.Hello mate, On the task bar you have a laptop icon call

Backup issues - New T510 running Windows 7 Professional (64-bit)

I am running Windows 7 Professional (64 bit) on Lenovo T510 (4313-CTO). As soon as I loaded some applications and transferred data from my old computer to "My Documents" in the "C" partition of the T510 I immediately began having space

Thinkvantage toolbox not responding | T510 Windows 7 64 bit

HI,           I am using Lenovo T510 with windows 7 ultimate 64 bit. The thinkvantage toolbox used to work (i.e, come up an display, scheduled tests of hard drive and other components etc). Recently, probably for last two weeks, whenever I try to lau

T510 4313 has 64bit windows 7 8gb but only has 2.99 usuable

I have a Lenovo T510 4313 and has 64bit windows 7 ultimate installed. I replaced both memory slots from 2gb each to 4gb each for a total of 8gb but shows 8gb installed but only has 2.99gb usable. Has anyone found a resolution for this?Good afternoon.

Lenovo USP Webcam sucking up resources x61T

I have a x61 Tablet running XP. I bought a Lenovo webcam on eBay, model # 12-80401 (my bad).  It installed well enough but immediately began sucking up CPU- like 85-90%.  So I went to Lenovo and bought one so that I knew it was not something dumped b

T510 Screen Lag

Hello, I have a brand-new Lenovo T510 (i7, 4gb Ram, NVS 3100m, 3 displays being used) that I am very unsatisfied with. This is my work machine that doubles for very light gaming (some in browser stuff like 'Tiger Woods Golf) to pass some time. Here a

T510 what is the factory default Power Plan

I  have a Lenovo T510. In ThinkVantage there are various Power Plans...eg Energy Saver, Timers Off, Power Source Optimized, Maximum Performance, Maximum Battery Life, Can someone advise me which Power Plan Lenovo sets it to when it is brand new from

T510 Constant Lockups

I recently purchased a Lenovo T510 notebook and had an immediately apparent problem...  Within 5 hours the entire machine would lock up and become unresponsive (as though Explorer was crashing).  You can still move the mouse, but nothing else reponds