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solaris 10 nfs share options


New files and folders on a Linux client mounting a Windows 2012 Server for NFS share do not inherit Owner and Group when SetGID bit set

Problem statement When I mount a Windows NFS service file share using UUUA and set the Owner and Group, and set the SetGID bit on the parent folder in a hierarchy. New Files and folders inside and underneath the parent folder do not inherit the Owner

Adding NFS Share to Mountain Lion Server

Alright, here goes. The company I work for has been using SL server for years and wanted to test a possible upgrade to ML server for NFSv4. Downloaded ML to test machine and ML server. I mounted it via server connector (nfs://blah blah..you get the i

How can a mount a NFS share exported from OpenBSD?

Hello Apple Discussions: I've been experimenting with NFS in a mixed OS environment, and have been successful exporting nfs share with tigerserver, and mounting it on both a powerpc linux system, and on a powerpc openBSD system. Likewise, I can expor

Custom NFS share point directory showing up on all network machines

Hi, I'm in the process of migrating our 10.4 PowerMac server to a Mac Pro (running 10.5). I've been trying to recreate our 10.4 server setup as much as possible and so far I've only come across one annoying issue. We have fink installed on the server

Launching xcode from nfs share (Ensure that Xcode.app is installed on a volume with ownership enabled)

Hi! We have mac mini (Yosemite) and NFS server under Ubnuntu 14.04. Also we have xcode resides on NFS share that mounted to mac. Problem: When I try launch xcode from nfs share I got error message: NSLocalizedRecoverySuggestion=Ensure that Xcode.app

Issue with special character in NFS shares

Hello, I run a Ubuntu 10.04 server for serving my files via NFS. I have no problems mounting the NFS shares in my iMac (OS X 10.6.3). I can access all files, even the ones containing special characters in their names. I can copy, create, move them wi