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VLC Not Displaying Chinese Subtitles


Chinese subtitle not showing on Apple TV

My ATV2 doesnt display Chinese subtitle on the movie rented but i see Chinese subtitle in Preview. How come?if the media support subtitles the it display them if language in the atv language settings is set to the language so if one choose to have en

About chinese subtitle

I rent a movie and download it from Taiwan iTunes store on my PC iTunes. It shows three chinese languages from subtitle choices on my PC and it works fine displaying chinese on PC iTunes. But when i do family sharing it to Apple TV 3 on TV, Apple TV

Need help in Displaying Chinese Character in JSF

Hi. Good Morning! I'm having problem with displaying Chinese Characters in JSF. I've tried placing all the chinese words in the *.properties file however it doesn't work.. The result in the browser is something like this. ���� ��������� ���� ��������

Displaying chinese characters in browser

Dear sirs, I am having the following issue in chinese internationalization.when i stored the JSP form parameters(typed in chinese) in database,it stored some kind of junk characters ....and when i displayed ,they showed like SMALL SMALL tables.... in

How to display chinese in applet?

I am using an english Win2K and IE6.0. In accessing a web site, the applet couldn't display chinese, instead, it displays little squares. What settings do I need to change? Or is it possible? Thanks.hi I would recommend that you read the following ar

Ip phone 7911 Line Text Label can't display chinese

My customer use Callmanager version, Already install cm-locale-zh_CN- file in the callmanager. ip phone setting user locale select chinese. customer want to display chinese name in phone, i found Directory Number Confi

Chinese Data Fields not displaying Chinese Characters

Hi There, Wonder if someone can help. We are currently running reports in Crystal 8.5 but are in the process of upgrading our business systems to latest version and this includes converting all our Crystal 8.5 reports to Crystal Reports XI R2 SP4. Du

How to display Chinese in AWT (Urgent!)

I have to problems, My computer is Win2K Traditional Chinese I try to run an application which Display chinese characters on the component of AWT. Although the application can run and can display correctly, there are exceptions. It throws the followi

Problems in displaying chinese characters with utf-8 encoding

Hi, I got problem in displaying chinese characters in my web application. I am creating a web application supporting both English and Chinese charaters. What I am trying to do is: 1. storing some chinese characters via a web page (page1) into databas

Displaying Chinese characters in SQL*Plus

DB version: 11.2 OS Version : AIX 6.1 DB characterset:AL32UTF8 To display chinese characters in SQL*Plus, I did the following: $ export LANG=zh_CN.UTF-8 $ export LC_ALL=zh_CN.GB2312 $ export NLS_LANG="SIMPLIFIED CHINESE_CHINA.ZHS16GBK" $ $ sqlpl

Cannot Input and Display Chinese Characters by using ODBC Applications

Dear all, I am trying to input the Simplified Chinese Characters in the Oracle Database Ver 9.2 running on a UNIX AIX server. The client application we are using is th MS Access 2003 running on a MS Windows XP English version SP 2 without multi-langu

Netbeans Issue: Servlet do not display Chinese UTF-8 properly

Netbeans Issue: Servlet do not display Chinese UTF-8 properly Java Version: JDK1.5.0_01, JRE1.5.0_01 (International version) Netbeans Version: Netbeans IDE 4.0 OS: Windows XP Personal Edition Dear Sirs, First at all thanks for reading this post. I am

Display Chinese in JEditorPane

Hi, I've a problem in displaying Chinese characters in Applet using JEditorPane. The java codes like this: JEditorPane editorPane = new JEditorPane(); editorPane.setEditable(false); editorPane.setContentType("text/html; charset=big5"); try { URL

Display Chinese Word In Crystal Report's Cross-Tab

Hi all, I am trying to display chinese word in my cystal report. It can be display correctly in detail, page header or formula. But when come to cross-tab, it just will show some funny symbol on it. any idea? i am using Crystal report xI release 2. T

Display Chinese Character in SQLPLUS

Anyone have any idea how to display a chinese character from the database? Is it possible to display from sqlplus. nullIt is possible to display Chinese characters in SQL*Plus. The reference manual at http://www.oradoc.com/ora817/server.817/a76966/to

Display Chinese character in iText

hi all I need to display Chinese character in my pdf file I have iTextAsian.jar on my libraries , but the Chinese character did not show up nested1.addCell(new Phrase(chinessname));I download freetype-2.1.10, and I get ./configure --enable-static ./c

Display chinese character HTML in iPS3sp3

Hi there, I am using iPS3sp3 and I modified it so that JSP can display chinese character correctly. But somehow I still can not display the chinese character in normal HTML.For instance, I put chinese character in Ldap.properties file but when user g

Display Chinese/Japanese Character

I upgraded my PC from Windows XP to Windows 7 recently, and after installing the latest iTunes, I notice that it cannot display chinese/japanese characters. Is there any setting in iTunes or Windows to correct this?Have your tried googling

How can i display chinese character in asp?

---windows2003 ---iis6.0 ---oracle92010 ---oo4o oracle character set is we8mswin1252 sqlplus display chinese character normally. when i export the oracle table into microsoft excel,the excel can display chinese character normally. but when i write co

JEditorPane -- displaying chinese characters in browser

Is it possible to display chinese characters in an applet in a browser, I have read Jaric S.'s article on it.. but it is a little confusing.. however without doing any of that coding I have chinese showing up on one machine in IE, but not on any othe