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South Dakota School District Boundaries


No iPhone in South Dakota

Okay, I've been waiting for quite some time to get a local number / coverage from AT&T in South Dakota. Sioux Falls is the largest community in Sioux Dakota, second is the black hills community / Rapid City. These are some six hours apart. So, the re

When is VZW going to be in service on the AT&T tower at Crazy Horse Memorial in South Dakota?

The AT&T tower has been up and running for at least 9 months now and Verizon service is miserable in that area.  A Verizon rep told me they would "be on the tower soon."  9 months should be soon enough.  What gives?  Is VZW too cheap to pay

Retrieve values from database

Hi, one of the search form contains the select option for country , state and distributor type. the country drop down has 2 values - US and canada the conditions needed to be satisfied are : (1) if the country selected is US - then the states dropdow

Multiple Filtering of Nested Data Set Spry

Hi, I am trying to use multiple filters on a nested data set using Spry but it does not work, no matter how many times I've re-read the code and verified that I'm using the code the right way. What is going on? When I use a single non-destructive fil

PHP Form Question (Again...)

Sorry for all these questions on PHP validations and such, but I know you all enjoy helping! Anyway - I'm using this bit of PHP code to keep the user's input inside the textfields and textboxes when the page is refreshed due to any errors being on th


Question, Can anyone think of a reason why when I put a CFFORM tag and CFINPUT tag on a page, before the page even loads it prompts for a username and password for the ColdFusion administrator? It's CF MX 6.1. Additionally, if you bypass the user/pas

How to properly order form data?

I have a form to collect data for a price quote (printing & direct mail).  When I convert the collected data to a .CSV file, the data is not in the same order.  How do i tell my form to postback data in the same order? Here is the code (this site wou

Chained LOVs in portal using Javascript

Has anyone gotten this to work in portal forms. I have an LOV in a form based on a table and when the user selects a value in LOV 1 it should populate the LOV2 item with the corresponding values. Please note that the time it takes to refresh using th

Show-Hide element in Dreamweaver CS5

Please can you tell me why when I validate a web page I get the following error when using the Show-Hide behaviour.  The error is only reported for the first use of the feature and no of the others.  I don't understand. Line 239,         Column 235: 

Albums and sub-albums

I would like to create an album ie: South Dakota and inside that heading I would like to list the places we have been ie: Mt. Rushmore, Spearfish Canyon, Reptile Gardens etc. Can this be done? I tried to make sub-albums but did not see a way. Thanks,

A virus wiped out my hard drive. and now i have an empty library. how do I put files from iPod back into my library?

Why is my library empty once reloading iTunes on 'repaired' PC? How do I get all my music from iPod to Library?Pierre, South Dakota?  If so that's awesome.  Go South Dakota! Anyways, the first thing you can do is transfer your iTunes purchases from y

Halo: Reach Midnight Openings

Top Secret: For Best Buy® Gamers Only. Here's the store list for the Midnight release of Halo: Reach. Enjoy! [Stores accurate as of 8/16] ALASKA ANCHORAGE AK ALABAMA MOBILE AL HUNTSVILLE AL MONTGOMERY AL OXFORD AL ALABASTER AL FULTONDALE AL TUSCALOOS

Macbook Pro shutting down. Hardware error code 4MEM/62/40000000:0x7f537f90

Macbook Pro shutting down. Not the same action making it shutdown. Anywhere from being online to attaching a photo to an email to working in Word or Photoshop. Even after it's closed and not being used. I come back to it being shut off and saying it

Getting Started by Planning

I know that it is important to plan before you start, but I have questions on how to go about the project before I can plan. 1)  I want to create learning objects for math where I show how to work a problem down the left side of a page (with Adobe Ca


What is WSDL for? I want to use it 4 filtering request, can i? How about filter servlet? Where can i learn WSDL & it gives a lot of example??Hey, Rene. I'm so sorry, I thought that maybe it was only the North Carolina Targets that had pulled them.May

Lightroom bug with GPS in raw files with XMP

I'm quite sure I've stumbled upon a bug in Lightroom.  I look in my XMP file and I see my GPS info:    38,53,25118N    77,1,90390W But in lightroom, it loads the coordinates as: +58° 52' 25.00", -82° 14' 53.00" Now I was thinking something was j

HELP!  Pre is crashing when I try to delete clips - project due in 4 hrs

I have a 20 min SD video that I need to cut down to 10 minutes - I am trying to remove clips from the beginning of the project, but after I delete 1 clip, pre crashes - what to do??  EricSorry I was a little sleepy - I'm using Windows 7 Steve.  Yes I

Error when compiling servlet

I have this error and don't understand exactly what it means. Any advice on where to look to research it? I tried typing in the exception itself and even wrapper, but am not getting anything that explains to me why it happened and how to fix it. [cod


TO ANYONE WHO CAN HELP, I accidently left my laptop case with my macbook in my car today. The problem is, I live in South Dakota and it's really cold outside. I just now realized I had forgot it in there, so it's been in the cold for a good 7.5 hours

I know nothing about XML-RPC-Plz help

First of all let me tell you that I am fairly new to XML and XML-RPC and how to parse and manipulate it in java. So please prepare yourself for some stupid questions and spare me for that;P. Here is my task, which I still have no exact idea that how