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Windows 7 & 8.1 Dual Boot Problem

In my pc dual booting system is generated.
Both os windows 7 & 8.1 are separatly partitioned.
I have used it several day,but during 2 days windows 7 has been disrupting.
For that,i have only formated & reinstalled windows 7.
But now i can see that windows 7 is directly started but there are no options for windows 8.1 after opening my pc.
At early days options for both 8.1 & 7 can be seen.
But now that can't be seen.
Only windows 7 is started directly.
I have tried a lot,but can't understand the problem.
Please help me....
The best answer: Hi,
Please using the command below to fix system boot loader for test.
Open Command Prompt with administrator.
Type bcdboot x:\windows, press Enter.
After that, restart your computer to check if problem resolved.
Roger Lu
TechNet Community Support