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Adobe acrobat for unix/linux

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hello, I can't seem to find any downloadable trial adobe acrobat 3.x for unix/linux in the download page.
can anyone provide me the correct link to download it? many thanks!
also I need to convert PDF version from 1.2 to 1.4 in Linux environment. Can anyone suggest suitable product that I can use? Thanks!
The best answer: There are a lot of differences going from PDF 1.2 to PDF 1.4. But
these are all extra things that MIGHT appear. Every PDF 1.2 file is a
valid PDF 1.4 file, and the idea of converting them really makes no
sense from a practical or administrative point of view. (Of course,
if you had PDF 1.4 files and th company standard was PDF 1.2 it would
be a different story).
Adobe have some Linux software. For example, FrameMaker and the
Distiller Server product.
Aandi Inston