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purple spot on iphone screen


Purple spot on Iphone 5 screen

Yesterday when upgrading to ios 7 appeared on the screen of my iphone a purple stain only on white background a few centimeters of the frame, someone else has happened? be manufacturing defect?I have purple spots in every pic, iphone 5.  17 months ol

Weird darkened spot on iPhone screen

Few days ago I've noticed a weird yellow/darkened spot on my iPhone screen on the right side, around the SIM card. I have no idea where it came from... I didn't hit it against anything or drop it. There are no signs of damage. When the phone is on yo

Repair black spot on iphone screen

here had a big black spot on the bottom right corner on my iphone screen the diameter of that black spot is about 2.5cm how to fix it capacity 12.8 G Carrier AT&T 16.0 Model: ME306LL/A IOS 7.1.2Take it to Apple and have them examine it. They will tel

White spots on iPhone screen

3 months ago, I bought the Apple iPhone 4s via Three UK. It was a brand new contract phone. About a week ago, the phone developed a bright white spot in the middle of the screen, white is very noticeable.I had not dropped the phone at all. Then, a fe

I have a purple spot on my iPhone 5 camera ?

I've had my iPhone 5 from September2012 and it was working fine until suddenly I got a purple spot on my camera screen! I thought it was the lens so I cleaned it but it's still there and it's annoying me, anyone else had this problem? The Apple store

What do I do if my iPhone screen is slightly purple and it wont go away?

What do I do if my iPhone screen is slightly purple and it wont go away?Take it in to an Apple Store and have it evaluated.Read other 2 answers

Yellow Spots on iPhone 5 screen

Hi everyone. As you can see from the picture, there's a faint yellow spots on the iPhone screen. The phone was purchased in December but the spots didn't appear until yesterday. I've resetted the phone using iTunes and basically ruled out this is a s

Brown Spots on Iphone 4 Screen

I have recently observed some brown spots on my iphone screen. I have searched on the internet what is the cause and I found out that Iphone 4S has some what similar problem and it has something to do with some adhesive that they use. But my Iphone 4

Sunburst spots in my Iphone screen

I think that the sun made those spots in my screen, but i'm not sure... Other Iphone owners told me that, "it's not normal, sun couldn't make this" i don't know. There is someone with the same spots in their phone? What can i do? http://www.flic

Purple spot on my iphone 5

so why everytime i take a picture there is a purple spot on my camera?I have had the same issue. I have called Apple Care a bunch of times to report the same issue.  Even though, I can prove without a shadow of a doubt that the problem occurred while

Purple dots on iPhone 4S

I've had my iPhone 4S for about 1 year and when I use the camera 2 purple dots appear on the screen. I think this is something in the camera lens. I domt have warranty on the iPhone so how much would it cost roughly ?Hello singhmaan7, Thank you for t

Bright white spots on the screen?

Hey guys, my iPhone has developed these two bright white spots on the screen. I don't think it's a hardware problem because they are not there for every application. But I have tried restarting it, completely resetting it, etc with no success. The pr

Display trouble (yellow spot) on iPhone 4

Dear Customer Service, I have an issue considering my iPhone 4. It was bought 2 years ago, in 2011. Approximately 4 months ago I spotted a yellow mark in the bottom left corner of the screen. The yellow mark gets brighter when the iPhone works at ful

Yellow spot on iphone 4s

Hello, I have yellow spot on top right corner of Iphone screen, Spot gets denser as phone gets heat up. The phone is 1ys old and thus out of warranty. Any idea how to fix it.I have searched on net but all the issues were for brand new iphone and not

Warranty on the issue of purple spot in images taken from rear camera?

My iPhone 5 have purple spot in images taken from rear camera. I just noticed the issue in my phone today. I researched online and some people also have the same issue and have their phone replaced in Apple shops. I don't have any receipt or store wa

IPhone screen touch sensors cancelled out over gallery when accordion w/ menu embedded extends over

iPhone 4s screen touch sensors are cancelled out over a gallery when an accordion w/ a menu embedded in it extends over the area.  Upon FTP uploading the site, when I load each page from my iPhone the menu extends and then retracts.  The area over wh

Spots on iPhone 5 camera?

I recently noticed a few purple spots on my iPhone's camera. They don't move, and are always present in my pictures. I tried cleaning the lens cover, and don't see any dust or scratches. Could this be an internal hardware problem? Here are a couple p

Spots on iPhone 5 glass

Hi, There are little spots on the back of my iPhone 5 glass on the back when there are finger prints on it then they can be wiped away but they keep coming back. Any ideas on how to slove or clean this problem? I was thinking maybe the zagg foam? And

Halos in my iphone screen edges

I Have tow halos appear in the top of my iphone 5s screen in the edges (right and left) i did buy from USA in Nov 2013 but i leave in  Egypt knowing that i'm using the original accessories with NO jallpreack waiting your supportHi, Thanks Metalace. I

IPhone screen capture conundrum

Hi all Let me start by saying that I know the keystroke combination for capturing a grab of the iPhone screen - it's hold the home button down and press the sleep/wake button. However, I need to get a screen grab of the phone showing the alternative