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Questions on Print Quote report

Hi, I'm fairly new to Oracle Quoting and trying to get familiar with it. I have a few questions and would appreciate if anyone answers them 1) We have a requirement to customize the Print Quote report. I searched these forums and found that this repo

Satellite P300D-10v - Question about warranty

HI EVERYBODY I have these overheating problems with my laptop Satellite P300D-10v. I did everything I could do to fix it without any success.. I get the latest update of the bios from Toshiba. I cleaned my lap with compressed air first and then disas

Question regarding NULL and forms

Hi all, i have a survey that im working on that will be sent via email. I'm having an issue though. if i have a multiple choice question, and the user only selects one of the choices, all the unselected choices return as NULL. is there a way i can fi

Anyone know how to remove Overdrive books from my iphone that have been transferred from my computer? They do not show up on itunes. I see a lot of answers to this question but they all are based on being able to see the books in iTunes.

How do I remove Overdrive books from the library that were downloaded onto my computer then transferred to my iphone? The problem is that they do not show up in iTunes. I see this question asked a lot when I google, but they always give answers that

Basic question

Hello, i have a basic question. if i have defined 2 fields in a cube or a dso: Name Quantity and from the external flat file i get some characters for my quantity field. would my load fail?  for standard dso and for write optimized? NOTE: quantity fi

Mid 2010 15" i5 Battery Calibration Questions

Hi, I have a mid 2010 15" MacBook Pro 2.4GHz i5. Question 1: I didn't calibrate my battery when I first got my MacBook Pro (it didn't say in the manual that I had to). I've had it for about a month and am doing a calibration today, is that okay? I ho

Jabber/WebEx Connect SSO Questions

I've got a few questions around exactly what needs to be done to get SAML working for our Connect accounts to successfully authenticate from Jabber for Windows, Mac, iPhone, and Android. We have both a Meeting Center and Connect account under WebEx u

My iPad wont let me download apps bc security questions, but when I try to make them it freezes

Every time I try to download an app it tells me I need to update my security questions, but once I click to make the questions the box goes white. So I'm not sure how to fix itThe new questions show on your account on http://appleid.apple.com ? If th


Hi All The question is pretty simple. I can successfully connect  to my ASA 5505  firewall via cisco vpn client 64 bit , i can ping any ip  address on the LAN behind ASA but none of the LAN computers can see or  ping the IP Address which is assigned

New to Apple, questions about using Windows, and other things

Hello all, Today is my first day as an Apple owner. It's funny because I'm also a MCSE, MCSA, and MCP. I purchased a 24" iMac, 2.8GHz, 4GB RAM, and 1TB Hard Drive. I want to use Windows on my Mac so that I don't have to keep switching over to my PC.

New Member / Video Card Choice Question

New CS4 Production Premium User Here. I am building a computer system specifically for Video Editing and production for use with Premier CS4 & Sony Vegas.. Have been doing my usual amount of Over Research here and other places but have a series of is

External preview display via. Mini-DVI to video adapter QUESTION

Hello, I have been browsing this forum for a while, and this is my first question. I have a Macbook Core2duo running Final Cut Pro. I purchased a Mini-DVI to S-video/composite video adapter. I cannot get my work to preview on this external monitor. I

HT5312 I DO remember them but Apple chose to put them in Japanese and I can not change the language on Manage my Apple ID so I do not know if I made an error ,it threw me off , it was the wrong question Where did you fly to on your first Aiplane trip ? th

I DO remember them but Apple chose to put them in Japanese and I can not change the language on Manage my Apple ID so I do not know if I made an error ,it threw me off , it was the wrong question Where did you fly to on your first Aiplane trip ? then

0FI-CA module, cube 0FC_C08 & 0FC_C09 dataflow? question abt filling tables

Hello all, We are currently working on BI7.0 and ERP6.0. I am trying to understand the data flow for these two cubes 0FC_C08 and 0FC_C09. When I see the data flow in BW, I see there is an infosource 0FC_BP_ITEMS, which feeds to DSO 0FC_DS05 which fee

Follow up question on reporting capabilities.

I just need to follow up to my orignial question to make sure I am making sense.  I wondered if there was intelligence in forms central to query incoming data- ie. pull a report on what email addresses viewed a form.  An analogy of the type of report

Follow Up Question/Second User Account... Separate iTunes?

As a follow up to my last question (Thanks Niel) I'd like to know if I decide not to share my iTunes with them (different tastes, etc) can they have their own separate iTunes accounts (same computer)? If so... Do they have to open an iTunes store acc

DNS configuration for webhosting - follow-up question

In regard to my previous inquiry I want to add another question affiliated with that. We want to use our own DNS servers for domain registration. For this purpose, I need two DNS servers - ns1.domain.com and ns2.domain.com. domain.com is a domain own

Follow-up to Simple, Dumb Question

I couldn't see a reply button on the screen - looked everywhere. I'm on OS X 10.8.2. Original question: have downloaded InDesign, can't open it, clicking on icon gets no result.Inside the Application folder should be a folder for InDesign. Inside the

Questions on Track Transpose and Score Layout

Hi all - I'm posting these questions for my 14-yr old son who is the Logic Express user, so apologies as I might be asking the questions the wrong way. :-) My son is writing an arrangement of the song Friday (Rebecca Black) :-) for his Middle School

Questions on the SAP payment program

Hi everyone, Here are general questions the SAP payment program. Even partial answers would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance! Questions: What are the type of accounts involved in a payment transaction? In which case a customer account could