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Issue on Cisco Unity Connection after performing 'utils ntp restart'

Hello everybody. There's a client with Cisco Unity Connection After doing a 'utils ntp restart', the following message showed up: Communication is not functioning correctly between the servers in the Cisco Unity Connection cluster. T

NTP Status: Clock is unsynchronized

I have been having issues with a 3750X Stack that is not synchronizing with our NTP server. I have tried adding and removing the NTP server but it does not help. We are running Version 15.2(1)E. Any suggestions would be great! Thanks!Daniel, Thanks f

Utils auditd status question

When I run utils auditd status from the CLI it says that auditd is stopped.  I've configured auditing via Serviceability GUI. The command line reference for utils auditd status is: utils auditd: This command enables, disables, and provides the status

CiscoWorks: Compliance job to find NTP status in switches?

Hi, We have about 4000 switches in our estate, and we want to find from CiscoWorks that which devices are not configured with correct NTP source. Is it possible to run a compliance job in CiscoWorks to findout that which switches "clock is unsynchron

Cisco IOS NTP: "show ntp associations" versus "show ntp status"

what is the difference of the commands "show ntp ass det" and "show ntp status" ? these commands differs on the referenced time source. switch#sh ntp ass detail Load for five secs: 17%/4%; one minute: 20%; five minutes: 20% Time source

Timezone in ntp status

Hi Please find below the output of "show ntp status" command on a NTP Server & client Routers. NTP Server Clock is synchronized, stratum 2, reference is nominal freq is 250.0000 Hz, actual freq is 250.0001 Hz, precision is 2**18

Shell Script CONCSUB Utility Completion Status

Hi All , I'm trying to call a concurrent program from a shell script using CONCSUB utility. Is there a way to wait for the concurrent program to be completed in the shell script and get the RETCODE value which the concurrent program is returning? My

Access Airport Utility from Status Bar?

Hello - is there any clever way to enable access of "Airport Utility" from the WIFI Icon in my status bar (top right toolbar)? The WIFI icon has option "open network preferences" but nothing to open Airport Utility. If I hold the optio

Util File - Status codes

Hi, I am reading in a flat file using util file. I need to check if the file exists and need to differentiate between a read error and end of file. Where can I find these status codes.................Where can I find these status codes...............

NTP Syncronization to Microsoft DC

Hi, all, I want to sync time for CUCM 6.0(1) by NTP from windows Domain Controller, which in turn runs NNTP service. That's why I've configured DC's IP address (A.B.C.D) in CUCM OS Administration interface, which says 'The NTP service is accessible'

NTP server error

Hi All I have problem in NTP server I configured my Domain server as ntp server when add the ntp server in the cucm 7 Pub by ip of my domain server (  the status showing  "The NTP service not accessible". I login the ssh to the call

UCCX 8.5 HA NTP issues (virtual servers)

Hello, I'm working with an UCCX HA server that is having NTP issues. It reports that it is synchronized, but at stratum 16, which is considered to be unsynchronized. Also, it's always exactly 3 seconds off. I'm not sure if this is related, yet, but e


RTMT is porting the following from my Publisher and both Subscribers. At Wed May 28 15:10:11 BST 2014 on node; the following SyslogSeverityMatchFound events generated:  SeverityMatch : Critical MatchedEvent : May 28 15:10:04 dbs-cm-donpu

NTP alert in logs

We have a critical NTP alert in the logs. UCCX is configured to pull NTP from CUCM1(primary) and CUCM2(sub). It is failing to pull time from CUCM2. I haven't done a "utils NTP restart" yet because I wasn't sure if it would affect service.CUCM2 h

NTP error in RTMT of CUCM 8.6(2a) VM

Hello We have migrated and upgraded an existing CUCM to 8.6(2a) on UCS using ESXi 4.1. Everything seems to be fine exept that we are getting Syslogs in RTMT that are stating that there is something wrong with NTP (see Syslog message below). At Sun Oc

CUIC not synchronizing with NTP server

Hi all, I am working with a customer who has CUIC 8.0(4) Recently, we installed the RTMT tool in the Operations Console and noticed an alert indicating the server is not synchronizing with NTP. After running the command "utils ntp status", I got

Connectivity issues for random phones in CUCM 8.6 on Vmware

I have a client that has problems with around half of there ip phones (6921 & 7945) after a situation with overheating in the serverroom.  The solutions was a 1 Publisher, 1 subscriber setup with each on a separate Vmware server.  The Publisher is co

RTMT Allerts

For RTMT alerts is it possible when monitoring a centralized system to configure the alerts to actually tell what devices in what locations are having the issues?  Or do you have to go in to the monitoring tool to find this out? Thanks.First thing is

Cucm 7.1.3 cisco DB down on Publisher

Dear Experts, Database communication error while login into Publisher admin.and from subscriber i can see in unified reporting CM Cluster overview active services status A cisco DB down on Publisher cucm version 7.1.3 1 publisher and 1 subscriber on

CUCM 7.0 Suscriber Error!!!!

Hello Guys,                 I keep getting this error below when I try to install the subscriber on a CUCM 7.0 cluster. What is going on here????                Unable to set the system clock using the NTP server on the first node in the cluster. Ver