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Javascript won't work - JavaScript for Reader Mobile API Reference (Android)

I have created a Form with the new Adobe Acrobat Pro DC (trial version). The Javascript code just won't work on a mobile phone. Doc - JavaScript for Reader Mobile API Reference (Android this shows that what I want to do is supported. But not even the

Oracle ADF Model and BC4J api reference in JDev

Hi Where I can find Oracle ADF Model and Business Components API Reference in JDev Maybe it's not ready yet?I don't know how up-to-date they are, but the javadoc files are all archived into jar files in the JDeveloper installation at: <jde

API Reference of SAP Visual Business Geo Maps - SAP UI5

Hi, I came across a blog post written regarding making SAP Visual Business available on SAPUI5 (since version 1.18) and also came across few demos at this link.  But I am not able to find any API documentation regarding this. We are working on a smal

DOCUMENTATION BUG: Broken link in APEX 4.0 API Reference

In the See also section of the <tt>apex_util.remove_preference</tt> method, the *"Managing Session State and User Preferences"* link is dead: olink:AEADM110|Managing%20Session%20State%20and%20User%20PreferencesThe broken lin in APEX

Oracle Fusion Middleware Java API Reference for Oracle ADF Mobile

Where can I find "Oracle Fusion Middleware Java API Reference for Oracle ADF Mobile"? Thanks a lot for your time.Hi, this is referring to the JavaDocs for Java methods/classes supported by ADF Mobile. You can typically right (or ctrl) click on a

OCCI API Reference for XMLDB

Hello everyone... I'm a beginner with Oracle & OCCI. I'm trying to develop an application that uses XMLDB as back-end. Can anyone please give me the API reference for OCCI to access XMLDB. I just want to store & retrive data from a XMLType table.

SAP BC Java API Reference

Hi, I want to program my own Java service in the SAP BC. SAP mentioned in their documentation to the BC that there is a 'SAP BC Java API Reference' document. I have searched for this document for a couple of hours now, but I can't find it anywhere. D

Need Conversion Agent Java API Reference document

Hi all, Can any one provide Java documentation for doing conversion agent? actually "Conversion Agent Java API Reference" had been refered by Conversion Agent User guide. I couldn't find that one... Any inputs are great....... ThanksHi, All the

Creating API Reference

Is there an application that generates API reference from .java files? I'm working with an application that has many custom java classes, and their API reference is in the same format as that of the Java API reference. I was wondering if there was an

Where can I find the complete Oracle Business Rules Java API Reference ?

Does anybody know where to get the complete Oracle Business Rules Java API Reference ? The version on http://download-east.oracle.com/docs/cd/B31017_01/web.1013/b28966/toc.htm is incomplete. It is missing the entire "oracle.rules.sdk.ruleset" pa

No API Reference for  ?

I am looking for the javadoc of ver. I only found for till nowThe JavaDoc API Reference is re-released only if there are required changes. Please refer to the Release Notes (http://www.oracle.com/technology/products/ias/topli

Is the jmxremote api reference implementation FOSS?

I'm not great with understanding licenses and need to know if the JMX Remote API Reference Implementation found here is FOSS or just COTS. Thanks.Hi, We have very similar problem on iPad. Simple application that has 3 movie clips bouncing off the edg

Web API Reference 7.0

Hi, Anybody came across a Web API Reference for 7.0 as it is existing for 3.5? Although the new WAD ist much more intuitive, i really liked the detailed description of parameters etc.... Thanks, BeatThere isn't a similar web api type environment as y

Web API Reference BW7.0

Where can I find the Web API Reference (pdf) for BW7.0.  I can only find the Web API Reference for BW3.5.Hi People, Take a look to this message link: /thread/194552 [original link is broken] Regards, HamiltonRead other 4 answers

Update center _ALWAYS_ wants to update Java API reference

why is it that even if I run the update for JSC back to back in two consecutive sessions it will always want to update the Java API reference? it is changing that often??Hi jakeochs, This problem still persists. I have opened a change request on your

Where is the latest Dreamweaver API reference?

Is this Dreamweaver API Reference (for CS5 & CS5.5) the most current refference? I'm looking for a referrence for Dreamweaver CCajf2811 wrote: Is this Dreamweaver API Reference (for CS5 & CS5.5) the most current refference? Yes, that's the most up

Latest version of GPI & GPI API Reference

Hi, I'd like to write user interface & file format extensions to Diadem 10.1 (and later). I assume GPI provides limited API for these purposes. Are there any other alternatives? Well, if GPI is the only option, where can I find the latest version of

Do You Use the TestStand API Reference Poster?

The TestStand R&D Team would like to know how you use the TestStand API Reference Poster that ships with TestStand.  How often do you use it?  Is it hanging up near your computer?  What tasks do you use it for? Allen P. NIHi, I dont use the hard copy

Com.sun.messaging API reference

Does somebody has a link to online com.sun.messaging API reference?Once you downloaded the product, you have the javadoc in there. You can also have a version of the complete source from here: https://mq.dev.java.net/ As OpenMQ... HTH TERead other 2

DOC or API reference on oracle.apps.ibe.util

Hi, Can any one tell me from where can I get a DOC or API reference on all classes present in oracle.apps.ibe.util Thanq.Any product specific API details will be mentioned in the product guide. Check that. It definitely won't include all the api but