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How to map secondry elements with main if have same ids for both?

I need to map secondry elements with its matching primary elements if they both have same id. How can this be achieved in xslt. If ids are not matching then not a single element of secondry sholud be shown. If ids matching, then other fields of secon

GeneralException Node(( Context path of node ): cannot bind or add element,

Hello all, Stack trace : GeneralException Node((<Context path of node>): cannot bind or add element, because it is already bound to a node I am trying to upload data from excel file in web dynpro context.In the process,  when I create and add  an el

ContextException : cannot bind or add element

Hi all, I can't find an answer to my problem. Hope you'll be able to Here are the facts : Context : I'm currently creating a TeamViewer for Managers to be able to select the employees they manage. For that, I have a table which lists them all, displa

Xslt: mapping different elements onto instances of an unbounded element

How can you map different elements onto sequential elements of an unbounded type? For example: <record> <tag1>abc</tag1> <tag2>def</tag2> <tag3>ghi</tag3> </record> onto <properties> <property name=

Add element in dropdown list dynamically

Hi All, I am facing a problem in adding item in a dropdown list dynamically. When i get dropdown list through IgetElementById get null. var list = document.getElementById("targetgroupname"); here list comes as null. Now I've to fill this list. I

Is there a way you can add elements dynamically to an existing array??

hey guys... i need to add elements to an array dynamically... how do i do that? for example... in one of my functions i do..      for each(var item:Object in fileList){           fileListArr.push(item); and in a later function i need to add one more

Mapping of element contains errors

Hi experts, I was doing a complex mapping for creating a Sales Order (Items, ItemsX, ...) Everything worked fine, I added 2 simple Types to the Data Type xsd file, redeployed and still worked. Now all of a sudden I can't seem to map anymore, with a p

Power Map Add IN to Trial Version of Office 365 Pro PLus

Hi I have downloaded the Trial of Office 365 Pro Plus and have also downloaded the Power Query Add in which I have also installed. However I can't install the Power Map add in as it says that I don't have the correct version of excel, but this is bec

How to add elements into Object[][] type of list, in runtime?

I have Object list, ie.     final Object[][] data = {         {"January",   new Integer(150) },         {"February",  new Integer(500) },         {"March",     new Integer(54)  },         {"April",     new Integer(-

Records Management - automaticaly add element to record

Hello, I try to add an element to a record using the bapi "bapi_record_addelement", but I get an error-message that the number of poid-parameters is not equal to those in the registry information. My ABAP-Code is the following: *& Report  Z_

In .java add elements to .jsp

Hello! I'm just beginning and can't understand one thing: When I create JSPDynPage, system create JSP and JAVA file - it's clear. Then I add elements to form in JSP, for example, Layout. Can I add, for example, row into that Layout in .java file?    

Dynamicall add element in Drop Down

There is one for in which drop down list is present. I want to add element dynamicall into drop down list when certain event is occurtrigger a Java script function at the end of the event which will add date into the combobox.Read other 2 answers

Install Power Map add-in for Excel 2013 without admin rights

Hello, I don't have administrator rights on my computer, and I would like to know if there is a way to install the Power Map add-in without it, e.g. via an xlam file in the add-ins menu, instead of trying to launch the exe file that you can download

Adding elements to a node: cannot bind or add element

Hallo, I want add emenents of my phases and subphases to a table, but I get this exception: ContextException: Node(RoadMapVIew.phase_subphase_table): cannot bind or add element, because it is already bound to a node The code is the following: int pha

Can I update Power Map add-in to May 2014 version ?

Can I update Power Map add-in to May 2014 version ? I want to use May 2014 version's Power Map. I'm Office 365 subscriber, and Office 365 ProPlus. My Power Map version seems to 12 Apr 2014. Regards, Yoshihiro KawabataIs it a Power BI subscription? Th

I want to install UI Map add on to Firefox 3.0

''locking - "owner" has created duplicate threads - more information provided here - https://support.mozilla.com/en-US/questions/788437'' UI map add on is not available in Mozilla website now. When i had checked few days back it was available. S

Reg:Road Map UI element

Dear All,         I am using Road Map UI element to display number of managers in a department.So i used Multiple Road Map Step and after fetching data of managers i am binding the table data to Multiple Road Map step. My requirement is  i need to hi

Add element in to bundle/unbundle Functions

In the Bundle/Unbundle functions, Add Element is adding the same element.no use of adding same (again need to Select Item).based on the Cluster order if labVIEW adds next element it is usefull. I typically just resize the bundle node.Read other 2 ans

Add element in Report Painter

Hi All, I am trying a add an element (to the individual/lowest level) in my existing report in 'GRR2'. If I do not explode, element is created as below image, If I explode, element is shifted to final level as below image, But I want the element to b

Is it possible to map every element in a node to differernt UI?

I'm trying to make some inputfields of every day for a month. At first, I thought I made only one value node with multiple cardinality, and add a value attribute, which mapped to every single inputfield. So the question is, do I have to make every si