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nokia 112 security code


Nokia 5110 Security code

Hi, How do I reset the security code of a nokia 5110? I have to add that I don't know the code. Please help, ThanksThe Nokia default security code is 12345. If you have changed it at any point you will have to take your phone into a Nokia Authorized

Nokia Belle upgrade on Nokia X7 - Security Code er...

I have just upgraded to Belle software but now there is an annoying thing were I keep getting asked for a security code (which I hadn't used previously) on boot up, if you put the default code in it fails(12345,00000), but if you cancel you can still

Nokia 5130 Security Code

Helloo,,,a have buy nokia 5130 xpressmusic,,,but when i want to set pasword on keyboard,,a dont know the master/security codee,,a try most them,,the default 12345,,but doesn't work,,i try with unlock master code,,but still doesn't work,,, does everyb

Nokia 6230i security code

i have a nokia 6230i. 1 month old bought on 02 pay as you go. but have been using my contract 02 sim in it. now i have decided to use the pay as you go sim because bills are to high. put the pay and go sim in the phone and its coming up security code

Nokia 7373 - Security Code Forgotten

Hi, I can't perform a master reset on my phone or delete contacts from the phone as I seem to have forgotten my security code (although I do still know my PIN so can access and use the phone). So far I have tried the following codes: 0000 1111 12345

Nokia 1208 security code

While i was using my Nokia 1208 last night, it spontaneously turned off. When i turned it back on and typed in my PIN, it requested a security code. The default 12345 wouldn t work and i have never changed the code. This is the 2nd time this has happ

Nokia 9300i security code locked

Hi.Does anybody know what to do if I forgot the security code number and the system is locked on Nokia 9300i ?The phone is usless.I tried the master code but it does not work at this problem. thanks If google or searching this forum offers no solutio

Nokia 500 Security code error

Yesterday I switched on my Nokia 500 with pin code and security code with out any trouble,but after few minutes  it restarted and security code is not accepted, ,I can answer the incoming calls, but i cant connect it to nokia suit help me with this ,

Nokia 2760 security code forgotten

Hello I put a security code on my Nokia 2760 and I have not used it some time  (4 months) because I do not have money to put credit on my SIM card . And now I am trying to use the phone and I can not use it,  it ask me for security code and I do not

Nokia 500 security code

when i switch on my nokia 500, it always ask the security code. so, please give me steps to off this setting.i want that mobile should not ask the code while switching on.Please take following steps & you will get solution 1# go to menu> tools >

Nokia C3 Security Code

I locked my self out of my Nokia C3, I was entering a new Security Code and I miss pressed a button and don't know what my password is. I've been trying for 3 days straight. I contacted my Provider and they couldn't doing anything for it, because I c


Hi, I have a problem with my Nokia 1110. I can not recall my private security code No. Is there any way to find it or reset the phone? Your answer may help me so much. Thanks,The only way to reset that is to flash some new software on it. If you are

Nokia C6 security code

hey well i got a nokia C6-00 and i put a security code that i forgot PLZ HELP!! Solved! Go to Solution.hey well some people tell me that i can fix it by software update (but it doesnt work without lock code) and other people tell me i can hit simulta

Nokia 3500C Security Code

Hi, I have Nokia 3500 Classice but I forgot the security password, I am trying 12345 but it is not working, can someone help me in this regards. Thanks Solved! Go to Solution.You have two options: 1. Try to recollect the security code that you've set

Nokia 3600 security code

I have a nokia 3600 slide and I forgot my security code so I can't use it now :/ I hope that some1 here can help me to solve my problem.the default code is 12345 if you changed this you will have to send it to a nokia care centre If  i have helped at

Nokia 6300 security code

hi, can any one help me in finding default "call barring password" i read the FAQ of nokila web site for model 6300 it says default security code for nokia 6300 is "12345" where as when i try to activate call barring service it asks fo

Forgotten Nokia C3 Security code Help me!

Hi, I've a Nokia C3 I've changed my security code and forgot Please who it will open?Are you refering to your sim pin or the phones security code? 3 wrong attempts with the sim pin will require the PUK code to unlock. PUK is available from your servi

Nokia 5610 security code

I have bought a 5610 XpressMusic few days ago. But the problem is that when i want to change the Security code to my own desired code i get a code error when i enter preset code 12345. I have never changed the preset code before. I'm getting this err

Nokia 2760 Security code

So, I tried security code and it worked fine. I had changed it a year ago or something and now I tried the Keypad lock security code-thing. It asked the security code so I could do it. I entered it there and it worked. Then, I began to wonder if it i

Nokia 3210 Security code HELP

Hi guys, I just found my first cellphone - Nokia 3210, But I can't use it because it ask for a security code. I have tried all kind of standard codes 1234, 12345 and 0000 etc. I have also tried the Mastercode but it doesn't work. Alex Solved! Go to S