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Solution to execute sql from mysql application logs

We have some custom mysql application, which generate logs that are stored on common location on open linux box which has below format $ cat minor20100809.log 20100809001^Aselect count(prod_id) from product_logs; 20100809002^Aselect count(order_id) f

Where to go next with Dreamweaver and server-side (php/mysql) applications?

This question is mainly directed at David Powers but  I appreciate any input from anyone with the same concern or question. I've been using DW since the change from Macromedia and have developed a number of applications using built in server behavior

How do I add an already built Shopping Cart  (PHP and MYSQL) application to a page in a Muse site?

How do I add an already built Shopping Cart  (PHP and MYSQL) (Cartweaver 4) application to a page in a Muse site? Do I have to export the Muse site as Html to dreamweaver and them use the extension to bring the shooping cart in or can I do it directl

How to use same database connection..... for application forms.

hello im creating an database application using java swing and mysql.... it an mdi application ..... i want to know that how use a single connection for all forms in the application.... any example... coz im new for the java swing and mysql applicati

No Tables in DW CS3 Remote MySQL Connection

Hello All, I was hoping forum members would be able to troubleshoot a Dreamweaver CS3/remote MySQL Connection issue I'm having. I am successful in connecting to the database but the table data I created in phpMyAdmin 2.6.3 does not appear in the Appl

Unable to launch PhPAdmin w/ previous version of mySQL?

I completed a course recently using a textbook that covered Dreamweaver's use with Coldfusion, ASP, and Php.  The actual course only covered the Coldfusion section.  As part of the coldfusion exercises, I installed mySQL 5.1.39 using a generic userna

Installing multiple MySQLs in Non-Global Zones

Hi all, We have db01 and db02 physical servers with latest Solaris and Sun Cluster software installed. Each one has the following zones: db01z001 - db02z001 db01z002 - db02z002 db01z003 - db02z003 db01z004 - db02z004 db01zXXX - db02zXXX Every zone is

Import data from a php5/mysql to office 365

is there a way to import data from a deployed php5/mysql application to office 365 ??Hi  , According to your description, my understanding is that you want to migrate your php application to SharePoint Online. For your issue, you can try to convert y

Is it possible to access a secure zone using the login details of another application?

Given this scenario: A member signs in to an application on another platform (e.g. a MySQL application). Is it possible for that member to access a secure zone of an associated Business Catalyst website without needing to sign in again? For example,

How can I handle MySQL UNIX_TIMESTAMP function?

I'm converting a MySQL application from into Oracle I would appreciate any suggestions on how to convert the following MySQL statement to Oracle. SELECT messageid,entered,viewed, ABS(UNIX_TIMESTAMP(entered) - UNIX_TIMESTAMP(viewed)) AS responsetime F

How to read in data from MySQL to Authorware?

Hi, I am trying to read in values from my database (MySQL) to authorware, but the best I am able to get is true or false. I would like to be able to get some data from the database and return it to AW as a string. Does anyone have any experience with

Connection to MySQL db prob?

Hi all I'm developing a 'simple demo' Java/MySQL application that uses a JTabbedPane in which different panels are added to the various tabs. (No, I dont think Im in the wrong forum, yet). There is no prob with connecting to the db but I'm having a p

JDBC Connect MySQL

Dear all, I am trying to connect the mysql by JDBC. the coding is that public void initdb()           try           Class.forName("org.gjt.mm.mysql.Driver");           }catch (ClassNotFoundException EClass)                System.out.println(&quo

Mysql HA service

Hi i have setup mysql and installed HA on my 2-node cluster, i can toggle the resource group, lgoical host etc, but i have to manually startup mysql application on the other node after switch over, In this case, only resource group failed over to the

10.6.6 update problems for MySQL

I tried this in another area, but received no responses... trying again here. I just performed the 10.6.6 update and following restart, I can no longer get MySQL to start up. There was a similar problem with a previous update (I believe in Oct 2010).

PHP setup - Testing server errors

Hi all, I am into my first play with Dynamic web pages. I am trying to get a database and dreamweaver to connect together. I have tried a variety of settings to get it to work but everytime I seem to come across a problem with the folder where the da

Crystal Reports prompt issue on export: "The report you requested requires further information"

I have searched through forums for a solution but none seem to work for me. I have an ASP Webform/MySql application which displays Crystal Reports. The ones which do not require a user to enter a parameter display fine and I am able to click on expor

FMS2 noob with capabilities question

Thanks in advance for any help you can offer. I am just learning the basics of FMS2 and have some simple questions(I hope). I currently have a php/mysql application that creates mixes of mp3s.The songs are played using progressive downloads and this

JComboBox, JTable, cellRendering CHALLENGE

Hi all, I would like to ask a question of the resident guru concerning a Netbeans/MYSQL application. I based it on a tutorial found here: [http://www.netbeans.org/kb/61/java/gui-db-custom.html]. I have two seperate JDialogs that write data to a maste

Database persistence with Eclipse

Hi All, I have a basic web project involving few servlets and other utility classes. I just to add a database persistence logic into my project using eclipse. The scenario is very simple, I just need to add few entires into the table which has one fo