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Oracle JDK 1.8 Download


Installing Oracle JDK 7 on Solaris Server

Hello Experts, I would like to install Oracle JDK 7 on my server. It currently has JDK 6 installed. I would appreciate any pointers that you could provide. Version I am running SunOS 5.11. I assume this is Solaris 11. The command uname -a returns: Su

Oracle JeOS image to download

Hi everyone, I'm looking for the download of the Oracle JeOS image (for testing / studying purposes) - I only found the templates for OracleVM template manager (or how do you call it), but I don't want to install OracleVM just to create the template

Oracle ODSEE 11g rel1 download, patches and additonal tools

Dear all, Reading this site, I'm advised to build a DSEE system based on the latest release of the software. Within the Oracle/Sun website, I keep finding many versions of the software and documentation, and I'm feeling a bit "lost". I've manage

Is oracle bpm studio free downloadable or we need to buy license?

Is oracle bpm studio free downloadable or we need to buy license?Hi, Oracle BPM studio can be downloaded from the below mentioned ink. http://www.oracle.com/technology/software/products/bpm/index.html But I hope the free s/w is only for limited time

WLS new installation SUN or Oracle JDK?

hi all, i am in the middle of installing WLS the first time. can you give me your opinion whether i should stick with SUN JDK or Oracle JDK? given my history i am very familiar with handling SUN JDKs and have no clue about Oracle JDK... BUT which one

Oracle jdk permissions issue

I've this when installing oracle-jdk AUR package warning: directory permissions differ on /usr/share/applications/ filesystem: 755 package: 700 warning: directory permissions differ on /usr/share/icons/ filesystem: 755 package: 700 warning: directory

Who can tell me  the ' Oracle Application Data Exchange ' download url ?

Who can tell me the ' Oracle Application Data Exchange ' download url ? thanks Yiming Gao [email protected]Can you refer the Note:68795.1 ? RegardsRead other 4 answers

Oracle JDK

Is there any SQL that can be run in order to find the current jdk version supported by an Oracle server? If this is too "fancy", is there a place to find such information? I did some searches on OTN, but to find this seems less obvious than it m

Oracle database 10.2 download problem

I am readind the book of mark williams. At page 405 database configuration assistant ... on page 409 figure a-28 i click the ok. botton then netwoek adapter problem occured.tns-12560 protocol adapter error.I have adsl connecyion.I installed both data

Java 7 (oracle jdk 1.7) on CentOS 6.2 freezes hangs FUTEX_WAIT

Hello, Recently have had problems with Java 1.7 this combination: CentOS 6.2 linux kernel (vanilla kernel) GRSecurity grsecurity-2.9- When trying to run jdk1.7.0_04, java hangs with no error messages in /var/log/

ORACLE!!! Download Oracle 8.1.7 for HP-UX 11.0 where is it???

All, trying to download a copy of Oracle 8.1.7 for HP-UX 11.0. This download seems no longer to be available (just 9i) and judging by the other posts on this topic, Oracle dont seem to care either - this is not exactly good customer service! ***ORACL

Oracle WebADI: How to Download the WebADI Excel File with Parameter

Hello Friends, How to Download the Oracle WebADI Excel File with Parameter?? For Ex: How to download the Employees for Specific Department from Oracle WebADI. And After to change the specific changes on Employee Data to Upload. Thanks in Advance.Hi T

Oracle BPM 10GR3 Studio Download and Documentation

Hi all, I wanted to download Oracle BPM 10GR3 Studio and Documentation but I don't find it now on their website. They only have Oracle BPM 11g now.. How do I donwload the previous versions? What's the link?Here's a link that has the link to download

Oracle Express 10g Edition Download Problem

Can someone know what is the problem with downloading express 10g edition? http://www.oracle.com/errors/404.html thanks m.Hilton wrote: But the link is broken. Apparently there is an internal problemYou are right, whether the link of the page is work

Oracle 8i and 9i downloads

I'm trying to download Oracle 9i for HP-UX. The links do not work!! I then tried downloading 8i, thinking that maybe these links might be a little better tested - these do not work. I finally tried the Windows links for both 9i and 8i thinking surely

Oracle 9i AS Portal download questions

I read the installation guide for Oracle 9iAS (the guide for all of AS, not just the Portal component). I have some questions that were not addressed in the documentation. 1) Do you need to download the entire Oracle9i Application Server in order to

Oracle 9i HP 9000 download problem

Firstly, the files linked to from http://otn.oracle.com/software/products/oracle9i/htdocs/hpsoft.html download with a different size to that listed. I am certain that I haven't downloaded them incorrectly because I have checked the HTTP responses for

Oracle 9i Personal Edition Download Problem

Hi there, I'm currently attempting to download Oracle 9i Personal Edition, however upon clicking on the file link, I'm being constantly presented with the login page (even after having logged in). I checked my browser (MSIE 6) and cookies are enabled

Oracle 9i for Solaris download

For the past few days I have been trying to download Oracle 9i database for Solaris. I am having two problems 1.) When I go to http://otn.oracle.com/software/content.html and select "9i Database", all I see is "<SCRIPT LANGUAGE="jav

Oracle 11g R1 client download

Hi guys, I need to install the Oracle 11g R1 client, but i cannot seem to find a link to download this. Please help. Regards, Nairooz Nilafdeen956090 wrote: The oracle client version is 11g R2 64 bit and the database server is a 11g R1 and I am tryin