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Sort metadata extension return list

I have developed a custom metadata extension which I will use for several metadata properties. As a basis for the metadata extension I used the example (for Dynamic values) provided here: https://www.sdn.sap.com/irj/servlet/prt/portal/prtroot/com.sap

How do I sort by file type?

I was wondering how I can sort by file type?  I have a bunch of .moi and .mod files in a directory and want yo delete the .moi files.  If I could sort by type, then it would just be a matter of highlighting those and deleting. I tried sorting by kind

Adding a new field extension on CRM Order Item tab in the web shop order

Hi CRM E-Commerce Gurus, I want to add a extension field on any web site product such as "zz...." in order to use this data in order's item tab. What shoul I do on J2EE Stack-.jsp method and ABAP Stack at the BADI implementations. Could you plea

Extensions don't work.:(

Hey everyone. We live in a new-build flat. It has the master socket downstairs near the front door (we live in a flat that has our own front door to outside and then stairs to our flat). We also have an extension downstairs near the front door and an

Comparing and sorting raw (NEF) & JPG in LR

I am interested in importing raw & jpg and then comparing them. I want to apply different effects on the raw files to see if I can match or better the jpg files as rendered by the camera (I use Nikon). Background: In the past I have used L:R to view

Sort by columns

Looking for suggestion on any good "Sort By" extensions for DW8 i want to give the ability to my results page to allow the clients to click on the column headers and sort by. Similar to many ecom sites that allow you to click on the Price column

Sort LR vs sort Bridge

In Bridge, when you hit sort by file type or extension it would divide the folder into the raws and jpgs or whatever.  I accidently saved my jpgs into the the same file as ther raws and i want to move them to a new file but when I sort by extension o

Can extensions made in JDeveloper also run in SQL Developer?

Hi Guys, Just wanted to ask, can extensions made in JDeveloper also run in SQL Developer? Also would like to ask, if you would like to sell your extension, does Oracle provide payment gateways, of some sort? Thanks for all your replies in advance. 4

Wired keyboard with/without extension cable?

One realizes that these days the sleek new Apple corded USB keyboards - those with nummeric block - in the unit sale (not as a component of iMac shipment) are fitted with additional USB cable. It seams to be some sort of extension cable for convenien

Extension to create dynamic flash forms?

Hi, im looking for some extensions to create on click dynamic flash forms.. does anyone now where could i found an extension like that?What sort of extensions did you have in mind?Read other 2 answers

Preview file extension

the preview application apparently does not accepts pdf files if they do not have the ´pdf´ file extension in the file name, is this correct?No, you'd have to have the .pdf extension - after you've downloaded Adobe Reader, just select a pdf file and

Apple Mini DVI to DVI Adapter - Too short?

I want to connect my iMac 2.8 ghz, 24" screen to an external Philips 190B LCD monitor and use the Extended Desktop function. The Philips Monitor model is the 190B6CG/00 and it is a single link monitor (Philips tell me it is DVI-D Receptacle Connector

Yet another temporary freezing problem, energy saving related, maybe

I've followed uncountable suggestions about this issue, but none seem to be quite the same situation, and none of the suggestions I tried made any difference so far. History: MBP 17" June/2009, 8GB RAM, 500GB Seagate with sudden movement protection,

How do I save a bookmark on the list to a specific folder?

I have amassed a collecti0n of over 1000 bookmarks. is there a tutorial anywhere to learn how to manage those bookmarks. Like in: a.keep them under specific folders... what are the steps to move a bookmark to the inside of a folder. or ... b.list the

Tried to fix spotlight indexing and lost my entire drive and backup; can you help me find them?

Hi, I am in a complete crisis. If anyone can help me, I'd be very grateful. I tried to correct my Spotlight indexing by using a combination of the sudo mdutil -E / , sudo mdutil -i on / , and sudo rm -rf /.Spotlight-V100 commands from the terminal. I

ATI Radeeon X800XT Mac Edition - Upgrade experience

Though it's very expensive, for almost HK$6000, and it took me a month to get it, I was happy to be able to at last do the upgrade from the GeForce FX5200 coming along with my G5 when purchased. But the happiness faded very quickly when I was using i

I asked a question about organizing bookmarks in my toolbar bookmark. I'm not happy with the "help" I got. I'm very frustrated. I need to talk to a technician. How can I get in touch with one? Do you have contact information?

Can't find out how to organize my bookmarks. can't do it after updating. Person tried to help, we had long conversations, I sent lots of images, it got to where I think the answer given were not related to the problem. I asked for help from a technic

Export unedited JPEG of a RAW image in LR4?

Other than the obvious to export images before I edit them, or duplicating and removing all alterations after selecting and editing I don't see an easy way to do this in LightRoom.  In Aperture I would select Export Original Photo, and then choose JP

[SOLVED] alias with sudo: Password request malfunction

Okay so here are two cool little system-maintenance related aliases, as suggested by "pacman tips" Wiki: Show dirs not owned by any package: alias pacman-disowned-dirs="comm -23 <(sudo find / \( -path '/dev' -o -path '/sys' -o -path '/ru

Turning Bash into GLaDOS and other fun tricks

I wanted to share some simple bash customizations that can improve functionality and awesomeness. All changes can be undone by deleting the added text or commenting out a line. This was made in Ubuntu, your mileage may vary. These edits can be safely