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motion detection in image processing


* JMF PlugIn Effect/Codec Filter for Motion Detection : Source Example *

I have noticed some posts on here recently about reading a webcam�s pixel stream and as at least one example the processing of that data for robotics, or another for motion detection or tracking. This can mean a requirement for fast frame processing,

Creative Webcam GO! no snapshot motion detection

Hi bascially I have downloaded the avail software from Creative downloadables for my Creative WebCam Go!. what i needed intially was motion detection with snapshooting capabilty until the motion ends. but instead the Webcam Monitor provides : - conti

Motion detection for conveyor

Hi My task is to make the video of the running conveyor. as soon as a component such as diode or transistor comes in front of the camera, the image should be captured for further processing.  Earlier i had inserted a delay of 5 seconds but accuracy c

Live! Cam Voice Shuts Down When Using Motion Detection Feature

I'm running XP Media Center 2002. I just installed Live! Cam Voice. Started using it and is was fine out of the box. I updated the drivers and i also decided to update the drivers for my SoundBlaster Audigy 2 ZS. The problem only seemed to occur when

Start recording video at a set time of day and off at a set time of day, and or can start rec video when motion detected, till no motion detected for a set period

is there an app for iphone which can be set to start recording video at a set time of day and off at a set time of day, and or can start rec video when motion detected, till no motion detected for a set period. basically someone is vandalising my veh

PVC2300 - Alternative to Motion Detection Event / FTP Upload

Hi Cisco Community, My apologies if I am not posting this in the correct section / allowed to post here. I've got a PVC2300 mounted inside a pelco enclosure that is positioned 6 meters high. Sometimes the motion detection event doesn't work to well (

Help with motion detection preset on a WVC210

Hi, I am really out of ideas. Is it possible to set the home position as my motion detection area? I can't seem to be able to make my camesa stay at its home position. I set my camera to go back to my home position after 1 minute of idling, the the c

How to make detection and acquasition processes faster on 6602 board ?

Hi to everybody, Currently I am using a NI 6602 board. And I am designing my project using VC++ in .NET framework(1.1) . In my application, I have to wait a digital signal(triggering signal) to go high level to start my acquasition. At first, I tried

WVC210 Motion detection.

Hello again. I can't switch off the motion detection using the push-button on web page (see pic). It's works fine (I receive the intrusion file by e-mail) but when I click on pulse, the motion detection don't stop the service. Please, help me!! Tks.H

Motion Detection on Linksys WVC54GCA

Sorry if this is in the wrong section. I would appreciate if someone could help me with this. I am trying to configure this camera to record onto my network drive via FTP on a schedule - for example  9 - 5 each day. Can recording be done based on the

Motion Detection on WVC80N - not working

I've got the WVC80N camera setup on wired ethernet and everything is working fine with the exception of Motion Detection alerts. I've updated the firmware to the latest Ver.1.0.01 I can get test emails from the camera without any issues so I know tha

Pvc2300: false positive with motion detection

Hello! I bought 3 pvc 2300 cameras. I tried motion detection with camera's software and with "Active webcam" software and I received a lot of false positive mails. 1. with camera's software, I set event with motion detection & sent mail, but

WVC210 with Motion Detection does not stay in the correct position

When I set the camera in a specific position (setting it as Home) and then I enable Motion Detection feature (setting area and sensibility using the home position); if i have set the "Disable Motion Detection while position is incorrect" with &q

WVC54GCA - over sensitive motion detection, has anyone solved it yet?

My cams spam my mail account whenever I have motion detection enabled, the images it sends aren't anything to do with motion.  This seems to be a common issue with these. Has anyone got it working correctly?Try upgrading/reflashing the firmware of yo

WVC54GCA motion detection in utility setup not working

After reading this answer that basically says that if you use the web-based advanced setup for motion detection, your recording is limited to only 5 sec., I disabled motion detection in the web GUI, and decided to setup motion detection in the utiity

WVC210 no Video to set area for Motion Detection

If I press the "Set Area & Sensitivity" button in the Motion Detection setup area I get the adjustment for the 4 detection windows on the left and on the right site only a black area where the video should be. But on top of this I can see a

Motion detection WVC54GCA setting custom area.

Now onto the next issue with the WVC54GCA. When setting up the E-mail and configuring the motion detection with a minimum time between motions at 5 minutes I still get more then 100 mails a day. IMO setting the custom area is not functioning. It just

WVC210 and Motion Detection/NAS Device

I was using the CSWVM Software (latest) with my WVC210 and leaving my PC on all the time.  I had the camera recording 24x7 to a folder on my PC but only when it deteced motion.  Thsi was working great. I invested in a NAS device (QNAP TS-239 Pro II)

VSOM 7 - Motion detection save button greyed out

Hi. Would like to enable motion detection on my cameras (all are capable, a.e. CIVS-3520). But after defining the motion areas (and exclude), the button below "save motion config" is greyed out. I have enabled them in the camera settings screen

My WVC210 camera has lost its motion detection sensitivity

Motion detection with email alert has worked well for several month, but after I have installed a second camera it stopped functioning. I can trigger an alarm by moving the cameras, but activity in front of the camera at some distance, will not trigg