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MAC Quicken 2015 vs. Quicken 2007...

MAC QUICKEN 2015, will it bring in ... Just bought MAC QUICKEN 2015 and transferred data from MAC QUICKEN 2007. Half the good eliminates from 2007 are either gone, or did not transfer. This, after the website says it is quick and easy to get your dat

Describe Family Sharing using Quicken 2015

I can't find a description of how family sharing works. Quicken 2015 has Family Sharing enabled. I want to have Quicken 2015 program which I recently purchased accessible from two different user accounts on family computer with each user having a dif

Refund Quicken 2015 for Mac

I just purchased Quicken 2015 from the Mac App Store.  After it downloaded and installed, I opened it and started to look at the new features.  Suddenly, I wanted to know how I could run the new version and my old version (Quicken 2007) at the same t

Adobe Reader is downloading files to Numbers instead of to Quicken 2015 on my Mac

Adobe Reader is downloading files to Numbers instead of to Quicken 2015 on my Mac.Actually, Adobe Reader cannot "download" files. While Adobe Reader XI provides links to various Adobe hosted online subscription services it is the "service&q

Which do I upgrade first: Quicken 2015 or OS X Yosemite

I have OS X 10.6.8 and Quicken 2007.  Which do I upgrade first in order to maintain and transfer all my data?Quicken. And, I would transfer your data before upgrading the computer.Read other 2 answers

Why is Quicken 2015 an "Editor's Choice"?

I don't quite understand how the "editor's choice" mechanism is supposed to work. Quicken for the Mac is widely regarded as terrible --- clearly demonstrated by its reviews on the App Store. Yet Apple has this marked as an Editor's Choice. How i

Advice on Quicken for Mac 2015

I'm a long-time Windows user who's thinking of switching over to Mac.  The only thing causing me hesitation is Quicken.  I've been using it for over 15 years now and don't do anything TOO complicated with it: Automatically enter paycheck and schedule

What do i need to tranfer quicken to a Mac

I have a Dell Pc with Quicken update 6months ago .  I just got a new Mac AIr and want to add Quicken to it .  What do I need and how?You need to buy an OS X version of Quicken from Intuit: Quicken 2015 2.4.0.Read other 3 answers

Running 10.6.8 with quicken 2006.  Would like to upgrade to a new machine/software.  How can I save my quicken data?

Would like to upgrade to a new Macbook Pro machine/software.  How can I save my quicken data from quicken 2006?Users have reported that Quicken 2015 for Mac is an upgrade of the generally loathed Quicken Essentials for Mac. I recommend you continue y

Screen freezes and tares up into pixels and stops working?

I have run the EtreCheck  with these results: Problem description: When I am moving the pointer around my email.app, the screen starts breaking up into pixels that flash on and off. Enough that I made a video (11 sec) showing this before I shut down

Preview And Mail Apps Keeps Freezing Up in Yosemite

I've posted before regarding the numerous performance issues that I have since upgrading to Yosemite on my MacBook Pro.  I have contacted Apple Support and have even gone to the Genius Bar, but any fixes are always short-lived.  Here's what is happen

How can I get a refund for an application purchased at the App Store?

I purchased an application (Quicken 2015) at the App Store, but it doesn't do what I need.  The vendor (Intuit) says it has a 60 day guarantee, but I need to go back to the vendor (the App Store in this case) to get a refund.  But I can't find any wa

Anyone know a calendar creator program / software for iMac/MacBook that works with Maverick?

Looking for a Calendar Creator type software that works with Maverick for iMac / MacBook. Please help.Quicken 2007 Quicken 2015 informationRead other 6 answers

Microsoft Money 2004

I have use Microsoft Money 2004 for many years.  I recently had a computer fail on me so I installed the program on a Windows 7 machine and have been using it there temporarily.  Now I have a laptop Windows 8.1 I want to use it on.  I make a backup f

Looking for a Personal Finance, Money Management program that works smoothly with Mac OS 10.9.4

I'm looking for something to break down my spending into categories and merchants so I can track where I'm spending and better control it.   Checked out Quicken first, but looks like Intuit is giving up on Mac integration.  Can someone experienced in

How do I access old files on Time Machine?

I am trying to go back far enough to get a data file that doesn't automatically get updated in Quicken.  I apparently have a corrupted data file that make Quicken 2015 crash every time I try to open it.  The problem started in October 2014 so I have


I have a simple script : act activactivate application "Quicken 2015" deladelay 1 tell ttell application "System Events"   key dowk       key down {control}   keystrok         keystroke "s"   key up {c       key up ontrol} en

Best Upgrade Strategy

Currently on 10.6.8 and have resisted upgrading because it runs great and handles Quicken 2006 For The Mac and several other programs that I use frequently. Now it looks like I will have to upgrade to 10.7 or higher just to use Turbo Tax this year. I

Microsoft Money 2004 UK crashes at startup

I see there are others who've bugged this via the feedback application, but does anyone have a work-around? DaveDave, I also have same problem with MSMoney & Win10 TPV Builds 10049 & 10061. Windows TPV Build 10049 running Microsoft Money crashes w

Will i lose some of my apps that maverick does not support

I went to download maverickand it said it would not support my apps like microsoft word, excel, and QUICKEN. DOES THAT MEAN I WONT BE ABLE TO USE THOSE APPS??Check to make sure your applications are compatible. PowerPC applications are no longer supp