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Problem with Date formatting

Hi Tim, I am facing some issues with formatting the date using XMLP. The following is the sample XML data file i am using: <LIST_G_HEADER> <G_HEADER> <QUOTE_HEADER_ID>1455</QUOTE_HEADER_ID> <QUOTE_NUMBER>2027</QUOTE_NUMBER

How can we give the Data Format (File Type ) in Runtime

Hi all, How can we give the Data Format (File Type ) in Runtime for the following method, cl_gui_frontend_services=>gui_download. Thanks in advance SriThere is a filetype parameter which you can set CALL METHOD cl_gui_frontend_services=>gui_download

Need to convert into date format

Hi all, I need to convert '2008-11-26T11:07:38-06:00' [YYYY]-[MM]-[DD]T[HH]:[MM]:[SS][TIMEZONE] in format 'YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM:SS'. Thanks in advance.> Thank you for your reply But it is giving me output as '26-NOV-08' And I want in format '2008-11-26 0

Changing date format at reporting level

Hello, Will u plz tell me how can i change the date format at reporting level? I want to display date in dd/mm/yyyy, but by default its showing mm/dd/yyyy. Delta is already loaded in the system, so i don't want to disturb regular data loading. Is the

How to convert the numeric to date format

HI ,      We have created the date KF and selected the data type as DEC-numeric or counter and add in the cube.       the data for this fields in the cube are in numerics like  734.504, but when we execute the report it is converted in to date format

How to get Date Format from Local Object.

Hi All, I am new to Web Channel. I need to know Date format From date of locale. suppose there is a date "01/25/2010" date in date field I want to get string "mm/dd/yyyy". Actually I have to pass date format to backend when I call RFC.

How to change default Date format in BO 6.5 SP4

A problem with date display has been reported to me by one of our users -  in BO 6.5 - since installing SP4. The default date format is now MM/DD/YYYY I have tried to recreate this on my PC and have been able to confirm that this is the case. Most of

Date format issue in oracle database

Hi, Back end : Oracle Front end : Forms 11g In our application we are facing issue with TO_DATE('DD/MM/YYY') Date format conversion. Example: TO_DATE(P_date,'DD/MM/YYYY') giving the result as 20-Dec-0009 In the above eg the Parameter P_dat

Problem with SQL*Loader and different date formats in the same file

DB: Oracle Database 10g Enterprise Edition Release - 64bi System: AIX Hello, I'm using SQL*Loader to import semi-colon separated values into a table. The files are delivered to us by a data provider who concatenates data from diffe

Problem with date format mask 'D'

I am experiencing an extremely thorny problem with the date format mask 'D'. I am trying to use it to check whether today is a Monday. The variable v_temp_day is set to sysdate. For the last 4 weeks the code has behaved erratically – giving a differe

Problem with date format when ask prompt web-intelligence

Bo XIR2 with 5 SP. Instaled on Windows 2003 with support Russian. Inside BO every labels, buttons - use russian. But when invoke web-report and Prompt appear there is problem with date format. Looks like korean format of date 'jj.nn.aaa H:mm:ss'.  I

Problem with Date format

Got one more problem Merilyn and Radhakrishnan... Regarding the soln y provided me earler with the thread "Problem with date format"... What is happening is....I am able to change the 2400 to 0000 but when it is changed from 2400 on jan 1st to 0

Problem with date format from Oracle DB

Hi, I am facing a problem with date fields from Oracle DB sources. The date format of the field in DB table is 'Date base type is DATE and DDIC type is DATS'. I mapped the date fields to Date characters in BI. Now the data that comes to PSA is in wei

Problem with date format dd/mm/yyyy. But I need to convert yyyy-mm-dd.

Dear friends, I have the problem with date format. I receiving the date with the format dd/mm/yyyy. But I can upload to MySQL only in the format of yyyy-mm-dd. how should I handle this situation, for this I've created these code lines.But I have some

No English language setting with European date formatting available

The English language setting in my iPod bought in Finland forces date format to the American MM/DD/YYYY style. There is no English language setting that would result in the European DD.MM.YYYY or DD/MM/YYYY format. Either making date formatting separ

OLE Automation , date formatting

Hi everybody, i have a problem with OLE automation for "date" formatting. The cell value is correct ( DD/MM/YYYY) , but in some cases the cell option is "Date" ( this is the correct option ) and in other cases the cell option is "

Date format in ALV report

Hi all, I want to change date format in ALV list that is displayed in wrong format. I use this piece of code: CALL METHOD r_alv_grid->set_table_for_first_display     EXPORTING       i_structure_name = 'ZSTANJEKOMISIONARA'       is_layout        = gs_

Date format is not working properly for Calender value help

Hi Experts, We have two problems. 1. We want to change the format of date displayed. We want format of dd-MMM-yy. For that we have created one Simple Type Dictionary Object with Displaying format dd-MMM-yy. It is working fine for the non editable UI.

Editable field in alv data format

i have a editable field on ALV which is of date format and i need when user enter a date the value will be updated in the database table . note that i am using alv list and the field catalog is of date format dat 8 the update is not done pleaseee hel

OAF changes Date Format

Hi I need to store a date into a flexfield. We have enabled the Flexfield and there is NO value set attached to it. This attribute is already in the VO as a varchar, so we have just added a new column into the page as data type Date and link it to th