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Solaris 10_x86(64bit) VM --  ulimit changes do not survive a reboot

I originally resurrected an older abandoned thread: make ulimit changes permanent but a kind forum moderator has split my post away so that it stands on its own merits instead of distracting from that person's earlier issue. My issue is ... I am in n

EBS12 installation on sparc solaris 10 failing

hi ! Thanks to Hussein's great help I was able to make it work once but then I deinstalled it and now installing again from fresh but I can't get it to work , it keep failing with same error : Note: I am not recreating the staging area from scratch b

Problem with /etc/project in Solaris 10

Bonjour, I need your help to understand and have project work correctly under Solaris 10. What seems to be prety straight forward on paper doesn't work at all for me and can't figure why so! Obviously I'm trying to make it work for an Oracle user. I

Solaris installation - ORA-27302

Hi, I was trying to install the Oracle Collaboration Suite on a Solaris box. During the Information storage, I got the following error in the Oracle Database Configuration Assistant: ORA-27302: failure occured at: skgpwreset1 ORA-27303: additional in

Why ulimit  fails for stack size in Sol 10 update 11 with project settings?

Hi, The following command fails on Solaris 10 update 11 platform. It works fine with update 10. Something has changed in update 11. Any ideas? ulimit -Ss 1 (or any number for that matter) /bin/ksh: ulimit: exceeds allowable limit We have the followin

Solaris 10 - Restrict memory usage

Bonjour, I use Solaris 10 Release 6/06 on SPARC system. I need to restrict the memory usage for users. Unfortunately, for the moment, we can't increase the amount of RAM. So, in a first time, I decided to use projects and max-shm-memory. But, this is

Solaris 10 - Zones - Java Heap Allocation

I have a SUN T5240 running Solaris 10 with 2 zones configured. We have 64GB of RAM on board.... I am unable to start any of my JAVA applications/methods with more than 1280mb of java heap allocated. ulimit -a shows: time(seconds) unlimited file(block

Need of changing the default stack size permanently as reported by ulimit -

Hi All, In order to install proper 11gr2 on solaris 10 I need to make change of stack size permanently. My current ulimit -s is 8192 but according to the oracle 11g installation docs (Configure Shell Limits) they recommend you change the value report

Solaris Logical Disks (Filesystems) not being discovered. WinRM CIM_ERR_INVALID_CLASS Error.

Hello, currently I am testing the Solaris monitoring with different kind of Solaris servers. We have one single system, a RAC database cluster of two servers, and one "Global-Zone" server hosting a "Non-Global-Zone". We're using SCOM 2

Recommended file descriptors for Sparc Solaris

I'm moving an app from Linux to Sparc Solaris and the app keeps dying with a message of: java.net.SocketException: Too many open files. How many open files should weblogic have on a process level and on a system wide level? The sparc box has a standa

Solaris: Increase the swap space

Hi all, I am the developer, not the DBA, but actually should make some DBA-job. On our solaris server I should increase the swap space, but I don't know how to make this... From time to time I get the following error message in system log files: WARN

Ulimit -s  unlimited   E-biz 12

The O/S requirements have changed from 11i -> 12 with regards to the ulimits. the ulimit -s for 11i seems to be the same as for 10gR2 DB i.e ulimit -s => 32768 For Apps 12 the documentation has changed to ulimit -s unlimited. This is causing me some

Stdio - file descriptor limits - Solaris 10

Hi New to Solaris from HP-UX and we are porting an application. I run into a problem whereby we run out of file descriptors - application is TCP/IP and file I/O intensive. Sometimes it happens, sometimes not. It manifests itself as an error when call

Solaris TCP Tuning

If you are running Weblogic on Solaris you'll need to change some of the default TCP configuration parameters. Sun's default TCP settings are not correct for a web server. We noticed the server was stalling during certain peak periods. netstat showed

DI on Solaris erratic behavior

While executing jobs on Solaris, various dataflows are failing inconsistenly with a similar message to the one below (11.7) 11-12-08 15:13:40 (E) (17833:0001) RUN-050406: |Session JOB_NOMIS_MIS_Load_D|Workflow C_WF_OFFENDER_MOVEMENTS|Workflow WF_FACT

Solaris 11 boot failure on OVM 3.1.1

Hi, I follow these steps whatever is mentioned in the release notes : 1. At boot, edit the grub menu: append the -kd kernel boot parameter. This runs the Solaris kernel debugger. 2. In the kernel debugger, enter the following commands: [0]> ::bp pcpl

Solaris 9 32-bit application 256 descriptors

Hi, There is a bug in Solaris, a 32-bit application running on 64-bit Solaris cannot open more than 256 descriptors. I read the article from Giri Mandalika http://developers.sun.com/solaris/articles/stdio_256.html. There is a solution for Solaris 10

How can I set a cputime Hard limit on solaris 9 ?

I have few processes, which starts taking CPU on solaris machine, I want to set the Hard limit for time for this process, how can I do that ? I tried doing this with "ulimit -H 10" command but it gives me below error "/usr/bin/ulimit[8]: ul


Hi, I need to increase the open files on my server to run a test. Usually what I do is: ulimit �n 5000 My questions are: 1] I want to set this parameter once and for all. What is the right parameter to set in /etc/system: rlim_fd_max or rlim_fd_cur?

File Size limit of Solaris 7

Hi All. A quick, and probably easy question. What is Solaris 7 File size limit? I have seen a kbase saying that its 2gib for Solaris 2.x but this was dated in 1997. Has it changed? I have looked around the sun site and not come across it. TIA Phillip