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After downloading the new 6.0, I cannot seem to sync with my Google calendar.  It will give me a schedule for a few weeks but if I ask for what's going on next month, it will take forever to come up and then say "no events scheduled." What's up?

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After downloading 6.0 on my ihpone 4 I am having trouble syncing events on my google calendar.  If I pick a day next month it will take forever to come up and then say "no event scheduled."  Can I just go back to the old operating system?   I'm not using any of the new 6.features anyway.
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I understand you have been experiencing issues with your iPhone restarting and showing you a blue screen.  I wont be able to give you an exact answer as to why this is happening.  However, this is the most relevant troubleshooting article for this issue.  This article also provides options to reach out to us via phone for additional assistance.  
If your iOS device restarts, displays the Apple logo, or powers off while you're using it
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