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Acrobat printing problems (solved)

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Hi Folk
I'm getting on well with Arch apart from one problem, I can not print from Acrobat reader, it accepts the command and does precisely nothing, the jobs are appearing in cups but not being printed, I can print from Open Office and test print from cups but no cooperation with acrobat,  anyone have any ideas? thanks
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The best answer: I don't know what DE are you using. In my case, I use xfce and when acroread starts with his stupidity I just change the print command to 'xfprint'. That forces acroread to redirect the print job to xfce's printing frontend, and problem solved.
Now, if you're using kde, I guess there is something named 'kdeprint', 'kprint' or similar. For gnome, I've no idea.
I hope this helps.
p.s. Sometimes, cups takes his time to print. When its taking too long I purge cups' temp files and restart the daemon.
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