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Error when Refresh Data on Webi from Infoview with Preferred viewing locale

Hi, I am getting an error -"An internal error occured while calling 'processDPCommands' API. (Error:ERR_WIS_30270). All the universes are translated to German using Translation Manager. I get the above error only when ' Preferred viewing locale' is s

Can website hyperlinks be converted to local links when creating a PDF?

I'm using the Acrobat X trial version and need some help understanding its capabilities. I have a 600+ page document that resides on a Wiki web site. The Wiki is direct edited by numerous authors and it generates the html code. I have successfully us

Change Locale / UI Text Options of Photoshop CS4

Sorry to bug you all but I've searched the answer to this for two days and can't find anything. I recently installed CS4 Design Premium on a PC running Windows 7. When I resize an image (Image>Image Size), the dialog window always displays the Docume