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Regex pattern, filter delimiter in sql code

Hi, The problem I'm having is that the regex pattern below is not catching the beginning "go" and ending "go" of a string. "(?iu)[(?<=\\s)]\\bgo\\b(?=\\s)" The idea is catching the "whole word", in this case the

Regex Pattern For this String ":=)"

Hello All True, this isn't the place to ask this but here it is anyway, if you can help please do. Can anybody tell me the regex pattern for this String: ":=)" Thanks JohnYep, cheers it's ":=\\)" public class Test {      public static

Java Regex Pattern

Hello, I have parsed a text file and want to use a java regex pattern to get the status like "warning" and "ok" ("ok" should follow the "warning" then need to parser it ), does anyone have idea? How to find ok that

Util.regex.Pattern documentation

The 1.5 documentation for util.regex.Pattern defines quantifiers that are greedy, reluctant, or possessive. The definitions of these quantifiers seem to be the same. For example, X?, X??, and X?+ are each defined as "X, once or not at all." Is t

Applying REGEX-pattern into XML File

I have the following problem: I have an xml-file. let's say... <NODE><NODE1 attr1="a1" attr2="a2">      <NAME> abc</NAME>      <VERSION> 1.0</VERSION> </NODE1> <NODE2 attr1="a3" at

Searching Site Content Using REGEX Patterns

Intent: Detect content in SharePoint 2013 lists and libraries that matches a REGEX pattern, like social security numbers. SharePoint 2013 only exposes KQL and FQL languages.  http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/office/jj163973.aspx I am comfortab

Regex - Pattern for positive numbers

Hi, I wanna check for positive numbers. My code so far: Pattern p = Pattern.compile("\\d+"); Matcher m = p.matcher(str); boolean b = m.matches(); But I don't know how to check for positive numbers (including 0). Thanks JonnyJust to make your lif

Creating a regex.Pattern for bulletin board tags

I'm making a BB code system and have a problem making my patterns do as I like. At least when they are nested. For example, I'm using the this pattern: \\[b\\](.*?)\\[/b\\]And I'm replacing it with this: <b>{0}</b>If I apply this to the text:

Regex pattern question

Hi, I'm trying to get my feet wet wtih java and regular expressions, done a lof of it in perl, but need some help with java. I have an xml file (also working through the sax tutorial, but this question is related to regex)that has multiple elements,

URL Links and Regex to Strip Tags

Hi guys. I have the following string String a = <c = "head">home buying</c>How can i and is it possible to incorporate "speach marks" within a regex hence being able to pick out only "home buying" as the result by

Regex Pattern help.

Me and my friend pedrofire, that�s probably around forums somewhere, are newbies. We are trying to get a log file line and process correctly but we are found some dificculties to create the right expression pattern. My log have lines like: User 'INEX

Ava.util.regex.pattern and * - + /

hi... i'm korean... so I can't speak english.. sorry..^^ but i hava a problem.. import java.util.regex.*; public class Operator /     public static void main(String args[])           String operator="/"; /////////////////////////////////////////

Regex for HTML tags

I would like to modify (enclose) the inner text of a td tag, such that: <td align="center">abc123</td> to become <td align="center">="abc123"</td> htmltext = htmtext.replaceAll("(<td\\b[^>]*

Regex Pattern Match in an extremely long string

I need to search a file containing 1 extremely long line (approximately 1 million characters), The pattern I want to search is "ABC" as long as it appears at least n times whatever user input as n. I need the position of where this pattern is fo

Regex pattern

I am using (?!^)\\b which produces all tokens and delimiters from a string.split(); I would like it to also separate a ');' pair into ')' and ';' Any way to modify my expression to do so?Always Learning wrote: I need help with regular expression patt

Regex pattern extraction

Hi, I want to know how regex can be used to extract a part of the sentece within tags. for eg, </p> example text </p> i want only the info within the /p tags. ie "example text" only. -Mani Message was edited by: a.mani24 Message was

Help in finding a regex pattern

Dear all REGEX Gurus.  We have a comma separated string like this: 132, 143, "222, 144, abc", 227, 888, "222#55#ab" As you might have guessed, this comes from excel when we save as CSV file, and when one of the columns in excel has the

Help with regex pattern matching.

Hi everyone I am trying to write a regex that will extract each of the links from a piece of HTML code. The sample piece of HTML is as follows: <td class="content" valign="top">      <!-- BODY CONTENT --> <script languag

What's the regex pattern for regular English chars and numbers ...

In Java String there is a matches(String regex) method, how can I specify the regex for regular English chars, I want it to tell me if the string contains non-English chars. The string is from an email, my application wants to know if the email conta

Regex pattern problem

G'day, I've been working my way through the Pattern API, and it's been working well for me so far, but I've stumbled on the following point: How do you represent the "[" or "]" literal characters? Basically the pattern I'm trying to ma