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I have manipulated a photo using layers etc and then flattened it and saved it under a new name.  When I use 'Preview' (mac) to view the finished photo it doesn't look right.  It's as the layers have not flattened correctly.  When viewed in Elements 12 it

I have manipulated a photo using layers etc and then flattened it and saved it under a new name.  When I use 'Preview' (mac) to view the finished photo it doesn't look right.  It's as the layers have not flattened correctly.  When viewed in Elements

Convert LiveCycle PDF to work in Preview-Mac OSX

I have a PDF form created in Adobe LiveCycle Designer ES 9.0 and need it to be converted to open and work using a Mac.  Mac's built in PDF viewer is Preview. When I open this PDF in "Preview", I get the "Please wait-" message. But in A

Yosemite upgrade; apps won't open. (Preview, Mac App Store, Mail, iPhoto)

I recently updated to Yosemite on my 13" 2011 MacBook Pro, but now the Mac App Store, iPhoto, Mail, and Preview won't open. I tried restarting numerous times and resetting the PRAM, but to no avail. Any help would be greatly appreciated!Install or Re

HT2506 Change the Thumbnail view in Preview (Mac)

Hi everybody! I am wondering if there is the chance to change the thumbnails view  in order to display pdf pages on two or more columns, the same as in acrobat it is increasing or decreasing the size of the thumbnail window or zooming in/out in the s

Preview mac link

No puedo crear Links que vinculen a otra página en vista previa MavericksHello, I am having a hard time signing in to my skype account and my email thats on my account is an old email that I can no longer sign on to in order to change my password, wh

Rumor - adobe to preview mac universal apps next week

Rumor of Adobe CS3 apps Will be interesting to see if Freehand is mentioned in any way, shape or form.quote: If it were simple you'd hope that Adobe would make a recompiled Freehand update (and other potentially orphaned programs) free for users. The

Preview and Mac Mail not working after upgraded to 10.4.11

Hello, I just upgraded to 10.4 everything works fine, after I upgraded to 10.4.11, I find funny noice on my hard drive and preview, mac mail is not working. Trashing the preference is not working. Urgent help please. Thank you BennyThere are no guara

Why can't I open my .ai file on a Mac that I made on a Microsoft Windows pc?

I am using a trial version of Adobe Illustrator CC 2014 on a Microsoft Windows 7 pc at work and neither my teacher nor myself could open the .ai file on Macs? Was that a fluke or more likely a recurring problem and is there a solution?Try saving the

Kernel panic when viewing PDFs in Preview

Hello. I have recently been digitizing documents to my Macbook Pro. When I try to open the resulting PDFs, my Macbook has a kernel panic and restarts. When I open the PDF, Preview has trouble displaying it properly. It looks corrupted. Zooming out se

Add signature image to pdf preview

I have a medical practice where pdf's are created in a browser window to preview. I'm looking for a way to add an image of my signature to the pdf prior to printing. Currently I have to download to desktop and open with Preview (mac) or Foxit (pc) -

Plug ins for Preview (Leopard)

Are there any plug-ins (or scripts) for Preview? I want to add an image or a text field to a PDF. (OSX 10.5.8)Hi Terry, limited built-in editing... http://www.ehow.com/how_2143015_pdfs-preview-mac-osx-leopard.html Couple of free PDF tools... http://s

Why does my Preview app keep shutting my computer down?

For weeks now I've been reporting this issue to Apple but so far I haven't had any response or update fixes.  When I click on a picture file Preview attempts to open the file but then quits or shuts the computer down.  Any help with this? Here is a p

Preview Color Management broken? Profile not applied?

Hi all, I've come upon an inconsistency and wondered if anyone else is having this issue? I profiled my Xerox Color Laser Printer. When I print out of Photoshop CS 4 my prints look great. If I print out of Preview (Mac OS X 7.5), the colors are not c

Preview 4.1 Markup

Hi, I'm trying to highlight a pdf in preview, but when I go to tools on the menu bar and hover over markup all the options are gray, I can't select them to use them. How do I activate markup?http://www.ehow.com/how2143015_pdfs-preview-mac-osx-leopard

Can you add up front size at Preview?

Preview is a very useful application on OS X, for example, when I am previewing a .doc document, can I increase the preview's font size? command++ does not work.Hello there, AveMaleficum. The following Knowledge Base article offers up the steps for z

Kernel Panic - Don't Know What From

I just experienced a very frustrating kernel panic, while I had a bunch of unsaved work open. I'm using Apple's current top-of-the-line MacBook Pro (15" retina display, 2.6 GHz), running OS X 10.9.2. My work involved MS Excel and Powerpoint, as well

Kernel panic macbook pro 15 late 2013

Hello I have a Macbook Pro 15, late 2013 Retina, and I found in the last month on two occasions with unexpected blockage in my computer, grey, restart and subsequent error message screen. In none of the two occasions I was performing tasks that deman

Fix for FACEBOOK's Compression

Hi! I've created a piece of vector-artwork in ILLUSTRATOR (CC), looks WoW! Once my .png uploaded to FACEBOOK, it has lots of artifacts and looks pretty bad, compared to my original file. I read several articles in order to fix the problem, but nothin

Picture in PDF broken in Adobe Acrobat Reader for Windows

Hi, I always thought that Adobe's PDF-format is the ultimative, interchangeable file format. Well, what a surprise: it isn't: I have a picture in a PDF document. It is displayed fine on my Mac in Preview and in Adobe Acrobat 8. The picture has severe

What can I do to edit and add or delete PDF document

I do not use many functions of acrobat PDF except converting word document into PDF or vice versa. Recently, I have a document in PDF format with pages of writing. What do I if I want to edit the document in PDF format, and to add or to delete certai