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MySQL List Tables in Database


Quering MySql DB tables using DB adapter in Oracle SOA

Hi', I am trying to query MySql DB tables using DB adapter in Oracle SOA. inside the weblogic server console I have created a data source and test is "success" MySql Now inside the deployments > DBAdapter > Configuration > outbound conn

MySql merge tables?

Hello all, Anybody have MySql skills? Our reqular guy is out for a couple of weeks so I'm trying to help out. I am mainly a UI guy but I am enjoying CF. Ok to the question. I am trying to update a table with another table. I want to find any duplicat


Hi ALL I want to create a web service to insert row in a table in database. As I am new to Web Service. Please help me to do it. Thanks in advance !Hi Just_For_You ! I have some code snippet, you can refer them ( i use mySql ). @WebMethod public void

Plotting graph in LabVIEW from MySQL data table

Is there any possibility to plot the data from MySQL data table in LabVIEW graph/chart?? can somebody help me?? thanks...I am new with LabVIEW and I am also with the same problem. No problems to write data into MySQL, but when trying to read data nei

How to delete the data loaded into MySQL target table using Scripts

Hi Experts I created a Job with a validation transformation. If the Validation was failed the data passed the validation will be loaded into Pass table and the data failed will be loaded into failed table. My requirement was if the data was loaded in

OBIEE Error while importing table from database

Hi I am getting the following error when i am trying to import table from database. [nQSError: 16001]ODBC error state: IM004 code:0 message: [Microsoft][ODBC Driver Manager] Driver`s SQLAllocHandle on SQL_HANDLE_ENV failed. Any idea y such error. Tha

Parent-Child Join on tables in Database Adapter

Hi, We are doing a join on two tables(T1 and T2) in Database adapter for an Insert operation. There is no Reference Integrity between these two tables in Database, but join is done through bpel database adapter. Here is a scenario - when we try to in

How to find the value in the table in database ?

Hi, Could you please advise me, How to findout the data-value in the table in database ?what do you mean by value ? --Girish                                                                                                                              

There is no table  in database system BW_POS

hi gurus, i am trying to access tables from SQL Server using DB connect.i have created one source system using SAP library help. when right click source system and selected 'select Database tables' i am getting the following error. <b>"There is

Easy way to write out internal table to database table ?

hi friends, i have a special requirement: as i do not want to change the profile settings on an r/3 4.6c machine, i want to modify my program so it can handle even large amount of data. the plan is to fill internal table and for say every 100000 rows

Loading internal table to database table

Hi all, I have created a ztable .also i created an internal table with the same structure as ztable.I have some data in internal table.how to load these data from internal table into database table.how thre insert statement will be.Hi,          Check

Script task to read the column names dynamically and create a table in database based on excel column structure

Hello, Can anyone help me out to write a vb.net script. I need to read the column names from excel and based on that column names I need to create a table in database(I have more than one sheet in excel). For each sheet columns will be changing and s

Reorganization of Tables in Database

Did anyone reorganized the tables in database to reclaim the fragmented space within the Tablespace. If so please suggest how to identify which are all the tables have more fragmentation in order to reorganize it within the tablespace. Regards, Subra

I created new table in database and want to bind with system form

Hi All, 1) i created new table in database and want to bind with system form . 2) How i bind this field to system form sale order where i added new folder tab in that i added some fields that fields i want to bind with database. when i click on the n

Portal activity report, which tables in database?

Hi, Could someone say, which tables in database have information for Portal Activity Report? I need to build my own report which I cant build using standart Portal Activity Report template. great thanksHi, you really shouldn't access SAP portal db ta

Dimension table in database [H1]

Hi Expert, Can Yours share some info with me about dimension table in database. Example for my dimension Entity I have 3 parent in this dimension , then in database I will have table : mbrEntity dim_Entity dim_EntityH1 dim_EntityH2 dim_EntityH3 The m

How to create tables in Database when webdynpro project is deployed

Hi I Created a project.in that i created stuctures using simpletypes.Based on structure  i created the Context,then created screens.Now how to create tables in database using this structures .Because i want to store the values in the database.Please

Accessing MySQL InnoDB tables via JDBC using Oracle SQL Developer

I had posted a problem in the Oracle SQL Developer forum with how that application (v1.1) accesses MySQL InnoDB tables and someone replied that the "[data migration] team created the integration with MySQL", so I am posting here in hopes of lear

How to connect APEX with MYSQL via Apex's Database link

How do i connect APEX with MYSQL via Apex's Database link? The OBE doesn't go into specific detail about how to link the two. can someone please elaborate on what these are and where i can find them in mysql: Database Link Name       Connect To Schem

Automation of transaferring Excel data to table in Database

Hi,        I am new to SSIS. I need to do automation process to transfer data from excel to table in database. I will get the report daily. So how to make the automation process without manually placing the excel table into excel source everyday? 1.