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SmartScreen Filter in Internet Zone - Use it or not?

The SCM 3.0 recommends that SmartScreen filter be enabled for: Locked-Down Trusted Sites Zone Locked-Down Intranet Zone Locked-Down Internet Zone Locked-Down Restricted Sites Zone Locked-Down Local Machine Zone Local Machine Zone I do not find a reco

Cant install QuickTimeInstaller.exe or iTunesSetup.exe and IE9 SmartScreen Filter reports the program is not commonly downloaded and is not signed by its author. I run it anyway, but "is not a valid Win32 application". Tried Firefox

I followed the Article TS1406 (recommended solution) on both a Windows 7 OS and an Apple OS, tried Safari and Firefox, tried using 'Upgrade ITunes' button on my old version of iTunes, then uninstalled ITunes, then QuickTime, now can't install either

My company's legitimate websites have been blocked by SmartScreen

Hi guys, I have quite a serious problem going on at the moment. My company's legitimate websites have been blocked by Internet Explorer's "SmartScreen" and our end users are complaining. The two sites in question are: http://www.endeavour.edu.au

Freezing on Win7 Home Premium x64 with Flash Player 11.5.500.85

I have the same browser freezing problem with both 11.4.402.278 and the 11.5 beta on two identical HP DV9700T Laptops running Windows 7 Home Premium x64.   Loading pages with flash cause the browser to hang.  If I kill the flash process the browser r

Issue with IE8, during login to Oracle Apps 11.5.9 front end

Hi, One of the user is getting below error message window in IE8, when he tries to login to Oracle Apps 11.5.9 front end, with his username and password: "Errors on this webpage might cause it to work incorrectly. Element not found Common2_2_24_2.js

Internet Security Settings in Windows 7

I am running Windows 7 and Internet Explorer 11. I am trying to find a listing of the recommended settings for the Security section under Internet Properties. I have found several listings for the Advanced section, but not Security. Can anyone guide

Downloading iTunes 10.5 in Windows IE9 on Virtual machine causes error message

I am using an iMac running OS 10.6.8. I have Fusion V 3.1.3 installed, where I have a Virtual Machine with Windows 7 Home Edition installed. I also have a HP laptop with same windows 7 installed. My problem has recently started where on the Virtual m

Internet Security: Linux in Fusion

I have Intego Internet Security Barrier for OS X and Bitdefender for Windows in Boot Camp and I hope Fusion. I also have Linux installed an a Fusion virtual machine. I know Linux has a generally good security rputation but am not familiar with Linux

Problems with security scan on iCloud Download, what am I doing wrong?

I can get the entire download to go onto my computer but when it goes to run the system scan is says cannot be downloaded.  It says, "smartscreen filter couldn't check this program".  How do I fix this so it can finish downloading onto my PC?Wha

Bex Broadcaster can't click past OK in variable assignement

Hi All, Form the portal Broadcast settings in general precalculation settings when I try to change variable values selection from that actual screen I can't click past ok after selecting the variable. we are BW 7.02 and on IE8 from reading some posts

Problem with websites security certificate on localhost to access Highpoint RAID management

Hi, I'm having a problem accessing the RAID management tool (which is browser HTTPS based) as I am presented with the the message that there is a problem with the servers security certificate (this is on https://localhost:7402/) I click continue to t

In the filter scheme driver, how to i get the filename in open() or handleOpen ()

I want to implement filter scheme driver to monitor and prevent file open or read calls based on certain rules. For this I would need file name, user name and application process name. I did not find a way to extract this information. Any hint would

AND/OR + some nulls in filter

I'm running into another problem with the AND/OR filter. The filter for selecting from object "a" and joining to objects b, c & d is: (b.theid==2 || c.theid==2 || d.theid==3) && active=="Y" The SQL that gets generated is: S

Jabber Windows - no phone control with LDAP Custom filter

I am unable to control the desktop phone from the Jabber 9.1 Windows client when the CallManager LDAP Directory uses a Custom Filter. Has anyone else experienced this? If I set the LDAP Custom Filter to <none> and save, then Desktop Phone control wo

In ALV Report Filter selection should be case sensitive

Dear All, since one field is case sensitive in database table , i have to fetch that in alv report , but when i am applying  filter on that field its is simply fetching data with case description.  if its in caps it should fetch caps data but in   sm

My Mac is bypassing a website filter... How can I stop it?

I am a computer technician at our local high school. Right now, the school has about 800 Dell computers, but we are planning on introducing a few Macintosh labs within the next school year. Since they lack educational value, the school district's dir

How to use one Filter Pane to multiple Dataproviders

Hi Experts. i have checked the threads on this but i did not get correct solution. we have issue in using single Filter pane web item in WAD for three different dataproviders ( three dataproviders have same free charecteristics and variable) charecte

How to use property of dimension to filter the 2nd dimension in Allocation?

Hi experts, How do we use a property of one dimension to filter out the members of another dimension in allocation script engine? eg of two dimensions 1.)Entity dimension - (entity dimension)   memberset:                                        Channe

How can I create a filter for an exact set of characters?

Hello! I am setting up a filter to catch messages with GG in the subject. Sometimes this will be at the beginning of the subject (no space at the front) and other times it will be somewhere in the middle. The problem I'm having is that this filter ca

Lightroom 5 Beta – Radial Filter | What's New in Lightroom 5 Beta | Adobe TV

Learn how easy it is to apply local adjustments including modifications to exposure, contrast, sharpening and more, using the new non–destructive Radial filter in Lightroom. http://adobe.ly/ZpT4bBJust keeps getting betterRead other 2 answers