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Reg:package code to refresh materialized views

i am new to pl/sql packages and procedures.i want it to execute for running mappings in informatica which takes 0 and gives 1 when executed successfully create or replace PACKAGE BODY pkg_refresh_mv as procedure prc_mv (p_mv_name varchar2) is begin d

How to Refresh materialized view

Hi, I am using 11G owb. I would like to know if any one can help me know if there is any easy to Refresh materialized view . I will be using this materialized view to source data from my maps. this map will be part of a process flow. i would like to

Refresh Materialized View in a package

Refresh Materialized View in a process. I have a USER2.Materialized view and when I want to refresh it I execute: execute dbms_mview.refresh('MV_FACT_SALES','C'); But I have the ETL process in a USER1.package The User1 needs any Materialized View Gra

Error While Creating Fast Refresh Materialized view.

Table Scripts: CREATE TABLE CONTRACT_MASTER   CONTRACT_SEQ                    NUMBER(10)    NOT NULL,   PDN                             CHAR(5)       NOT NULL,   APPID                           NUMBER(10)    NOT NULL,   CONTRACT_LOB_DESC             

Creation of fast refresh materialized view

Hi, I am creating fast refreshable materialized view.At that time i am getting error message ORA-12052: cannot fast refresh materialized view OPS$QDW.EMP_DEPT_MV I created log's also on that tables(emp,dept) Please Help me any body. I am using oracle