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OpenGL Display Lists problem!

Why are OpenGL Display List 4-5 times faster on windows than OSX? Is this a driver problem? iMac 2008, nvidia 8800gs, 10.7.3 Thanks for your answers! If I use DLon=1; The performance is 4-5 times better on a windows system. On OSX there is no perform

OpenGL display problem

Running OpenGL with freeglut 2.60 under Vista w/SP1 on an X200S, GLUT menus appear as solid black regions.  Otherwise, the menus are fully functional.  Freeglut was compiled on the X200S with Visual Studio 2008. The exact same code displays menus pro

CS4 NOT capable of sharp displays at all zoom levels

I must have been asleep, until now, and missed the significance and importance of what follows. In post #11 here: http://forums.adobe.com/thread/375478?tstart=30 on 19 March 2009 Chris Cox (Adobe Photoshop Engineer - his title on the old forums) said

Mobility Radeon 7500 OpenGL issues

Whenever I attempt to use anything involving openGL, my CPU usage hits 100%. Complex openGL programs will drop to a framerate of less than 10, and sometimes crash Xorg.  How can I fix this? General system info: lspci 00:00.0 Host bridge: Intel Corpor

OpenGL transparency issues in Acrobat X (OSX)

When viewing 3D PDFs in Acrobat X (both Reader and Pro) under OSX, it seems the OpenGL display does not display tranparencies. On a PC this is fine, and when switching the Preferred Render option to Software it displays this, but without any shadows.

Getting graphic display with GL4java

Hello .. I'm trying to get a basic display with GL4java. I'm able to create the main window but cannot get any openGL display. I've first defined a class which extends from JFrame who is the main window. From the panel, I've added a class which exten

Display and Layer Corruption

Installed the new 2014 CC Apps yesterday (very exciting!!) and started doing some real work in Photoshop CC 2014 today...at some point i tried to darken a white layer with "Brighten and Contrast" but saw my white layer get filled with mostly bla

OpenGL + LWJGL: glDrawArrays() draws nothing

Hey there! I'm trying to get some basic OpenGL code working through LWJGL. The following sample code is identical to that from the LWJGL wiki page except where marked in a comment as " //EDIT ". The edits were just to make it run on OpenGL 3.0,

OpenGL Support for Satellite L650

Is there an OpenGL Intel HD Graphics driver for the Satellite L650?I've checked latest driver information on Toshiba support and this shows driver version as the latest, however with it already installed in the L650 I get this error when

[SOLVED] [mpv] Fallback to software decode SLOW with vo_vdpau/vaapi

EDIT 02/01/2014: Since mpv 0.3.0, the opengl renderer, which works perfectly fine with software-decoding, now also works with vaapi/vdpau hardware-decoding, so just setting vo=opengl and hwdec=auto should really be enough to utterly avoid the problem

I need help getting minecraft demo to play on Mountain Lion.

I have tried many many times to get the demo for minecraft to play on my computer and keep getting the same error report. I switched over to windows and it worked just fine there so I'm pretty sure the problem is Mountain Lion and not the whole compu

R300 + xf86-video-ati + xorg-server 1.6.1 - Can't run ET

Hello. Ever since i updated to xorg-server to 1.6 series i haven't been able to run Enemy Territory. This on a r300 class gfx card with opensource drivers. error ...loading libGL.so.1: Initializing OpenGL display ...setting mode 4: 800 600 Using XFre

What do I need to make 32bit games play on x86-64 with intel gm965?

I have been trying to get a bunch of 32bit games to play on x86-64 with no luck. Ive tried quake4, prey, and now doom3 and all seem to have the same issues. They start to work and the screen goes black, then it just goes right back to the desktop. I

Quake 3 Error

Hi, I am getting an error after installing Quake 3 (native, with the 1.32b point release). Q3 1.32b linux-i386 Nov 14 2002 ----- FS_Startup ----- Current search path: /home/meo/.q3a/baseq3 /usr/local/games/quake3/baseq3/pak8.pk3 (9 files) /usr/local/

Need help! colours horrribly wrong in PS CS5!

Not sure what i did, but something in photoshop cs5 color management has gone wrong. When I open any of my images (say a pdf in adobe reader e.g.) it looks fine. When I open the same image in photoshop or bridge, the colours have a horrible red/magen

Can't get Minecraft to run

Hi, I'm new to Arch... I've been on CrunchBang for the past couple years and have decided to add Arch to my quiver. Anyway, here's my problem: I have a fresh Arch 64-bit install, with Sun's jdk installed. Minecraft runs fine on my Windows install, as

CS6 Production Premium revealed.  Audition CS6 Details.

Good news, everyone! I'm very excited to share the news that Production Premium CS6 will be revealed at NAB next week, but even better, I get to share details about Audition CS6 with everyone right away.  More detailed information about some of the n

[SOLVED] Open Arena and logout

After execute openarena  (installed from AUR) it's freezing. Xorg is going to logout and i can see kdm screen. My graphic card: Radeon 9200SE, driver: xf86-video-ati. For example foobilard is working (normal opengl game), in the other hand Tremulous

Moving images in CS5?

When in CS5 I left click and move an image and reposition it  the image becomes sharper when I stop it returns to it's original state is this normal?? If so which view is the actual file?To add to what Mylenium has said, OpenGL displays are resampled

Urban Terror crashes upon startup

Hello, I installed Urban Terror a few days ago and it worked absolutely fine. I did a system update which is what I'm assuming broke it, but I'm not quite sure what's broken. Here's the terminal error output from when I run it: Any help is certainly