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My mid 2012 Macbook Pro get a 4HDD/11/40000000: Sata(0,0).I just upgraded to a samsung 850 evo 500 gb ssd and i used super duper to clone it?

I had no problems with my computer until someone told me to check apple's hardware test and now this code has me worried. Should I contact samsung about this and get a replacement drive or is it just apple doing it because its not from apple. One min

How to conduct a migration to clone my Mac Pro to I mac

Please help I need to try cloning my MacBook Pro again to my new IMac.Open the Applications/Utilities folder and launch the Migration Assistant application. This will allow you to transfer all of your files to your new iMac. You can use tools like Ca

.trash and super duper

This will be confusing but I will appreciate any advice. The apple genius was not sure he knew the answer so maybe someone here knows what I should do. I'm not sure it matters how this happened but it started with a failing hard drive and superduper.

Clone System to DVD?

Is it possible (or advisable) to clone a complete System volume to a DVD rather than an external HD (don't have one)? And,if so, is it necessary to use cloning software to do this, or could I just drag and drop the entire volumes to the DVD using Toa

Restoring data on new drive, time machine can't find old drive because it backed up my old clone drive instead. now what?

My hard drive failed on MB Pro 2008. i was able to start up using a super duper bootable clone on an iomega external drive (the clone was from 6 months ago unfortunately). once the computer started up, it saw the failed drive and i was able to retrie

Super Duper seems to be frozen

I bought a WD SE16 500 gig hard drive and used Super Duper to clone my original HD. But the progress bar has been stuck at "23.15 GB copied" for the last 30 minutes. Is this normal? This is my first time using Super Duper. Any advice would be gr

Super Duper and USB 2 external HD !!!!

hi guys I intend to buy an external Firewire HD soon... but we just had another baby and have to save some money... My question is: Can I use Super Duper to clone OSX to my USB 2 HD? Even knowing it won't be a bootable driver! But I believe it's bett

Super Duper w/Intel & G5/Time Machine

I have an Intel MacBook, a G5 iMac and an external fire wire. I would like to format the fire wire in APM? or GUID?, partition it into four blocks and then use Super Duper to clone each into its partition, finally run Time Machine into the third and

Can Super Duper Copy Boot Camp XP partitions?

i'm gona buy a new hard drive, and i want to use super duper to clone everything and pass it to the new drive, will the xp partition be cloned too?Hi and welcome to Discussions, Netrestore from Mike Bombich seems to be able to clone both. http://www.

How to Clone my Hard Drive

I just bought a new internal hard drive for my macbook (2006) I have an enclosure and am ready to install the new one. I've read through the discussions on cloning my old drive, but I'm still nervous about this process. (one of the most helpful so fa

Image processing - OutOfMemoryError

Hi, I have a question about image processing programs. I want to write an image processing program (more as an exercise), so far I have succeeded with a few steps. I am able to create a new document and display it's contents on screen. It's based on

Can I associate an existing TM backup with a new replacement hard drive?

Hi all. I have a Mac Pro and just added a new, larger and faster hard drive as my primary system drive. I used Super Duper to clone the original over to the new. All is working fine on that front. My question is as follows. I was using a Time Capsule

What to do when SLS - Lion Server Upgrade & Migration Fail

Hi everyone, I've had a tough time over the past week trying to updating my SLS to LS. (It was a slow week at the office so despite the warnings in these discussions I wasn't disturbing anyone, so I thought I'd try...) Both an upgrade to the current

How do I install a Lion Recovery Partition

I recently installed a new Hard Drive in my Early 2011 Macbook Pro, and I was wondering if there was any way I could out the Lion Recovery Partion on it. Thanks In AdvanceCCC Carbon Copy Cloner has a utility called "Disk Center" that is included

Help Please with moving files from an External HD to a New Hard Drive

OK My Powermac MDD's Hard Drive Needs Replacing, but before I replace it I was told to buy Super Duper software and backup my hard drive and the applications onto an external Hard Drive. I am going to go and buy another external Hard Drive tomorrow a

Snow Leopard and Lion on external hard drive

I successfully installed Snow Leopard on an external hard drive in one of the partitions.  I am also able to boot from the Snow Leopard on the partition, access the internet, get my email and have successfully installed Evernote. I am also able to ac

Tiger to Snow Leopard install and back up help

Hi all. First off I am a complete noob when it comes to Mac. I recently purchased a new imac with Snow Leopard and have been enjoying learning it. Out of the blue I had an opportunity to buy a late 2006 Macbook at a great price so I went for it. Its

My time machine back up drive is full and I need a bootable drive

I hope you can advise me I have a 1TB external drive which I am using to back up to with Time Machine. Apart from occasionally dismounting itself this is working fine. I am now considering upgrading to Lion and want to create a bootable copy of my sy

Need Help, Upgrade or Not? Do I just WANT or really NEED a new Macbook Pro?

Good day everyone, I love these forums, so much valuable input and information from you all. My question is, *should I upgrade* to a new 13" early 2011 Macbook Pro, from my present computer, an early 2008 white Macbook 4.1 with 4gig RAM, 180g SSD Ver

Help: Trying to back up data to reinstall OS X

HI All, My computer stopped fully starting up a while back, it would go into the blue background screen and the little progress indicator bar would go almost all the way to the right but then stop on either something "WIndows" or "Printing