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Windows 10 vs Ubuntu 15


Could use help dual booting windows 8 and ubuntu 13.04

I have a Lenovo G580 with windows 8 + Ubuntu 13.04 installed. I've been trying to get Dual-boot to work for the past few hours with no success. I've been following this guide. After setting up the partitions similar to the ones in the guide i downloa

Changing Boot Order on Dual Boot Windows 8 and Ubuntu

Hi there, Recently got a HP Pavilion g6 2213sa which came with Windows 8 (spit!) and this disgusting UEFI BIOS replacement (double spit!). Anyway, I need to dual boot Ubuntu on my system, so I installed Ubuntu. Normally, on a non UEFI system, a "Grub

Printers in RDP Windows 2012 and Ubuntu Linux

Computer 1. Windows Server 2012 Std with RDP Terminal Server Computer 2. Ubuntu Linux 13.04 with RDP client Remmina and HP LaserJet 1020 Printer Computers isn't located in one local network. When I connected to the Windows by RDP - I couldnt see any

How to have Firefox use same bookmark file when running on either Windows XP or Ubuntu (dual boot desktop)

Recently installed Ubuntu 10.04 on my desktop in a dual-boot configuration with Windows XP. (Ubuntu is awesome !) I can run Firefox on either OS - each version maintaining its own bookmark file. Is there any way to have each version of Firefox look i

Dual Boot Windows 7 with Ubuntu

Hello! I am Vasanth. my laptop is HP Pavilion g6 2016tx. it runs on Windows 7 Home Basic! My college have given me a project on Linux OS and i want to Dual boot that with Win 7. I dont have other computer to do my project. so, Is it safe to partition

I have a dual boot with Ubuntu 10.10 and Windows 7, with linked profiles. When I upgraded to 4.0, my tabs and settings would show in Windows, but not Ubuntu. How do I fix this?

This worked when I first installed and booted in Ubuntu. When I booted in windows, my tabs which were open in Ubuntu opened in Wndows. But, when I booted back into Ubuntu, all of my tabs and pinned tabs were gone, as well as the firefox button. My bo

HP ENVY desktop 700-215xt dual boot Windows 7 and Ubuntu

My brother purchased a new HP ENVY 700-215xt with Windows 7 Home Premium from HP. I tried to set up a dual boot with Ubuntu. After the installation, the system still boots to Windows 7.  I called HP support and was told if I do this it will void the

Windows 8 and Ubuntu 14.04 - error recovery F11.

Help please at least someone. There HP Pavilion 15-p010sr installed on it from the factory Win 8, next to her, I installed ubuntu 14.04, ubuntu install a boot loader grub2. Everything worked fine but then fails and the loader completely broke, do not

Can I install windows XP and Ubuntu in macbook pro ? (without using virtual machine )

Hi, I am planning to buy new Apple Macbook Pro with i5 processor , 2.4 GHZ , 500GB HDD , 4GB RAM. I want to know can I install ubuntu and windows XP on this Mac ? I don't want to use VMWare (virtual machine) software to install these OS. When system

How to maintiain windows in workspaces (Ubuntu) after program / computer restart

This is another variation of a question I asked over at Ask Ubuntu, though couldn't get an answer: http://askubuntu.com/questions/580351/maintaining-windows-in-workspace-after-program-restart I ask the same question here, though also this one: could

Accidentally wiped out windows while installing Ubuntu.

Recently I bought a laptop at Best Buy (Lenovo Ideapad N586) and used a upgrade offer to upgrade to Windows 8. Today I installed Ubuntu and intended to dual boot but I screwed up and accidentally wiped the drive during the install. The laptop did not

Connecting to windows vm in ubuntu

Hi, I am a new user so apologies in advance if I am breaking any protocols. I have a VM instance running and now I want to connect to it. I found this tutorial quite useful in this regard: http://azure.microsoft.com/en-us/documentation/articles/virtu

Recovering windows 7 after ubuntu 10.10 install

Hi, I tried dual boot and installed ubuntu 10.10 ,but after the ubuntu install i couldnt use windows 7. I have installed windows in a different partition and i can see the windows partition, but when the system boots I could not see any option which

I need to create a default profile that would install a home page and bookmarks for newly created users. It needs to be the same for Windows 7 and Ubuntu 12.04.

Running a mix of Windows 7 Professional (64-bit) and Ubuntu 12.04 (32-bit). When a new user is created and logs in on either platform, I need that user to get a profile with a standard, predefined home page and set of bookmarks.Use a .cfg lock file a

JMStudio - Windows to Linux (Ubuntu 9.10) Help

Hi All, I'm using JMStudio application to stream an audio file from Windows, using broadcast (x.x.x.255 port 8764) Running JMStudio in another windows machine, listening at x.x.x.255/8764 works fine and it plays the audio successfully. However JMStud

Workaround for Scan issues - Scan without Drivers for any OS..Windows, Apple, Linux, Ubuntu..

Dear All, You can scan without any drivers for hp network printers. Here is the video how to do that... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HbWpgww5I-M Happy Printing. Click on the "Thumbs up"button on the left to say "Thanks" Please mark t

How to install windows 7 or Ubuntu??? Please help

I tried to change the boot order, disable secure boot, enabled legacy boot order but nothing worked. I'm not able to boot from pen drive or DVD Drive. All these pen drives and  DVDs are booting in other systems but not mine. Please help me. Thanks &

Ubuntu and Windows XP Faster than Arch Shock Horror! (In Virtualbox)

Hello.  I'm just trying out Virtualbox in a Windows host with Ubuntu, XP and Arch, and the outright loser in terms of performance is Arch.  This is the absolute opposite to normal installation of these OS's on any machine I ever used.  Arch normally

4GB Flash Drive not loading on Mac (but on Windows and Ubuntu)

Hello, I have a 4GB flash drive (probably from LG) that I bought about 3 years ago. It was working just fine all this time but now, all of a sudden, it's gone. Not working, showing up neither in Finder nor in Disk Utility. But it works just fine on W

Upon Removing Ubuntu, How can I Extend the C and D Drive in Windows 7?

Upon Removing Ubuntu, How can I Extend the C and D Drive in Windows 7? Previously, my Computer had Windows 7 and Ubuntu as a dual Boot.  I followed some online instructions on how to Delete Grub (Ubuntu's Startup Boot Menu) and Ubuntu Partitions (<ed