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Line Item Expense Budget


Table for line items of budget document posted through FMBB transaction.

HI, I am looking for Table of line items of budget document posted through FMBB transaction. There is table FMBL but it is breaking the amount into 12 parts. Thanks.Hi check the tables FMBDA    FMBDP    FMBDT    FMBH BPDK Regards AnjiRead other 3 ans

Expense (PR05) - Line item change report

Hi: We are looking for a report on the changes made in the trip line items after the trip was submitted, approved, transferred to FI (at every status). Basically if a consultant has submitted an expense and is approved by the manager, Then if consult

How to copy line items from one expense report to the next

I travel to the same project/destination every week so in PR05, I was able to just copy the previous expense report for the new week and edit the expense values. Now, when I book travel, the air line booking starts a new expense report entry. Is ther

Tax line items when travel expenses are posted to intercompany

Hello Experts, We are posting a expense report  to a different cost center other than the Master cost center(IT0001). In this case system understanding as intercompany transaction and posting the travel expenses to different cost center and different

Problem in Commitment line items & Budget check

Hi Experts, I am facing a problem in my system for Commitment line items & budget check. I followed the below steps: 1. Created Project & structured the same. 2. Allocated the Budjet for WBS Elements. 3. Released the project. 4. The PRs are create

Profit Center in Expense line item

Hi We have a scenario where at month end we are destroying goods which were returned. We credit and inventory account and debit the Return goods destroyed account. In the inventory account, we have a profit center which is appearing from material mas

Assignment field in expense line item  FB60 missing

Hi I got a problem like, in  Quality client, TCODE:FB60 has "assignment field" for expense line item(not in vendor line item). But in Development client this field is missing. How to get the field in development. VVRHi murali, Thanks for the rep

I need the BADI or the way for WBS budget check at SC line item

Hi SRM folks, Do you have any BADI or the good way to do the WBS budget check at SC line item level. Donot suggest me the BBP_BUDGET_CHECK.ie for SC level only. Is there any way to do at line item level. Thanks in advance. srini.Hi Either use BBP_ITE

Stamp Tax on Expense line item

Hi, I'm trying to find a way to calculate the tax based on the expense line in the vendor invoice FB60. So, I can get DR.  Expense    110     CR. Vendor                100     CR. Stamp Tax(10%)  10 (to record the expense of $100 plus tax $10) Your a

FM to get actual line items, budget and actual amounts for a given IO num.

Hello Experts, I am currently doing a report to show the actual and budget amounts for a given internal order number. Now, my processing takes a long time so I need to know if there are any available FM's for this. I am checking transactions: S_ALR_8

Workflow not triggering after undletion of expense line item after release

Hi Experts. There is one issue in which a PO contains inventory line item (an item without account assignment category) and expense line item (an item with account assifnment category).The user releases the PO through workflow.The user then deletes e

Is it possible multiple line items debit & single line item credit and different cost centers and different profit centers in fbcj

Hi all , I have a requirement to Post Cash Journal Document using FBCJ tcode. Is it possible multiple line items debit & single line item credit and different cost centers and different profit centers for exp: pk   GL a/c   description       amount  

Multiple Line Items - PS/SD/ PP - Scenario

Dear Experts, Please advise on the following:- There are two products, like Product A - 2 Nos, and Product  B - 3 Nos, will be manufactured for a project order. Finished product will be attached in the project structure and will be manufactured in ho

Balancing field "Business Area" in line item 004 not filled (GLT2201)

Hi Friends, While MIRO transaction I am getting following error message - Balancing field "Business Area" in line item 004 not filled Message no. GLT2201 I checked document splitting configuration is as follows - Related GL is added for document

WBS Element on AR/AP Line Item Report

Hi All When I run the FBL1n report for a vendor who has a PO which has a WBS element - I dont see the WBS element coming up on the line item report(s). Although the field is there on the layout - it is not picking the WBS Element into the report - ca

Line item report on secondary cost element (cat - 21)

Hi Gurus, Secondary cost element with category 21 is used for internat settlement from order to wbs or wbs to cost center. But can we see line item report on this cost element. Or we cannot see any line item report on this cost element. it is just us


Dear Expert FBCJ LINE ITEM AND FI LINE ITEMS ARE DIFFERENTHi, It seems from the screen shot you are seeing different documents as in the first screen shot it clearly shows you have booked the multiple expenses under one see the below screen shot we h

Profit Center on Vendor Line Item - When other line item is Bank

Dear Experts, We have a peculiar problem here.  Recently we went live with SAP ECC6.0.  On the date of migration one cheque was issued to a Vendor who did not presented the same into Bank.  The Cheque is now expired and we need to pass an entry into

GL & Vendor Line Item Display

Dear Forum, The users want to display the Vendor Codes in the GL Line Item Display to reflect the corresponding vendor related to the expense in the GL line item and also want the GL Code to be displayed in the Vendor Line Item to reflect the nature

Multiple line item not appearing in vendor line item in FB60

Hi I am posting FB60 accounting entry. I am deducting WHT on the invoice. For ex: Expense amount - Rs. 100000, WHT - 10000 Hence accounting entry is posted: Expenses A/c.. Dr 100000    To TDS Payable 10000    To Vendor A.c 90000 Now when i see vendor