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Accessing pci-485 with a terminal program

I have installed a PCI 485/2 card, and COM 5 and COM 6 appear correctly in Control Panel -> System -> Ports. However, I can't seem to use COM 5 or 6 with any terminal software. I have tried Hyper Terminal Private Edition and TeraTerm Pro. How can I access these ports with a terminal program? Is there a certain Program that will recognize the higher com ports? Thanks.
The best answer: Attached are the setup files for a program made in CVI that can talk to COM1-COM8. The limitation of the COM# is built into those programs. This program will at least allow the troubleshooting of the serial port.
Randy Solomonson
Application Engineer
National Instruments
setup.exe ‏463 KB
serial.001 ‏944 KB
serial.002 ‏429 KB


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