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Unable to capture user comments and responder in RESPOND API

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We are building a custom application that uses Oracle Workflow underneath. The application users and responsibilities have been integrated into Workflow. Notifications are acknowledged and responded to directly from the application using the PL/SQL Notification APIs.
When using the wf_notification.respond API with the appropriate user and comment information filled in, we are still unable to capture the responder information as well as the reponders comments. In other words, the RESPONDER and USER_COMMENT fields in the WF_NOTIFICATION is blank. However, the response does seem to go through otherwise. Do we need to set some kind of user context outside of just setting the response attributes and calling the respond API? Following is the code....
               'RESULT'          ,
-- This procedure then caused the WF to advance to next step
-- Respond to notification, depends on RESULT setattrtext above
owf_mgr.wf_notification.respond(     p_nid, -- notification id     
     p_respond_comment,     -- response_comment
p_responder     );     --responder role
Any help is greatly appreciated.
The best answer: If you are on 11.5.10 or greater or standalone 2.6.4 if you pass the responder value to wf_notification.respond API it should be updated in wf_notifications.responder column. The comments is now updated in wf_comments table against the notification id and not wf_notifications.user_comment column.
Thanks, Vijay