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Where did 'saved a crashed version' go apple???

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hello everyone.
i have to say, since ive been on snow leopard, intel machines and logic 8 and 9 logic and apple has seriously gone down in my estimation.
obviously its gone up in other ways but because of the amount of crashes and problems i get with logic and in general with everything else i just aint happy anymore.
i used to get crashed versions saved when logic fell flat on its face but for a long time i havent seen that message and i simply loose my work.
after a certain amount of work has been lost you truly start to question your future with your working method and have to re-evaluate and thats where i am right now.
i work a lot with ableton which also crashes as much as logic except it always restores my work to the last place i left off when i re-open it which is frikkkin amazing! its like a constant money back guarantee except you never need to take it back!
i wondered if there is any other folks out there that feel like i do right now and can offer any advice?
peace out!
The best answer: Mike Connelly wrote:
Sometimes it saves a crashed version, sometimes not. Sometimes Logic locks up with spinning beachball of death and has to be force quit (yesterday force quit didn't even work and I had to reboot my machine from the power button).
Came across this and thought of this thread (thanks to: Logic Dudes http://logic.dudesnetwork.com/ ;
Force Project Save on Application Hang
by Matt on February 7th, 2010 in Advanced
Application crashes are inevitable. They will happen at one time or other and seem to strike at the most inconvenient of times. DAW apps can crash from bugs in their code or from bugs or issues with third party plugins. Sometimes, Logic is smart enough to detect a crash and save the current project as a “Project (crashed).logic” file. However, I have had Logic lock up but never completely crash on more than one occasion.
This happened to me today while working on a project. I tried to change to a screenset with a 3rd party plugin window open while the project was looping. Something caused Logic to lock up and display the spinning beach ball of death while the project continued to loop in the background. I couldn’t stop playback, change screensets, or save the project. I figured Logic would eventually crash and ask me to save, but 5 minutes later it was still going and I still couldn’t do anything. I looked at the timestamp of my project file to see when I last saved. Intstead of losing my last 10 minutes of work, I decided to figure out a way to make Logic crash and automatically dump the project. Simply selecting “Force Quit” was not an option because it doesn’t tell Logic to dump the project before quitting. After some quick testing on another machine, I found out that if you kill Logic via the terminal it will save the file as if it crashed as long as you send the correct kill signal.
Please note that this may not work in all situations.
Here’s how to do it.
Open Terminal.
Type ‘top’ and press enter. You will see a window like the one below.
Find the PID for Logic. In the screenshot above the PID is 8070. This number will change each time you launch Logic.
Press ‘q’ to get out of top.
Type the following command and press enter. Remember to replace XXXX with the correct PID.
kill -s ABRT XXXX
Logic should tell you that it crashed and has saved the project for you.
Hopefully, you can proceed to reopen Logic and load the (crashed).logic project file and hopefully recover your changes without Logic crashing again.
Performing the steps above will cause Logic to save a (crashed).logic project file even if it is not locked up. So, feel free to try it on an empty project for practice. That way you don’t mess it up if you have to use it on an important project!


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