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How to import your Air/Flex project from FB 4.6 to FB4.7

It seems so easy.. however, I can't figure out how to do it. I used to build my projects (Air projects with merged SDK) in FB4, FB4.5 later FB4.6 and now 4.7. But when I import my old project, it gets an old 3.4 AIR SDK. Wtf? When I go to the project

How can generate an unsigned apk from FB 4.6?

Hi, i just finish the development of an Flex-AIR app for Android. The build possibilities are signed APK and unsigned AIRI file (plus desktop air versión). The fact is that the client needs the apk unsigned so they can sign it with their own digital

Help! I can't run OpenGL ES application on iOS simulator-4.3

Hardware Overview:   Model Name:          iMac   Model Identifier:          iMac12,1   Processor Name:          Intel Core i5   Processor Speed:          2.5 GHz   Number of Processors:          1   Total Number of Cores:          4   L2 Cache (per C

How can I use OpenGL ES and GLKit framework fr developing iOS games??

I've seen that people use OpenGl ES to create 2D or 3D games. But I still don't know how to use OpenGL ES. And GLKit, it is a kind of software. Can anyone explain me about them please?Hi Eric, it would help me frame answers if you give the background

Complete text on opengl es for ios

Hello, what's a complete and correct textbook/guide/reference/manual/documentation on utilising OpenGL ES 2.0 under iOS 5 to achieve 3D graphics on iOS 5 and up devices? I found Apples guides wrong and omitting necessary steps, also they are badly or

Mavericks 10.9.5 Build 13F34 on a MacBookPro 11,3 | iTunes 11.4 (18) crashes each and every time i try to update my iOS 8.02 Apps

This is more than annoying, the attempt to update my iOS Apps via iTunes 11.4 (18) ends each and every time with a crash of itunes, no way to update. The iPhone refuses to update via WLAN, the only way to update is to get updates via mobile data conn

How can I use OpenGl for iPhone games??

Hi! As you know I really want to be an iOS developer. I know how Xcode works. But I don't know for the graphics and animation. I've heard that OpenGl can be used in games. But how? I mean like connecting the animations in OpenGl to the program writte

Does anyone know what is the proper way to render a rectangle transparent texture over the screen in OpenGL ES 2.0?

Hello I'd like to convert my directx program to ios and I'm stuck right now on rendering textures. I messed around and enabled otho camera in open gl ES 2.0 and textures render but I can't get alpha to work. I used glDrawArrays specifying the colour

Certain Apps Crashing on iphone 5 ios 6.1.4

Certain apps like Asphalt 7,Asphalt 8 , Plants vs Zombies ,Real Racing 3, Flashlight, Minion Rush crash immeditely after the startup logo.....other apps like N.O.V.A 3,Gangster rio work fine so i dont think it is a memory problem... The crash report

IPhone crashes repeatedly since upgrading to iOS 6.0.1. Has anyone heard of a way to fix this? I have tried all remedies (rebooting, resetting, restoring, everything) but none of it works. Also, when I'm syncing, syncing stops unexpectedly.

My crash reports show low memeory for most of them, but the phone is crashing even with no background apps running. I could be replying/reading a text message and it will turn to a black screen then return to homescreen. It does this no matter what a

I can not open any documents in Numbers / Pages iOS

Good evening! I bought Numbers, and Pages. But both applications do not work. I can not open documents. And do not open a blank document of the programs themselves. The same situation was on the iPhone 4s and two iPhone 5 Please help ... Following th

Mail crashes every time I try to search while on TRUSH. As soon as I enter the 3rd character in crashes : Exception Type:  EXC_CRASH (SIGABRT) IOS 10.9.1

Mail crashes every time I try to search while on TRUSH. As soon as I enter the 3rd character in crashes : Exception Type:  EXC_CRASH (SIGABRT) IOS 10.9.1Process:         Mail [32596] Path:            /Applications/Mail.app/Contents/MacOS/Mail Identif

IPad Air + iOS 8 GM -- RD Client Crash

Hello, I am an iOS Developer and I'm running into an issue with the iPad Air + iOS 8 and the iPad's Microsoft RD Client. Whenever I click the "+" in the upper-right hand corner, and click "Add PC or Server" the client crashes. iPad Inf

Ios 5 problems

ios 5 iphone4 Macbook pro- Every time I try to sync my iphone itunes crashes when adding photos.  This has happened more than 50 times.  Here is the error report I get.  Any help would be appreciated.  Process:         iTunes [4844] Path:           

Application crashes on IOS 5.1 (tried Adhoc export release build)

Application crashes on IOS 5.1 in splash screen. It works fine with fast debugging and standard debugging.But when i tried to test in as ADHOC release build it got crashed. Device: Ipad 2 - IOS 5.5 Air: Air 3.3 beta 2 Flex sdk: 4.6 -Saravanan.I encou

Ios 6.0 -Mobile Safari Crash on web page combo box - html select

If the combo-box on web page is empty, selecting the combo box and swiping inside the empty space or pressing the ‘Done’ button is causing the crash Incident Identifier: EB3B67A4-174D-4A22-AF07-64621BDBDEC8 CrashReporter Key:   b8f222c49c43977c429ece

Using OpenGL ES in an AIR native extension on iPad

Hi, I am trying to find out whether I can render images using iPad GPU from a native extension loaded by an AIR application on iPad. The main reason for this is that I need every bit of GPU power in my AIR application and I cannot use Stage3D (see ht

Hotfix4 shows IOS status bar at the top

After updated to Director 12 with Hotfix4 a week ago, my ipad/iphone apps have a IOS status bar shows up at the top.  Which didn't show in previous hotfix. Any one know a way to make this "IOS status bar" (with battery, time, wifi, 3g status sym

Preferences/Setting app crash ios 6.0.1

Found a crash in ios 6.0.1, Did not know where to report it so started a discussion on it. Open settings app -> click on iCloud - > Click on the account cell - > before it loads Storage plan click on advance cell - > after the transition click

Does Adobe AIR for iOS support APNs?

Does Adobe AIR for iOS support the Apple Push Notification Service (APNs)? for more information on APNs see: http://developer.apple.com/library/ios/#documentation/NetworkingInternet/Conceptual/Remote NotificationsPG/ApplePushService/ApplePushService.