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After installing Java plugin, Firefox Appearance changed. Now Java completely works, but Firefox looks ugly

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I recently had to install the Java Plugin.... Well, it took me about 20 minutes to get it right... I made some mistakes, like, copying another Lib files, or copying the lib files themselves and not links to them. I should say i am using Slackware 14.0. Well, i managed to install the plugin correctly, but firefox changed from this: http://cdn.portableapps.com/FirefoxPortable.png to this imageshack.us/scaled/landing/837/snapshot1c.png
I am new to Linux, kind of... And i am new to Firefox too... I searched online but i couldnt find nobody with the same problem... I checked to see if it was a Theme, but i only have the Default 15.0.1
The best answer: You get the orange Firefox menu button if the menu bar is hidden (View > Toolbars).<br />
On Linux the (gray) Firefox menu button will appear on the Tab bar and not instead of the title bar as on the Windows screenshot.


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