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Migrate Oracle EBS 12.1.3 from Microsoft Windows 2003 32-Bit to Linux

Hi We are currently using Oracle EBS 12.1.3 on Microsoft Windows 2003 32-Bit. We are planning to migrate to linux. I have gone through the certification matrix and the following versions certified with Oracle EBS 12.1.3 1. Linux x86 Oracle Linux 5 2.

Printing microsoft word 2003 document and pdf created from the document are different

I created a microsoft word 2003 document with jpg pictures and printed it on my HP Inkjet printer. I then created a pdf by saving as a pdf from the microsoft word 2003 document. The settings for images were 300 dpi and zip compression. The pdf file c

JFEMSEND in combination with Microsoft Outlook 2003

Hi, I have a urgent question about sending email using the Microsoft Outlook Client 2003 and OS Windows XP professional. The version of Adobe Output Solutions is: When I try to send an email using JFEMSEND I get the following message in th

Making non-standard size pdfs from Microsoft Word 2003 on pc

I have Acrobat 8 Professional (pc, Windows XP op system), and want to know how to make a pdf from Microsoft Word (2003) where the dimensions of my document remain as they are, a non-standard size, such as 5.5" x 8.5". All the choices of "pa

E-mail document from Microsoft Word 2003

I am not able to compose a document in Microsoft Word 2003 and e-mail it from there.  The format is available and so is the send button.  The message is just not sent.I now use Verizon wireless rather than cable.  Do  you think the problem may be wit

Problem in handling mail attachment by java in Microsoft outlook 2003

I have written code in Java for extracting attachment files from mail message but the same code is working with Microsoft Outlook 2000 but not working with Microsoft Outlook 2003. need solution for this problem ASAP.It is failing in recognizing bound

Buttons on toolbar do not work in Microsoft Office 2003 programs.

I am using Adobe Acrobat Elements 6.0.  My toolbar buttons do not work in any of my Microsoft Office 2003 programs.  I can Print file and change the print file to Adobe PDF to convert, but it would be nice to be able to use these buttons on the tool

KM Image file name for Microsoft Office 2003 documents

We want to change the images which display for Microsoft Office 2003 files loaded into KM to something more recognizable, but we CANNOT find the image files for .XLS, .DOC, .PPT, etc. Any Ideas what they are called?  Are they in the standard image re

Microsoft Office 2003

Hi,  I recently purchased a new computer to replace my other one that died of old age. I was running Windows XP professional and I had Microsoft Office 2003 on it. My new computer is running Windows 7 but no Office. So I installed my Microsoft Office

POI Reading Microsoft Word 2003 docs

Anybody having success reading Microsoft Word 2003 documents using POI? I just tried it for the first time today. I've got a compound document with lots of pages and an embedded Excel spreadsheet. POI found seven DocumentEntries, but the bytes I extr

Microsoft Outlook 2003 Inbox Repair

Hi, My hard Drive had became errors and partition became corruptted, after that I recovered some data with Microsoft Outlook 2003 Emailz backup or it is on approx 1GB but I am not able to import in new hard drive and new installed Microsoft Outlook 2

Integration of cproject with microsoft project 2003

dear all, i want to integrate cproject with microsoft project 2003. can u send me documents related this. what are settings required for this. my email id: <b>[email protected]</b> thanks amitHi Amit, Can you share  DOCUMENT  with me my mail i

Microsoft Access 2003 - Import xls issue

I'm having an issue with oracle SQL developer which exports an xls file then I proceed to import that xls in Microsoft Access 2003. I got a following error message related to the headings. "The first row contains some data that can't be used for vali

Oracle update up to on microsoft windows 2003 R2 64 bit

Hi all Soon I must perform an upgrade of Oracle up to on microsoft windows 2003 R2 64 bit. Befor this I only installed single oracla servers. This cluster server has also the Oracl failsafe monitor installed. What I see is that the

Integrating SAP ECC 6.0 with Microsoft Windows 2003 Active Directory

Hi Gurus, We are planning to integrate our SAP ECC 6.0 with Microsoft Windows 2003 Active directory. I have several questions on this: 1. Can i authenticate all the users from SAP 2. It is used only for user authentication or can it be also used for

Ipod will not sync because microsoft outlook 2003 or later is required

I can no longer get my Ipod to copy my music CD's. I get the message: Itunes cannot sync Ipod "Users Ipod" because microsoft Outlook 2003 or later is required. In the past I have muddled through suprisingly easily. Did I accept an upgrade that n

Sun X4150 Can not install Microsoft Window 2003 Standard 32-bit OS

I have try to install Microsoft Window 2003 Standard 32-bit OS in X4150,but put the OS Media and the output show below error messages "The system is not a supported platform" I check the sun system handbook and releated document for this X4150 p

Acrobat Standard 8 on Windows 7 printing issues with Microsoft Office 2003

When I try to print from Microsfot Word, Excel, etc. Version 2003 files will not print. I have adobe standard version 8, Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium - 64 bit, Microsoft Office 2003. Please help!!!!  I don't get an error message. The progress bar

How to synchronize contacts from microsoft outlook 2003

I went to edit-preferences-ipod-contacts tab and selected synchcronize from microsoft outlook and synchronize all contacts then I select ipod and update and doesn't syncronize my contacts, outlook was open by the way. Any ideas. same for calendar. it

Where is the logfile for Acrobat Pro Extended 9.2 on Windows ? (regarding Microsoft Office 2003)

My installation of Acrobat Pro extended works printing all types of Microsoft Office 2003 documents (Word, Excel, Pagemaker, etc) but NOT with Powerpoint and I'm trying to get more information other than what I'm seeing in Powerpoint when I try to cr