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Macbook air a1304 how to install software on new hdd

Hi, I have a new hdd in my macbook air a1304 and want to install mac os X. I have not any cd, DVD or usb-stick with mac os. After starting I have always Folder with ? and I cannot go on. I have no solution for that and ask for help. Many thanks in ad

Does the Macbook Air need a protective case to avoid scratches?

Hi.. My husband gave me a MacBook Air 11" for Christmas. I would like to ask if there is a need to put a protective case over it to avoid scratches. Also read reviews from MBA owners that putting a protective case makes the MBA heat up faster. I'm pl

MacBook Air 13" (latest generation) case/sleeve recommendations

I wanted to get some thoughts on a case/sleeve for a MacBook Air. Please let me know what you have and your thoughts on the product. Thanks!Hey Guys (& Ladies), Try http://www.theknittingswede.co.uk/myshop/cat_457292-Knitted-Sleeves-Covers.html for a

Old Macbook air A1304 freezing

My very first macbook started to freeze on me lately. After about 5 minutes after power on, it just freezes up. Feels like it is getting overheated. Is there any solution to this issue?If it's actually due to a RAM problem and not because an attempt

MacBook Air A1304 and MB Pro A1286 wont boot with the same issue.

I have two A1304 Airs and a MacBook Apro A1286 Mid 2009 with the same problem: Battery is o.K. and fully loaded. When I try to start, the fan spins up, screen stays black, no sound, no beep. Sleep LED is lit normally. After a few seconds, Fan stops s

MacBook Air (A1304) - Disk Problem

Hi, I have this machine: tro Date: October 14, 2008 Disc Date: June 8, 2009 Model No: A1304 (EMC 2253*) Subfamily: Late 2008 Model ID: MacBookAir2,1 Std RAM: 2 GB Std VRAM: 256 MB Std Storage: 120 GB (4200 RPM) Std Optical: None* For a while it's bee

HT1338 Can i update my apple macbook air with Mountain lion OS? Mine is Core 2 duo with 2 GB RAM aluminium case 2008 model

can i update my macbook air 2008 model aluminium case powered by intel core 2 duo with 2 gigabytes of RAM with mountain Lion? I have Leopard installed on it.it has to be a late 2008 model or newer:http://www.apple.com/osx/specs/Read other 2 answers

MacBook Air 2011 Fan increased after installed mountain lion

Hi all, I have a Macbook Air 2011, Intel core i7. After when I installed ML I noticed that battery go down very fast (about 2:40h) and the Fan speed RPM is about 6500 all time, but I haven't any strong operation pending or App. I have the same app op

MacBook Air freezes when connected to the Internet. (LAN and WiFi)

I have a MacBook Air A1304 running Mac OS X 10.6.8. When it connects to the AirLive Duo router set as Client + AP (bridges the wifi signal from the DSL), it freezes up.  Wifi works fine with the iPad.  I tried the wifi and LAN and I get the same resu

Where can I purchase a rubber/silicone case for my MacBook air?

I am searching for a silicone (soft) case for my MacBook Air.  Does anyone know where I may purchase one?  I'm not referring to the rubberized hard shell cases found via Amazon and/or eBay.  I want one that is similar to the silicone cases you put on

Do all your cases and screen covers for MacBook air 2010-2011 fit the 2012 model

Do all your cases and screen covers for MacBook air 2010-2011 fit the 2012 modelUpon receiving my 2012 MBA, I removed the inCase hard shell from my 2011 model and fitted it to my 2012 unit. The fit is identical. Dimensionally they are the same. So, i

Macbook Air Case - HELP

Hello! I had my macbook air for about a month when it was splashed with water and completely died the cost of repair was 1300 more then the actual laptop. With this being said dose anyone know of a good WATERPROOF hard shell case of soft sleeve. I ha

Can someone recommend a strong macbook case that will protect my 13" macbook air?

i need a case (NOT a shell) that will effectively protect my macbook air while it is in my bag so it wont bedented or bent in any way. price can not be over £70 and it MUST BE VERY STRONG. Thanks Guys.I know it's a bit late, but I have the Hard Candy

Can someone recommend a custom form fitting sleeve or case specifically for the Macbook Air 13inch?

Hi all, Anyone have any reccomendations / suggestions please for a tight form fitting case/sleeve or messenger bag specifically for the MBA 13? If such a thing exists... I have searched through this discussion community with regard to similar queries

What is the best shell cover ( or anything for protection and scratch resistance) for macbook air?

i m getting a x doria shell case for macbook air, is it ok? plz suggest me the best options. secondly what can i use other than the shell case to protect my mac from scratches or an accidental bump? do skins work?My MBA is about a year old and has NO

Best case for MacBook Air 13"?

I bought the InCase perforated hard shell case, but I noticed from reviews (and personal experience) that the shell was difficult to attach to the notebook. Once you did get it on, it was great! However, after 3-4 months, one of the lips that keep th

Should i get the sleeve or the case for my macbook air 13 inch. I work under air conditioned room most of the time. I also store my macbook air in an air conditioned room 24/7.

I am a college student but I don't really bring my Mac with me all time. I have read that room temperature affects the macbook air and that it needs an optimum temperature. Some sites suggested sleeves as opposed to cases for room with cold temperatu

What case/sleeve should I get for my macbook air 11"?

I just got a macbook air 11" for Christmas, and don't know what kind of case to get. I carry it around in my backpack everyday for school, so I need a solid case. A lot of my friends have the hard case and a neoprene case/sleeve. I used a neoprene ca

Macbook Air case with magnets. Will it affect hardware or performance of product?

Macbook Air case with magnets. Will it affect hardware or performance of product?No, the low power N30 or N35 gauss neodymium magnets in the magnetic flap cases will not affect it. There is no HD, and the SSD are hard (relatively) to corrupt by magne

Which case to get for macbook air?

Would a case for the late 2010 macbook air fit a mid 2011 macbook air?You might try cross-posting over on the iPhone Community and see the response they give on syncing iPhones with Outlook, etc.  Can be done, a lot do it. A lot of us on here are pre