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What is a shipping condition in customer master?

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Kindly give some info about the shipping condition which we use for shipping point determination. Where and how it is configured in customer master?
The best answer: shipping conditions:-
For example, it might have been agreed with the customer that the goods are to be
delivered as soon as possible.Thus 'How are the goods being shipped?'
<a href="http://i164.photobucket.com/albums/u40/a_la_bakwaas/1.jpg">On the basis of shipping condition 01</a>, the loading group CRANE and the plant 0001, the system
determines shipping point 0001 for the item. Instead of this shipping point, you can also select
shipping points 0002 and 0003 if, for example, you know that shipping point 0001 is out of
operation or does not have the capacity to deal with the item at the time when delivery is to take place.
The Why:-
Criteria for <b>Route Proposal</b> in the Sales Order
Determining the route in the sales order depends
on the following factors:
  Country and departure zone of the shipping point
  <b>Shipping condition</b> from the sales order
For example, it might have been agreed with the customer that the goods are to be delivered as soon as possible.
  Transportation group from the material master record (Sales/Plant Data screen) You can use the transportation group to group together goods with the same
characteristics (for example, bulky goods or goods that must be transported in refrigerated trucks).
  Country and transportation zone of the ship-to party (Control screen in the customer master
and the <b>configuration requirements</b> involved are as follows :-
you have to maintain the shipping conditions in the Customer master record under 'Shipping'["sales area data" tab],shipping point etc.
imglogistics executionshippingBasic Shipping Functions-Shipping Point and Goods Receiving Point Determination--Define Shipping Conditions by Sales Document Type
Please maintain the appropriate shipping points for the combination of Shipping Conditions + Loading Group + Plant in the T-code: OVL2
for defining a different shipping condition--> go to Tcode OVL3 i.e picking location determination then have different determinations i.e same Shipping Point+ Same Plant+ Different Shipping Conditions+Different Storage Location.
SPRO --> Logistics Execution --> Shipping --> Basic Shipping Functions --> Shipping Point and Goods Receiving Point Determination --> Assign Shipping Points
Shipping Condition (from Sales Order Type or Customer Master data) + Loading Group (from Material Master) + Delivering Plant (from Customer Material Info or Customer Master Data or Material master data) = Shipping Point
hope this helps.